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This is just a page of links that I have found useful in the designing of this website. If you have a favorite that I haven't listed here just E-mail me and I will put it on. If you find one that dosen't work please E-mail me so I can take it out.

Website programs and helpers

  • Color Maker-change the color of your background and links

  • Cute FTP program

  • Dreambook--the guestbook I use on my site

  • Fun and Easy Color Maker for your Web site

    Graphic sites Will post more as I find them all my old links were dead

  • Rhio's Genealogy graphics & more

  • Genealogy clip art by Vintage Kin

  • Marvelicious Graphics

  • Timberlake Graphics

  • Graphics by Chris

    Toolbox Button Cyndi's Genealogy Home Page Construction Kit

    family program I just started useing-- a bit confusing at first, but the extras are well worth it, and its free

    I Am Addicted To Genealogy Ribbon

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