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On this page you will find a map of Sully County townships and plats of Grandview and Little Bend townships showing land ownership in the early 1900's as well as links to other pages including links to Grandview Township school census and teachers reports.

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Grandview Township in Sully County, South Dakota had everything a settler could hope for. Named for the view of Sully County from the hills on the west boundary, the land was beautiful, the soil rich, and the water plentiful. Okobojo Creek runs along the south side of Grandview Township. Hidden Timber Creek starts near the northwest corner and runs southwest across the township. This creek had very deep draws with plenty of water and hay. The first settlement of Grandview Township by white settlers began in 1883. Early settlers included William Floyd, the Still brothers, Joseph Knipe, Thomas Mitchell, Judson and E. O. Seely, James McGowan, Thomas Crawford, H. C. Winn, Thomas Lytle, Andrew and Berant Anderson, and F. E. Blakemore (Bleakmore), among others.

Grandview Township Land Plat

image of Grandview Township land ownership


Little Bend Township, located in Sully County South Dakota was heavily wooded and favored by the Indians. My great-great grandfather, James Coleman, settled in Little Bend Township in June 1884 after 20 years of army service. Grandpa Coleman owned 151.50 acres in Little Bend. 40 of those acres were covered by large cottonwood trees. His original homestead was in section 15 (marked with the name of his son Chas. Coleman) on the Little Bend Plat map.

Even earlier settlers of Little Bend included the Claymore and Pierman families as they were living there before the Colemans arrived. Other settlers in the area included Jeff Sage, who ran a trading post, Joe Binder, who eventually purchased the Sage trading post, John Green, David Farrar, and Charles Anderson.

By 1907 Little Bend had been sold to H.P. Knox who established a sawmill and sawed most of the trees into lumber. In 1936, the federal government eventually took over Little Bend. It was used as a game reserve, later as a bombing range, and following the construction of the Oahe Dam, Little Bend was flooded and is now underwater.

Little Bend Township Land Plat

image of Little Bend Township land ownership

My great grandfather Robert N. Arthur owned fourteen parcels of land in various Sully County townships including Grandview, Iowa, Pearl, and Okobojo.

Sully County Townships

image of Sully County Townships


Grandview Township School Census

Grandview Sully County, SD Teachers Reports 1890-1899

Grandview Teachers Reports 1901-07

Okobojo Cemetery Sully Co, SD

Faculty and Students of Huron College, SD 1911

Stockholders in First National Life and Accident Insurance Co. Pierre SD 1910

Obituaries and Other Death Notices

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