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On 14th September 1850 an application was lodged to the Royal Government of Prussia at Potsdam from butcher Kruger of Gerswalde for permission to emigrate to America.  However, they could not afford the fare and on 24th March 1865 applied again but this time to migrate to Australia.  On 9th May 1865 Carl Friedrich Kruger, his wife Marie Christine Grambauer, his foster daughter Christine Wilhelmine Henriette Grambauer, and his four children Carl Friedrich (Chas), Wilhelm Friedrich (William), Marie Emilie (Amelia) and Ernst August (Ernest) Kruger set sail for Australia aboard the Susanne Godeffroy anchoring in Moreton Bay, Brisbane on 6th September 1865.  They headed for Maryborough where they became involved in the butchering business for the next 35 years or so.

Carl's ancestry has been traced back a further two generations with he and his siblings being born at Polssen.  His father's father came from Basdorf.  Each of the oldest sons were named Carl.  His wife's family of Grambauer seems to have come from the Seehausen/Wilmesdorf area and is under investigation.  

For further information on each of the members of the family go to the name database.

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Kruger family who came to Australia

Thought to be but not confirmed
Carl Frederick Kruger (1821-1882)
& Marie Christine Grambauer (1818-1885) 
both born in the Ukermark, Germany
died Maryborough
Courtesy of E. Stengstock

Wilhelmina Rogers (nee Narnst) (1840-1924) (born in Germany, daughter of Marie Christine Grambauer,) 
and her husband
William Cooke Rogers (1901-1831)
Courtesy of M. Eldred

Children of Carl Frederick Kruger and Marie Christine Grambauer 
(all were born in Germany)

Carl Friedrich (Chas) Kruger
Courtesy of E. Stengstock

William Kruger (1851-1939)
& his wife Gertrude Kramer (1853-1939)
Courtesy of E. Stengstock

Amelia Nightingale (nee Kruger) 1853-1933
Courtesy of M. Eldred

Ernest August Kruger

One of the Butcher Shops that the Kruger family had in Maryborough, Queensland.

Kruger Butcher Shop, Lennox St., Maryborough Q. circa 1880 with son Chas on the left
Courtesy of M. Eldred

Kruger Burials in the Maryborough Cemetery, Queensland.

Carl & Christina.jpg (148010 bytes)
Carl Frederick Kruger 
and his wife 
Marie Christina Kruger (nee Grambauer)

Courtesy of M. Eldred
Ernest A.jpg (226645 bytes)
Ernest August Kruger 
His second son William Edward Kruger and his wife Johanna Dorothea Kruger (nee Schultz)
Courtesy of M. Eldred
Kruger plot, Maryborough.jpg (167994 bytes)
The plot showing Ernest Kruger, his son, William and his grandson, William.
William & Rosie.jpg (208420 bytes)
William Charles Kruger and his wife Rosie Kruger (nee Moore).  He was the eldest son of William Edward Kruger 
Courtesy of M. Eldred

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