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Alan Ray's Genealogy Page

Some of the information provided on this web page is proven as factual data, however, some of the information was compiled from other sources such as other web sites, LDS data, etc. Although I have tried to make this data as accurate and complete as possible, it should be used for reference only and should not be used as proven data. The information found on this site is provided as possible leads. Much of the data has not been verified by me. Please use your own sources to verify the data you find. I am presenting the data on a good faith belief that the researcher, who has contributed, have complete their research with proof. If you should notice omissions or just down right wrong data, I would very much like to know so other researchers who should follow do not pick up on a wrong line. You can email me at

The Brood

Pictured above is my family. Pictured from the upper left hand corner and going clock wise is my daughter Katie, my mother Doris, my daughter Chantal, my grandson Michael, my grandson Jeremy, my son Jared, my wife Katy, my daughter Jordan and myself, Alan Ray. Jared and Jordan are twins, and my two grandsons, Jeremy and Michael, are Chantal's sons.


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