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Birth Records: Reformed Church of German Flatts, Herkimer Co., NY

(Records skip 1795-1811)

Wallrath, Elisabetha b. 11/24/1778 d/o Rdolph (Adolph?) Walrath & Elisabeth, sponsors: John Seidt & Elisabetha

Walrath, Johannes b. 5/27/1781 s/o Wilhelm Walrath & Catharina (Lipe?), sponsors: Johannes Leib & Maria Elisabeth

Walrath, Abraham b. 10/8/1784 s/o Wilhelm Walrath & __________?, sponsors: Georg Waggoner & Maria

Walrad , Catharina b. 11/11/1781 d/o Gerret Walrad & Anna, sponsors: Henrich Walrad & wife Catharina

Walrath, Catharina b. 11/4/1782 d/o Gerret Walrad & Anna, sponsors: Henrich Wallrath & wife Catharina

Wallrath, Georg b. 2/4/1782 s/o Joh: Adam Wallrath & Lena, sponsors: Georg Clock & Catharina

Wallrath, Christian b. 7/29/1784 s/o Joh: Adam Wallrath & Lena, sponsors: Joh: Christ: Aetrsch (Etz?) & Dorothea

Wallrath, Lena b. 3/20/1786 d/o Joh: Adam Wallrath & Lena, sponsors: Johannes Bellinger & Margareth

Walrath, Elisabeth b. 10/8/1786 d/o Johannes Ad: Walrath & no name, sponsors: Wilhelm Aetsh (Etz?) & Maria Walrath


Noted by historian, "Cannot prove whether this is the same as Joh: Adam and Lena Wallrath or not. Only 7 months between the births of Lena and Elisabeth".


Walrath, Rachel b. 4/6/1782 d/o Nicolas Walrath & Anna Barbara (Shultz?), sponsors: Henrich Schultz & Catharina Walrath

Walrath, Johannes b. 9/11/1783 s/o Nicolas Walrath & Anna Barbara (Shultz?), sponsors: Magdalena, widow of Johannes Schultz

Wallrath, Johann Friedrich b. 7/22/1782 bpt. & d. 8/24/1782 s/o Henrich Walrath & Elisabeth, sponsors: Friedrich Wallrath & Catharina

Wallrath, Johannes b. 8/26/1782 s/o Jacob Wallrath & Gertraud, sponsors: Johannes Wallrath & Maria

Walrath, Johann Jost (Joseph) b. 1/7/1785 s/o Jacob Walrath & Gertraud, sponsors: Jost Haus & Elisabeth

Wallrath, Anna b. 8/31/1782 d/o Friedrich Wallrath & Catharina, sponsors: Georg Wallrath & Anna

Wallrad, Maria b. 9/2/1783 d/o Adolph Wallrad & Catharina, sponsors: Henrich Nellis & Christina

Walrath, Jacob (twin) and

Walrath, Maria Elisabeth (twin) b. 5/12/1783 children of Jacob Walrath & Maria, sponsors: Jacob Jung & Maria, Pieter Westerman & Maria Elisabetha

Walrath, Georg b. 11/6/1784 s/o Jacob Walrath & Maria, sponsors: Georg Wallrath & Anna

Wallrath, Pieter b. 11/4/1783 s/o Henrich Wallrath & Maria, sponsors: Pieter Knieskern & Lea

Walrath, Nicolas Bell b. 11/26/1783 s/o Henrich Walrath & Maria, sponsors: Henrich Uhly & Christina Bell, widow ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Noted by the historian, "The two above must be two different couples, one of them undoubltedly Henrich Joh: Wallrat who married Maria Bell 1/14/1783".------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Wallrath, Johann Dieterich b. 4/9/1786 s/o Henrich Joh. Wallrath & Maria, sponsors: Joh: Dieterich Petri & Elisabeth

Walrath, Catharina b. 2/2/1788 d/o Henrich Walrath & Maria, sponsors: Georg Henrich Bell & Catharina

Wallrod, Anna b. 8/29/1789 d/o Henrich Wallrod & Maria?, sponsors: Pieter Waggoner & Anna

Wolrad, Henrich b. 8/28/1791 s/o Henrich Wolrad & Maria?, sponsors: Henrich Rosencrantz & Anna Eva Chample

Wollrad, Maria b. 8/23/1793 d/o Henrich Wollrad & Maria?, sponsors: Johannes G. Walrad & Maria Rosencrantz

Wallrath, Johannes b. 3/18/1795 s/o Henrich Wallrath & Maria?, sponsors: John Sweding & Abigail How -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Noted by the historian, "Do not have any way of proving whether or not the above children belong to one or two different couples".


Walrath, Christian b. 1/20/1784 s/o Johannes Walrath & Elisabeth (Etz?), sponsors: Christina _____& Maria ____ (Christian Etz & Maria?)

Wallrath, Elisabeth b. 12/13/1784 d/o Adolph Wallrath & Anna, sponsors: Petrus Wallrath & Elisabeth Zimmerman

Wallrath, Mary Catharine b. 9/19/1821 (1812?) d/o Peter Wallrath & Catharina Bellinger, sponsors: Parents

Wallrath, Wilhelmus b. 11/17/1811 s/o George Henrich Wallrath & Eva Sebert (Seebert), sponsors: Parents

Wallrath, Maria b. 1/4/1814 d/o George Henrich Wallrath & Eva Sebert (Seebert), sponsors: John N. Wallrath & Fanny Sebert

Wallrath, Nancy b. 3/6/1816 d/o George Henrich Wallrath & Eva Sebert, sponsors: Wm. Ruppy & Maria Wallrath

Wallrath, Joseph Henry b. 3/6/1818 s/o George Henrich Wallrath & Eva Sebert, sponsors: Jacob Sebert & Gertrud Rosencrantz

Wallrath, Elisa Ann b. 1/23/1814 d/o Johan Diederick Wallrath & Lydia Easterbrook, sponsors: Richard N. Casler & Rulia (Julia?) Easterbrook

Wallrath, Wm. Henerich b. 10/22/1817 s/o Johannis H. Wallrath & Delia Young, sponsors: Peter Wallrath & Maria Wallrath

Wallrath, Barnard b. 7/5/1819 s/o Johannis H. Wallrath & Delia Young, sponsors: John Eiseman & wife Maria (Young)