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My Scottish ancestors are very elusive starting with Alexander Blair who was born about 1780 possibly in Kincardineshire.  He married Mary Anson about 1809 and they had at least six children.  The second youngest, James Blair, married Susan Robertson (whose ancestors are also undiscovered) in Aberdeen and in that city they raised their children.  Their oldest son, Alexander James Blair married Mary Ann Abercrombie Palmer on 26 April 1872.  Alexander and Mary Ann emigrated to Australia travelling on the Polonaise which left London on 16 June 1872 and arrived at Maryborough, Queensland on 12 September 1872.

Mary Ann Abercrombie Palmer's ancestors have also been difficult to trace.  Her Abercrombie mother and grandparents were from Brechin and Glamis respectively in Angushire while her father, David Palmer was born in Angushire!  Frustratingly that is as far back as both of these lines have been traced to date.

Mary Ann's brother, James Robb Palmer, settled in Glasgow.   4 of his children emigrated to Australia joining Mary Ann and Alexander in Brisbane.

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Unless otherwise attributed the photos on this page are courtesy of D. McDonald

Alexander James Blair 2.jpg (114277 bytes)                Mary Ann Abercrombie Palmer.jpg (95924 bytes)
Alexander James Blair (1848-1936) & his wife Mary Ann Abercrombie Palmer (1846-1924)

Children of James Robb Palmer & Charlotte Davidson

Isabella Palmer & Jim Lonie.jpg (90681 bytes)
Isabella Palmer (1882-1953) and her husband James Couper Lonie (1885-1970s).
Isabella was Jock and Alec's sister; she came to Brisbane in 1911
Courtesy of C. Acton

Descendants of Alexander James Blair & Mary Ann Abercrombie Palmer

Alexander Blair with Jock & Alec Palmer.jpg (165291 bytes)
Alexander James Blair at rear with Mary Ann's nephews
 Left: John (Jock) Palmer (1886-1940) came to Australia with his family in 1921
Right: Alexander (Alec) Palmer (1896-1943) came to Australia in 1922

Alexander James Palmer Blair (1873-1932) and his wife Molly (Mary Ann) Bottger (nee Miles) 1867-1933)
Courtesy of C.A. Heading

Wedding of Arthur Edward Kennedy Blair (1877-1949 )and Beatrice Hannah Stanley (1880-1923)
Attendants: Robert Nelson Blair (1875-1948) (second child of Alexander and Mary Ann), Florence Ethel Stanley and Anne Catherine McCurley (flower girl)
22nd November 1905
Courtesy of G. Richardson

For child of Arthur & Beatrice click here

Louisa and descendants.jpg (167015 bytes)
Louisa Welsby Goodchild nee Blair (1879-1956) with her son Henley Goodchild (1909-1983) on the left and grandson James William (Jim) Goodchild (1922-1997) on the right.
Taken Murgon 8 Aug 1942
Louisa was the fourth child of Alex & Mary Ann
Courtesy of F. Rowston

For children of Louisa & William click here

Annie Stuart Clarkson nee Blair (1882-1945) with her three sons taken before 1944.
Horace (1912-1957), Reginald Alexander (1917-1989) and Harold (1920-1980)
Annie was the fifth child of Alexander & May Ann
Courtesy of C.A. Heading
Ethel Margaret Blair & George Stewart.jpg (123885 bytes)
Wedding of Ethel Margaret Blair (1885-1941) & George Stewart (1884-1953)
Brisbane 8 Apr 1912. 
Ethel was the youngest child of Alex and Mary Ann.


Descendant of Arthur Edward Kennedy Blair & Beatrice Hannah Stanley

James (Jim) Alexander Forbes Blair (1906-1984) and his wife Myrtle Marion (nee Haines) (1905-1987)
Courtesy of G. Richardson


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