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People I would like to thank

Here is a list of people who have helped me, and how you may help them. Some have links to their site, some have links to thier E-mail addresses, and some you will have to contact me for their address. There are more that I need to add, and I am sure this list will grow as we all get further into the Wakenight Family. If I don't have your name here, and you have helped me give me a friendly reminder, I have not forgot you, I just haven't gotten everyone in yet.

All the volunteers, and the helpful people on all the mailing lists

Flora Grabu

Nancy Park

Sandy Dunkelberger - looking for Wakenight and Pahaly families and connected Surnames

Jenny Wakenight- looking for information on Wakenight Families

Charlie Sands -looking for the connection between John Thomas Wakenight and our Family -Any information on John's parent John and Mariah Wakenight in the Virginia area would be appreciated.

Dan McJohn -looking for information on the Wakenight families associated with Kershner and Pahaly.

Ron Mahurin - looking for the connection between the Wakenight family, and the Weidknecht, Whitenight, and Wetnight families from Penn.

Judi Wakenight - looking for information on the Wakenight Family.

Pam Edwards - looking for information on Wakenight, Pahly, Beier, and Kershner

Don Reed - looking for information on Hall Families

Bob Strock- looking for information on the Strock (Strack) Families

Elizabeth Bunting - looking for information on the Bressle Families

White Co. AR

Rodger Cramer - looking for families with connections to Ogle County, IL area

Sara Johnston - looking for information on the Strock Family

KarlTaylor - looking for information on the Strock Family

Kristy Edenfield - looking for information on the Sprinkle Family

Lyn Hendrix

Kathy Wilson

Kandy Jones

Mary Ellen Bowman - Bowman Family on my Hill side

Bryan - Cross on Strock Family pictures

Donna Scurlock -Wakenight Family- looking to tie Florence Wakenight of MD to our family

Debra Miller Rauch/Ridgeway in my Hill Family

Patsy EngstromHill Family

Sharon Snyder -Wakenight Family-

Julie Zapf Hill Family

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