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1. Mr. John H. WAKENIGHT1.

He was married to Mrs. Mariah (MN WAKENIGHT). Mr. John H. WAKENIGHT and Mrs. Mariah (MN WAKENIGHT) had the following children:

  • +2 i. John Thomas WAKENIGHT.

    2. John Thomas WAKENIGHT1 was born on Aug 7 1844 in Boonsboro, Washington Co. MD.1,2,3 He died on Aug 6 1927 in Richmond, VA.1,2,3

    According to records at the "Lee Soldier Home" in Richmond VA, John Thomas Wakenight was born on 8-7-1844 in Boonesboro MD. He died at the home on 8-6-1927 from a cerebral hemorrhage , and is buried in Woodbine Cemetary with other members of his family. The death certificate lists his parents as John Wakenight of Pennsylvania and Anne Maria Bricket of Maryland. On 4-1-1862 he enlisted in Co. "G" 7th VA Calvery, CSA. On 5-3-1864 he transferred to First MD Calvery Regiment, CSA. He was captured 3-5-1865 at Mt. Jackson VA and sent to the prisoner of war camp at point Lookout MD. and thence to Ft. Delaware, Delaware where he was released on 6-21-1865. He took up his occupation as a shoemaker in Harrisonburg VA. It was there he married W.T. Sprinkle and had at least 6 children. His wife died in 1883 at Harrisonburg V A. and is probably buried there near her two infant children. Various census records show him living in VA and MD. During the time he was living in Harrisonburg he was a member of the S .B. Gibbons Camp, United Confederate Veterans (a fraternal organization much like our American Legion). On 7-10-1927 he moved from Staunton VA to the old solder's home where he died.


    They may have lived in Staunton, Virginia.

    "Marriage Notices from Extant Issues of the "Rockingham Register,"

    Harrisonburg, Virginia, 1822-1870, by Dorothy A. Boyd-Rush, pg. 456

    indicates that John T. Wakenight, formerly of Washington County,

    Maryland, married Miss Wyoming C., daughter of J. Gambill Sprinkel, of

    Harrisonburg, Virginia. They were marrried at the J. Gambill Sprinkel

    home by the Rev. J. Rice Bowman.

    He was married to Wyoming C. SPRINKLE on Sep 21 1869 in Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co., VA.1 Wyoming C. SPRINKLE1 was born in 1848 in Rockingham Co., VA.1,4 She died on May 22 1890 in Rockingham Co., VA.1,3 John Thomas WAKENIGHT and Wyoming C. SPRINKLE had the following children:

  • 3 i. Emma W. WAKENIGHT1 was born in 1871.1

    4 ii. Mary K. WAKENIGHT1 was born in 1873.1

    5 iii. Anna Maria WAKENIGHT1 was born on Aug 7 1873 in Rockingham Co., VA.1,5,3 She died on Jul 28 1874 in Rockingham Co., VA.1,5,6,3,3

    6 iv. Gertrude WAKENIGHT1 was born in 1877.1

    7 v. John H. WAKENIGHT1 was born on Feb 5 1882 in Rockingham Co., VA.1,3

    8 vi. Lou WAKENIGHT1 was born on Apr 30 1883 in Rockingham Co., VA.1,3 She died on Jul 18 1883 in Rockingham Co., VA.1,3

  • Caroline WINEGARD1 (daughter of Mr. Joseph WINEGARD and Mrs. Elizabeth OXFORD) was born in 1849 in VA. John Thomas WAKENIGHT and Caroline WINEGARD had the following children:

  • +9 i. Lucy Jane WHITLOCK\WAKENIGHT.

    9. Lucy Jane WHITLOCK\WAKENIGHT1 was born on Jun 15 1869 in Rockingham Co., VA.1 She died on Aug 20 1923 in Baltimore, MD.1 Was the Daughter of John Thomas Wakenight--Not sure what her birth certificate reads, but she may have leter been adopted by her Mother's Husband Plesant Hunter Whitlock.

    Charlie Sands Great Grandmother

    She was married to George Washington CLATTERBUCK on Oct 7 1888 in Rockingham Co., VA. George Washington CLATTERBUCK was born on Mar 2 1866 in VA. He died on May 16 1937 in Lancaster, PA. Lucy Jane WHITLOCK\WAKENIGHT and George Washington CLATTERBUCK had the following children:

  • +10 i. James Anderson CLATTERBUCK.

    +11 ii. Carolina Christina CLATTERBUCK.

    +12 iii. Bertie Maryolla CLATTERBUCK.

    +13 iv. George Hunter CLATTERBUCK.

    14 v. William Wilson CLATTERBUCK7 was born on Mar 16 1913 in Rockingham Co., VA.7 He died in Sep 1962 in Florida.7


    10. James Anderson CLATTERBUCK7 was born on Aug 22 1889 in Rockingham Co., VA.3

    He was married to Lelia LANDES on May 15 1902 in Rockingham Co., VA.7 James Anderson CLATTERBUCK and Lelia LANDES had the following children:

  • 15 i. Sylvester D. CLATTERBUCK7 was born on Aug 30 1910.7 He died on Dec 5 1910 in Rockingham Co., VA.7
  • 11. Carolina Christina CLATTERBUCK7 was born on Mar 25 1892 in Rockingham Co., VA.7 She died on Apr 30 1984 in Glen Burnie, MD.

    She was married to John Robert ARMSTRONG on Dec 25 1910 in Harrisonburg, VA.7 John Robert ARMSTRONG7 was born on Apr 9 1888 in Oranga Co., VA.7 He died on Dec 12 1960 in Baltimore, MD.7 Carolina Christina CLATTERBUCK and John Robert ARMSTRONG had the following children:

  • +16 i. Mildred Virginia ARMSTRONG.

    17 ii. Elsie May ARMSTRONG7 was born on Jan 31 1920 in Rockingham Co., VA.7 She died on Jul 17 1921 in Rockingham Co., VA.7

    18 iii. Thomas Eugene ARMSTRONG7 was born on Sep 6 1929 in Baltimore, MD.7 He died on Nov 11 1994 in Glen Burnie, MD.7

    +19 iv. Carrie Lee ARMSTRONG.

    20 v. John Robert ARMSTRONG Jr.7.

    +21 vi. George Vincent ARMSTRONG.

    +22 vii. Lucy Isabel ARMSTRONG.

    23 viii. James Rudolph ARMSTRONG7.

    +24 ix. Rosalie Frances ARMSTRONG.

  • 12. Bertie Maryolla CLATTERBUCK7 was born on May 15 1894 in Rockingham Co., VA.7 She died on Mar 4 1990 in Virginia Beach, VA.7

    She was married to Edward STEELE.

    13. George Hunter CLATTERBUCK7 was born on May 24 1897 in Rockingham Co., VA.7 He died after 1970 in Carroll Co., MD.7

    He was married to Mary TITLOW.



    16. Mildred Virginia ARMSTRONG7 was born on Oct 22 1913 in Rockingham Co., VA.7 She died on Jan 21 1992 in Glen Burnie, MD.7

    She was married to Victor Francis SANDS on Jan 14 1933 in Ellicot City, MD.7 Victor Francis SANDS7 was born on Oct 13 1910 in Sabillasville, MD.7 He died on Jul 2 1964 in Baltimore, MD.7 Mildred Virginia ARMSTRONG and Victor Francis SANDS had the following children:

  • +25 i. Charles Victor SANDS.

    +26 ii. Glenda Lee SANDS.

  • 19. Carrie Lee ARMSTRONG7.

    Maurice Franklin BONN7 was born on Nov 7 1912 in Baltimore, MD.7 He died on Feb 15 1961 in Baltimore, MD.7 Carrie Lee ARMSTRONG and Maurice Franklin BONN had the following children:

  • +27 i. Wayne Maurice BONN.
  • She was married to Franklin John MORTEN. Carrie Lee ARMSTRONG and Franklin John MORTEN had the following children:

  • +28 i. June Delores MORTEN.
  • 21. George Vincent ARMSTRONG7.

    He was married to Gladys Rose KOET.

    22. Lucy Isabel ARMSTRONG7.

    She was married to Charles Alwin STURM. Lucy Isabel ARMSTRONG and Charles Alwin STURM had the following children:

  • +29 i. Charles Alwin STURM.

    30 ii. Michael Wayne STURM7.

  • 24. Rosalie Frances ARMSTRONG7.

    She was married to Norman E. SHIFFLETT. Rosalie Frances ARMSTRONG and Norman E. SHIFFLETT had the following children:

  • +31 i. Norman E. SHIFFLETT Jr..

    +32 ii. John Wesley SHIFFLETT.

    33 iii. Rose Marie SHIFFLETT7.


    25. Charles Victor SANDS7.

    He was married to Doroth Elaine TARLETON.

    26. Glenda Lee SANDS7.

    She was married to Randol Grant HENDERSON. Glenda Lee SANDS and Randol Grant HENDERSON had the following children:

  • +34 i. Stacy Ann HENDERSON.

    35 ii. Vicki Lynn HENDERSON7.

    36 iii. Kenneth Grant HENDERSON7.

  • She was married to Thomas GADD.

    27. Wayne Maurice BONN7.

    He was married to Judith Ann POSCOCIL. Wayne Maurice BONN and Judith Ann POSCOCIL had the following children:

  • 37 i. Rachel Lee BONN7.

    38 ii. Madeline Teresa BONN7.

  • He was married to Mary Sue MADDEN.

    28. June Delores MORTEN7 was born on Jun 14 1933 in Baltimore, MD. She died on Feb 16 1993 in Baltimore, MD.

    She was married to Emmett Everett LATHE on Jun 26 1952 in Baltimore, MD.7 Emmett Everett LATHE7 was born on Jun 29 1927.7 He died on Mar 11 1982 in Baltimore, MD.7 June Delores MORTEN and Emmett Everett LATHE had the following children:

  • +39 i. Shirley Jean LATHE.

    +40 ii. Emmett Everett LATHE.

    +41 iii. June D. LATHE.

    +42 iv. Susan Lynn LATHE.

    43 v. David Allen LATHE7.

    +44 vi. Wanda Lee LATHE.

  • 29. Charles Alwin STURM7.

    He was married to Linda Louise LAMBERT. Charles Alwin STURM and Linda Louise LAMBERT had the following children:

  • 45 i. Charles Alwin STURM 1117.

    46 ii. David Lee STURM7.

  • 31. Norman E. SHIFFLETT Jr.7.

    He was married to Debbie GRAHE. Norman E. SHIFFLETT Jr. and Debbie GRAHE had the following children:

  • 47 i. Nicole SHIFFLETT7.

    48 ii. Norman E. SHIFFLETT III.

  • 32. John Wesley SHIFFLETT7.

    He was married to Evelyn Rose GALFORD. John Wesley SHIFFLETT and Evelyn Rose GALFORD had the following children:

  • 49 i. Crystal Rose SHIFFLETT7.

    50 ii. Melissa Rosa SHIFFLETT7.


    34. Stacy Ann HENDERSON7.



    39. Shirley Jean LATHE7.

    She was married to William Joseph PETERSON.

    40. Emmett Everett LATHE7.

    He was married to Debra GANEY.

    41. June D. LATHE7.

    She was married to John Charles NAUMAN III.

    42. Susan Lynn LATHE7.

    She was married to Roderick STRAW.

    44. Wanda Lee LATHE7.

    She was married to David HUBBARD.


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