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Goodchild Photos

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Our Goodchild ancestry has been traced to Christopher Goodchild who died at Kimmeridge, Dorset in 1732.  We were very fortunate to find a wonderful couple in England who had been researching our Goodchild family and had collected all sorts of information & photos.  In appreciation of their generosity this page is dedicated to Bill and Rachel.

This painting is believed to be of a Goodchild who was drowned in one of the floods that they got fairly regularly in the "West Country" of Dorset.  It was painted by K. Shuter dated 1787or 9. 
It may be John Goodchild (1771-1821) grandson of Christopher mentioned above.
The painting was in the possession of Louisa Adelaide Brine (nee Goodchild), and has been passed down to her grandson.  What a fabulous find!
Courtesy of N. Brine

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Our main photo collection begins 4 generations from Christopher when William Marks Goodchild (1816-1883) married Elizabeth Hibbs (1818-1904) in Winfrith Newburgh on 2 Nov 1839.  William and Elizabeth had 10 children.  One son, Jacob Hibbs Goodchild (1847 - 1893), migrated to Australia starting the Australian branch while the youngest child, Alice Fanny Goodchild (1863-1933) migrated to Canada with her husband Richard Maddocks (1862-1936) and daughter after their son returned to England to get them to join him.  The remainder of the children stayed in England where they married and raised their families.

Descendants of William Marks Goodchild's older brother, Thomas, have shared some of their photographs.

For further information on each go to the name database.


Elizabeth Hibbs Goodchild.jpg (92934 bytes) Left: Elizabeth Goodchild (nee Hibbs) (1818-1904) by the grave of her husband William Marks Goodchild. She was the youngest child of James Hibbs & Virtue Grant.


Right: John Hibbs eldest child of James Hibbs & Virtue Grant  Taken in Michigan USA, 11 Dec 1877

Courtesy of W. V. & R. Goodchild

John Hibbs.jpg (55012 bytes)


Children of William Marks Goodchild & Elizabeth Hibbs

Joseph Marks Goodchild.jpg (51072 bytes)
Joseph Marks Goodchild (1840-1899)
Eldest child of William & Elizabeth
Courtesy of W. V. & R. Goodchild

For children of Joseph click here
Henrietta Ruth Goodchild.jpg (48032 bytes)
Henrietta Ruth Neale (nee Goodchild) (1845 -After 1930)
Third child of William & Elizabeth
Courtesy of W. V. & R. Goodchild

Founding members of Hemmant School Committee, Queensland.
Jacob Hibbs Goodchild (1847-1893) believed to be top right hand gentleman.
Courtesy of C.A. Heading

For children of Jacob click here
Rachel Virtue Close & daughter Emmie.jpg (69805 bytes)
Virtue Rachel Close nee Goodchild (1850-1929) with her sixth child Emmie.
Rachel was the 5th child.
Courtesy of W. V. & R. Goodchild
Sarah Ann Goodchild.jpg (34538 bytes)
Sarah Ann Goodchild (1853-1937) who was known in the village as "Nurse Goodchild" was the sixth child of William & Elizabeth
Courtesy of W. V. & R. Goodchild
Elizabeth Lucy & William George Selby.jpg (95576 bytes)
Elizabeth Lucy Goodchild (1858-1958) with her husband William George Selby (1868-1935).  Elizabeth was the 7th child.
Courtesy of W. V. & R. Goodchild
Alice Fanny Maddocks 1863.jpg (60459 bytes)
Alice Fanny Maddocks nee Goodchild (1863-1933) with son William.  Alice was the youngest child of the family.
Courtesy of W. V. & R. Goodchild

Descendants of William Marks & Elizabeth Goodchild

Children of Joseph Marks Goodchild and his wife Fanny Fooks (England)

Frances Carter G.jpg (49189 bytes)
Frances Carter Goodchild (1865-1964)
Courtesy of W. V. & R. Goodchild
William Greaves.jpg (48874 bytes)
William Greaves Goodchild (1867-1962)
Courtesy of W. V. & R. Goodchild
Caroline Jane.jpg (55618 bytes)
Caroline Jane Goodchild
Courtesy of W. V. & R. Goodchild
Florence Mary.jpg (71957 bytes)
Florence Mary Goodchild
Courtesy of W. V. & R. Goodchild
Eleanor Whittle.jpg (51543 bytes)
Eleanor Whittle (1872-1948) only daughter of Susannah Maria Whittle nee Goodchild (1843-1920) - second child of William & Elizabeth
Courtesy of W. V. & R. Goodchild
Maddocks family.jpg (282844 bytes)
The Maddocks family in England
Standing from left: William Richard and Edward Henry
Seated: Richard, Marguerite Alice and Alice Fanny (nee Goodchild)
Taken before 1913
Courtesy of R. Ferguson

Descendants of Jacob Hibbs Goodchild (4th child of William & Elizabeth) and his wife Alice Franklin (Australia)

William Henry G.jpg (41923 bytes)
William Henry Goodchild (1877-1933) taken on the farm at Redgate Q
Courtesy of J. Ross
For William's children click here
Ellen Emmily & Robert Cameron.jpg (137086 bytes)
Ellen Emily Cameron nee Goodchild (1880-1956) with her husband Robert Cameron (1878-1959)
Courtesy of J. Beattie

For children of Ellen & Robert click here
Joseph Franklin Goodchild.jpg (170182 bytes)
Joseph Franklin (Joe) Goodchild
Courtesy of A. J. Goodchild
Joe & Agnes Goodchild Les & Elsie Ross.jpg (148240 bytes)

and his second wife Agnes with his sister Elsie and her husband Les Ross.
Bunbury W.A. 1949

Courtesy of J. Ross

Jack, Nell & Elsie.jpg (153041 bytes)
John Bridgeman Goodchild (Jack) with his wife Nellie Doris nee Wylie (1887-1959) and their daughter Elsie Elizabeth (1912-1998)
Courtesy of J. Ross

For the children of Jack & Nellie click here

Alice, Elizabeth & Elsie.jpg (162221 bytes)
Alice Goodchild (1859-1913) with her two youngest daughters Elizabeth Hibbs Goodchild (1887-1958)  and Elsie Waves Goodchild (1893-1982)
Courtesy of B. Atkinson & M. Prestridge

Click here for children of Elizabeth know as Biz
Elsie & Les Ross.jpg (84399 bytes)
Elsie Waves Ross nee Goodchild (1893-1982) with her husband Leslie Ross (1896-1963)
Taken during WWII
Courtesy of J. Ross
Click here for child of Elsie & Les

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Children of William Henry Goodchild and Louisa Welsby Blair (Queensland)

Ernest.jpg (96758 bytes)
Ernest Henry Goodchild (1898-1970)
Courtesy of D.E. Goodchild
Rene.jpg (177484 bytes)
Elsie Irene (Rene) Goodchild (1902-1988) 
Henley & Amy.jpg (110670 bytes)
Henley Goodchild (1909-1983) and his first wife Amy Lillian Heading (1911-2005) on the occasion of their wedding
Courtesy of J. Ross
Children of William & Louisa.jpg (125298 bytes)
From left: Henley, Phyllis Muggeridge nee Goodchild (1912-1988), William Robert (Bill) Goodchild (1906-1985), Hazel, Rene and Doug. Taken Murgon 18 Dec 1976 at wedding of Doug's youngest daughter.
Arthur & Hazel.jpg (624460 bytes)
Charles Arthur Heading (1909-1990) & his wife Hazel nee Goodchild (1914-2004).
Taken 1987
Courtesy of D. McDonald
50th wedding anniversary.jpg (127301 bytes)
Douglas Blair Goodchild (1916-1998) and his wife Essie Lillian Waldock celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary Murgon 23 Feb 1996


Henley, Ern and Doug c1940.jpg (115230 bytes)
Sons Henley, Ern and Doug home on leave during 1940
Taken at Gore St Murgon
Elsie, Doug & Joan.jpg (98330 bytes)
Elsie Elizabeth Goodchild visiting from W.A. with her cousins Doug and Joan Louisa Goodchild (1922-1936)
Taken at Redgate

Children of John Bridgeman Goodchild & Nellie Doris Wylie (Western Australia)

Else&Dave Wedding Adelaide.jpg (49514 bytes)
Elsie Elizabeth Goodchild
(1912-1998) marriage to David John Stevenson (1912-1984) Adelaide 8 Apr 1939
Courtesy of A.J. Goodchild
Dad 11th Field Eng Chermside 1940.jpg (72730 bytes)
Henry Franklin (Jim) Goodchild (1915-1985) 
At Chermside England 1940
Courtesy of A.J. Goodchild
017 Johnny at beach.jpg (58159 bytes)
John Hemmingway (Jack) Goodchild (1917-1998) at the beach
Courtesy of A.J. Goodchild
Max and Sylvie Goodchild wedding.jpg (120559 bytes)
Maxwell Hill Goodchild
(1919-1963) married Sylvie Bernice Purton 
23 April 1949 Bellevue WA.
Courtesy of J. Ross
032 Joe Goodchild.jpg (97543 bytes)
Joseph Charles (Joe) Goodchild (

Courtesy of J. Ross
Frank Lionel Goodchild.jpg (77068 bytes)
Frank Lionel Goodchild

Courtesy of A.J. Goodchild

Children of Ellen Emily Goodchild & Robert Cameron

Children of Elizabeth Hibbs Goodchild and David Stanton

Child of Elsie Waves Goodchild & Leslie Ross

Lorna Jean Porter (nee Cameron)(1910-2007) and her brother Ronald Cameron (11921-2003).  Taken 1989.
Courtesy of D. McDonald

Elizabeth Hibbs Stanton (nee Goodchild) (1887-1958) cflanked by her daughters Beryl Lillian Stanton (1915-2006), and Alice Mary Stanton (1920-2005)
Courtesy of B. Atkinson

Jack Ross (1920-2006) with his wife Elizabeth Daphne (Betty) Story (1919-2009)

Circa 1990
Courtesy of J. Ross

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