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These pages are dedicated to my Mother. Margaret Susann Dusing (Strow) Weitzel. If you would like to add a story of your own please feel free to send it to me and I will put it up. Mom was fun loving, and always made sure us kids had what we needed (maybe not all we wanted, but some of it. LOL). Mom loved her kids and her grandkids. Always spoiling the grandkids (must have got that from her). She didn't have alot of money, but what she did have was time. this fist page is about mom's family. I will be adding more pages about mom's friends, so feel free to send me a picture of either you and mom or just you if you would like to be included. I went thru all my photo albums, and have added as many as I could find, but I know I am missing people, as mom had many friends.

Mom and Me

Mom was born October 28, 1953 in Dixon, IL to Stanley Webster Dusing and Edna Margaret Wakenight Dusing. She died July 16, 2005 in Rockford, IL. She is buried in Chapel Hill Memorial Park in Dixon, IL.

Mom 5yrs old

Mom and Grandma's gravestone

here's pic's of my mom and grandma Edna, and my mom and both my grandma's Edna & Bessie Strow

Mom and her mom Edna Dusing

Mom & her mom Edna, and my grandma Bessie

Mom was the only child of Edna & Stanley Dusing. However she has 4 step-brothers and one step sister. they were much older (except the step-sister she had died), so mom basically grew up an only child. She was spoiled rotten. She later came in contact with her step-brother Gene. The other 3 had passed by this time. Here is a pic of her and her brother gene taken on his birthday in Rockford.

mom & Gene

Mom had 2 special guys in her life ( not including my dad which I am sure was special to her once upon a time) One was Larry Weitzel my little sister and brother's father, and the other was Carl Selmiester

Mom and Larry in the early years

Mom and Larry later years

Mom and Carl

Mom Had 5 children. 3 of them by Charles Strow (Charles Jr, Kevin Scott, and Sharon Lynn), and 2 by Larry Weitzel (Trina Marie and Travis Edward). Someone needed to take the pic, so here is all of them as little kids, but me.Can't find of with all of us.

Mom, Larry (step-dad) Chuck, Kevin, Trina, & Travis

Mom had 5 grandkids. My 4 Jeffrey (Tim), Kayla, Kymmie, and Justyn. And Travis's 1 Jazzy. She loves spending time with her grandkids, and would babysit my 3 ever weekend on Sunday's, so I could work. She would spend alot of time with Jazzy, especially after she got sick.

Mom's oldest Grandchild Jeffrey (Tim)

Couldn't find one of mom with the 3 grandkids, but here's one she took of all 4 of us at her house.

Mom and Jazzy

Mom and Kymmie

Mom never got to meet her 5 great grandchildren, but I had to add them to her site anyway. She would have been very proud of her great grandchildren, and I know she would have loved them and spent as much time with them as she could have.

Me with Isabella Lynn, Kayla with Caden bug, Kymmie with Alex, and the belle of the ball Clairbear sitting in front.

Mom had 3 very special cats that were there for her till the end. She loved these cats very much, and they loved her. Shadow was an attack cat. I mean really was. Anyone walk thru that door and she would pounce on them. Mom had to get her Claws removed, so she wouldn't hurt people. Then there was Sarah she was such a lovable cat, so much the opposite of her sister. Sarah would sit on your lap for hrs for attention. Then there's Snickers. She's a bit of a loner, but will come to you on her terms for attention.

Shadow the attack cat

Sarah and Shadow with Mom


mom was not a real big picture person, so there's more to come I just have to go digging for pictures, and that way there will be pictures to tell the story of her life.

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