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Okobojo Cemetery Sully County, South Dakota

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Updated July 2008. This update includes a picture of the Okobojo Cemetery Plat. The plat is marked with blue rectangles indicating the county did not know who was buried in those plots as of the early 1990's when I obtained the plat information. I have added a number to many of those listed below (not everyone is listed on the county plat) indicating where that individual is (or was) buried.

In 1885 Hugh McGannon was the first person to be buried in the Okobojo cemetery on land he donated in Sully County, South Dakota. To reach the cemetery, take E. Hwy 14 out of Pierre, SD to Hwy 1804. Follow 1804 to Grey Goose Road and follow Grey Goose 14.4 miles to a stop sign. Turn right at the stop sign drive approximately 2 miles and turn left. Drive approximately 2 more miles to the cemetery sign where you turn left again. Drive approximately 2 miles west, at which time the road becomes quite primitive, appears nonexistent and veers to the right. Continue .3 miles further and then turn north for ¼ mile and you should be at the top of a hill in front of the cemetery! You may have to open a gate or two along this road as it goes through pasture land that is used by area ranchers. Please close any gate you open! Phylis and Marcia Graney spent many hours maintaining this cemetery before they left South Dakota. The information below comes from research done by myself using the previous research of Marcia and Phylis Graney as well as records from the Sully County Courthouse, the South Dakota Historical Society Graves Registration Project Report, Census records, and my own family records. I have at least ten relatives buried in this cemetery. There are a few unmarked graves. My Great Grandmother Nellie Coleman Arthur had twin boys that died soon after birth and a younger brother Francis Coleman who died at age 11. Their final resting places are unknown and may account for at least two of the unmarked graves in this cemetery. All information provided should be considered a starting place for further research and should not be considered to be 100% accurate!

Image of Okobojo Cemetery Plat

57-1 Arthur, Robert Nelson          June 16,1856-Mar 28,1924          husband of Nellie Coleman
     Badger, Eleanor  J.            Feb 18,1929-Feb 20,1935           dau of Dean and Emma Jean/Kathrene Coleman Badger
51-3 Beadle, Lawrence               infant
11-2 Blair, James                   1849-1930?
74-4 Brant, Emma                    1892-1895
75-1 Brant, Mahala T.               1849-1917          	              and baby
     Bunch, Aaron Joseph            Jan 1858-1938                     born in St. Joseph, Missouri
     Bunch, Ella F.                 Feb 1859-1936                     born in Indiana
27-1 Bunch, Irl (Earl) A.           Nov 14,1895-Mar 11,1909           died of Brights Disease
26-4 Bunch, Ivan M.                 May  1898-1919                    died in France during WWI
45-4 Coleman, Mrs. James            April 13,1843- May 16,1912        Catherine MacCarthy, born in Ireland
45-3 Coleman, L. P.                 Oct 14,1882- Mar 31,1920          Laurence Peter, ‘Pete’, suicide, son of James and Catherine Coleman
     Cooper, Gordon Leslie          1907-             		
53-3 Crawford, John H.                  -1898 
53-4 Crawford, Margaret (Ellen)     April 1859-1934                   wife of Thomas, born in Illinois
     Crawford, Thomas               Oct 1849-1934                     born in Canada, County Commissioner
     Currier, Minnie Marie          1921-1922                         twin to Myrtle, daughter of Clarence and Minnie Weischedel
38-2 Douglas, Alexis                Jan 4,1826-Sept 30,1889           child of Samuel Douglas and Sarah Crane
38-1 Douglas, Marion  or Maria      1830-1903                         county cemetery plat records Marion
     Dunlap, Thea Harriet           1908-
50-3 Erb, Infant                                                      possible child of Alvin and Mary Erb would have been after 1900, if so
50-4 Erb, Zoe                                                         possible child of Alvin and Mary Erb would have been after 1900, if so
33-1 Esselbrugge, Henry              
23-4 Eversmeyer, Herman             1836-1912                         from Germany
2-4  Fieldhouse, Francis            infant
43-4 Floyd, Frances V. L. Woodruff  Feb 20,1857-Nov 26,1913           Born in New York, now interred at Riverside Cem. Pierre, Hughes Co., SD, wife of William Floyd
     Garrett, Alice                 1935-1936                         child of Geoff and Edith Garrett,granddaughter of Edward and Suzannah
     Garrett, Ernest                1889-1935                         car fell on him, son of Edward and Suzannah J. (buried Mar 3, 1935)
     Garrett, Infant                    -1939
     Garrett, Edward James          1856-1938                         born in London, Immi.1882
68-1 Garrett, Charles Maynerd       1923-1924                         diptheria
     Garrett, Suzannah J.           1886-1938                          Mrs. Edward J. Garrett, community nurse,born in London, Eng., Immi. 1886
     Gates, Mr. (Harvey?)
74-1 Glessner, John W.              June 1840-1920                    Editor of Okobojo Times, born in Lancaster,Ohio,Okobojo Justice of Peace, War Veteran
     Glessner, B. Robert            1918-1935                         died at CCC camp in Black Hills, SD
74-2 Glessner, Josephine P.         Mar 1843-1915                     born in Liberty, PA
     Green, Infant son                  -1936
     Green, Infant daughter             -1937
28-1 Green, John S.                     -1924                         Civil War Veteran
39-3 Green, Lyle W.                 Feb 11,1919-Mar 4,1919
     Green, Margaret G.             1876-1944                         daughter of John W. Glessner
28-2 Green, Sarah J.                1835-1905
74-3 Green, William H.              1870-1922                         Malaria, Spanish-Am. War Veteran
7-3  Groseclose, James R.           1846-1920                         early settler of Lewellyn Park Twp.
31-4 Groseclose, Mildred            Sept 5 1921-Oct 29 1921           daughter of J.C. Groseclose
     Groseclose, Victoria           1849-1928                         Mary Victoria Cummings, wife of J.R.Groseclose
30-1 Harlow, Eunice                 1822-1906                         Eunice Rebecca Kidder Harlow, Mrs.William Harlow
30-2 Harlow, Infant                     -1910                         4 days old
29-4 Harlow, William                1797-1890
34-1 Harmer, Jesse                  Oct 7 1910-Oct 21 1910
32-2 Harry, Edward Byrne            Feb 9 1905-Oct 9 1906             son of George and Catherine
32-1 Harry, Howard Francis          Sept 30 1907-June 15 1908         son of George and Catherine
85-4 Harry, Levena                  May 1855-1916                     born in Virginia
85-3 Harry, William                 Dec 1848-1925                     born in New York
     Holmes, Mable                  1886-1897                         bitten by rattlesnake
3-2  Holset, Syver Syversen         1843-1901
20-1 Ireland, Nicoll Floyd          Aug 20 1826-Jan 25 1900           b. Brookhaven, NY, son of John L. and Mary Floyd Ireland, GGrandson of Signer of Declaration of Independence
5-2  Lassater, Infant
61-1 Mateer, Mildred                    -1894                         daughter of Walter and Clare Brownlee Mateer
65-3 McClure, John T.               1844-1890
     McClure, Mrs. J.T.               
     McConkey, Mrs. R. P.               -1888
41-2 McGannon, Elizabeth            Feb 1819-1913                     born in Ohio
49-4 McGannon, Isaac                Aug 1847-1924
40-4 McGannon, Hugh                 1812-1885                         donated the land for this cemetery
49-3 McGannon, Reuben               Sept 1849-1918                    grocer at Okobojo
41-1 McGannon, William              1851-1887
16-3 McGuire, Daniel Jr.            1858-1909                         died of throat infection
     McGuire, Matilda                                                 Mrs, Dan Jr.
15-3 McGuire, Daniel Sr.            1820-1893                         from Latrobe, PA 
15-4 McGuire, Mrs. Daniel Sr.       1820-1895                         from Latrobe, PA
16-2 McGuire, George Raymond        1895-1905                         son of Dan Jr.
     McGuire, John T.               1844-1890
3-3  McGuire, Nelson                1865-1914                         accidental gunshot wound, son of Dan Sr.
16-1 McGuire, William Huston        1888-1888                         born and died November 22
67-3 McMacken, Dora                     -1914
17-3 Metz, Dallas D.                1889-1891                         2 yrs. 11 mo. 6 days
44-4 Mitchell, Paulina (Polly)      Feb 15,1878- May 15,1912          daughter of James and Catherine MacCarthy Coleman,wife of John Wilmer Mitchell
     Nystrom, Fred                  1858-1903
     Nystrom, Leonard               1893-1934                         son of Louisa and Fred 
     Nystrom, Louisa                1859-1934                         born in Sweden
75-4 Owen, Emert D.                 1855-1908                         Merchant and Postmaster
76-2 Owen, S. Ethel                 Nov 7,1888 -Jan 28,1893           daughter of E.P. and R.L.
76-1 Owen, William Emert            1902-1905
19-3 Piersall, Clarence R.          1903-1917
19-4 Piersall, Grace G.             1900-1911
13-4 Pierson, Axel                      -1910
13-2 Pierson, P.W.                      -1893
13-3 Pierson, Mrs. P.W.                 -1893
52-3 Porter, Thomas                 1851-1887                         struck by lightning in his home
64-1 Putman, Carl
     Putman, Frank W.               1866-1938
63-3 Putman, Capt. F.M              1835-1907                         Civil War Veteran
63-4 Putman, Elizabeth                                                Mrs. F.M.
     Putman, Jennie C.              1871-1926
     Ripley, Frank                  1867-19??                         Date of death uncertain.  Still living in 1920
7-1  Ripley, Mary Josephine         1873-May 11 1908                  Wife of Frank Ripley, dau. of James R. and Mary Victoria Cummings Groseclose
     Ripley(Warne), Theodosia       1845-1937                         Wife of Walter Ripley
52-1 Seeley, infant
     Sheets, James Harpy            Dec 28,1909-Aug 28,1953           son of Dan and Mary Mae Coleman Sheets
     Sheets, Lawrence               July 17,1908-Nov 17,1961          son of Dan and Mary Mae Coleman Sheets
     Sheets, Mae Ruth               Dec 26,1916-May 24,1934           suicide, dau of Dan and Mary Mae Coleman Sheets
     Sheetz/s, Dan Walter	    Aug 28,1876/1880-Feb 15,1956      son of Henry and Sarah Cook Sheetz;death name as Denis Walter Sheets
     Sheetz/s, Mary Mae Coleman     Oct 20,1880-Dec 29,1942           dau of James and Catherine MacCarthy Coleman, wife of Dan Sheets
41-3 Smith, Dee M.                  1889-1891                         child of Dan and Anna
41-4 Smith, Pearl A.                1891-1891                         child of Dan and Anna
8-1  Snyder, Mrs. Ann R.            1843-1901
79-1 Sommer, Charles                1839-1925                         father of Leo, Immi. 1855 from Ger.
79-3 Sommer, Leo H.                 1888-1919                         suicide
     Sommer, Mary                   1848-1927                         mother of Leo, born in New York
64-4 Staples, David                 1824-1888                         1st county school Supt.
64-3 Staples, Mary                  1823-1884                         1st teacher in Iowa township
51-4 Stone, Viola                   1895-1895
     Stull, Harvey L.               1858-1934
     Sutton, Lorraine               1930-1939                         ruptured appendix
     Swertzfigger, Mr.             
15-2 Tagg, Ora                      1910-1910                         born June 1910, McGuire Family
40-2 Towle, Lucinda A.              1846-1894                         wife of Richard D.
40-2 Towle, Richard D.              1843-1900                         Civil War Veteran
56-1 Trumble, Charles Erwin         Dec 1887-1915                     son of  Milo E. and Viola E.
     Trumble, Viola Elizabeth       Dec 29,1861- Dec 1936             born in VA; Mrs. Milo E.,reburied Riverside cem., Pierre SD June 1947, Maiden name: Sherman
77-4 Warne, Charles E.              1823-1899                         father of O.D.
78-4 Warne(Mosely), Clara           1875-1915                         wife of O.D.
78-1 Warne, Clorinda                1839-1892                         mother of O.D.
78-2 Warne, Johni Boy               April 8,1901-Sept 2,1901          son of O.D. and Clara
78-3 Warne, Cassie R.               July 28,1909-Aug 2,1909           daughter of O.D. and Clara
     Warne, Melvin Eugene           May 19,1925-1927                  bitten by rattlesnake, son of Ted and Hildred(Ripley)Warne
     Warne, O.D.                    1858-1942                         son of Charles and Clorinda
24-1 Wickstrom, Nels                    -1908
     Willits, Norris                1895-1895                         age 2mons, 22days, son of Norris and Mattie

Updated July 2008

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