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Ogle County Cemeteries


Washington Grove Cemetery (Pine Creek Twp.)

imageRoland A. Wakenight--- b. 5-29-1928 d. 10-26-1951

imageRoland A. Wakenight--- b. 5-29-1928 d. 10-26-1951

imageEthel B. Wakenight--- b. 1904 d. 1975 (Wife)

imageFloyd Wakenight--- b. 1905 d. 1961 (Second Husband)


Grand Detour Cemetery (Grand Detour)

imageDaniel S. Wakenight---1880-1922 (Husband)

imageFrances F. Wakenight---1889-1964 (Wife)

imageArthur Wakenight---1915-1982 (Son)


Lightsville Cemetery (Leaf River)

imageJacob W. Wakenight---1/2/1860-11/8/1904 (Husband)

imageSadie M. Wakenight---8/20/1860-12/9/1935 (Wife)

imageMillard Wakenight---1882-1961

imageJohn S. Kershner---1830-1913 (Husband)

imageSophia A. Kershner (Wife)---1834-1903

imageMartha Kershner (Daughter)---1866-1867

imageSarah Kershner---1802-1867 (Mother)

imageHarry D. Nichols Sr.---9 Jul 1902-28 Dec 1987

imageAnna L. Arens Nichols (w/o Harry)---1904-1991

imageHarry D. Nichols Jr.---1930-1955

imageEthal Mae Wagner Knodle---1906-1993

N. Grove Christian Cemetery (Leaf River)

imageBessie G. (Pals) Wakenight---1885-1958 (Wife)

imageJohn A. Pals---1882-1918 (first Husband)


Daysville Cemetery (Daysville Twp.)

imageMerel H. Wakenight---1909-1978

imageClara V. Wakenight---1921-1979

imageRuth A. Cross---8-21-1888-12-15-1916 (unsure if related)

imagePearl Viola Wakenight

imageGlen D. Smice Sr.---28 Jan 1910-7 Sep 1974

imageBessie Garner Paul Smice (h/o Glen Sr.)---30 Oct 1915-22 Jul 1981

imageGlenn D. Smice Jr

imageHarvey F. Smice Jr

imageGladys P. Smice

imageRobert Sr. & Barbara Smice

imageRonald Smice

imageHoward Smice

imageLeone F. Sr. & Mary H. Smice

imageFrank and Myrtle Smice

imageHughling S. Drumheller

N. Grove Evangelical Cemetery (Leaf River)

imageDanielWakenight---9/24/1830-3/6/1923 (Husband)

imageLydia Wakenight---2/26/1836-1/29/1909 (Wife)

imageCora Wakenight---1/10/1864-6/10/1864 (Daughter)

imageJohn H. Wakenight---1856-1936 (Husband)

imageArabell Wakenight---1855-1926 (Wife)

imageEffie Wakenight (daughter)---12/31/1880-6/8/1945

imageJoseph W. Mayer (Husband)---1859-1924

imageAnna V. (Wakenight) Mayer (Wife)---1866-1936

imageGuy G. Mayer ( s/o J & A Husband)---1895-1967

imageVera Mayer (Wife)---1893-1982

imageDonald K. Mayer (Son)---1924- no date

imageMary Ellen Mayer (Daughter)---1926- no date


Oakwood Cemetery (Mount Morris)

imageSylvester M. Wakenight---1884-1979 (Husband)

imageVernie M. Wakenight---1879-1954 (Wife)

imageMary F. Wakenight---1/19/1925-7/9/1968

imageLloyd W. Wakenight---5/29/1918-7/9/1968

imageMartin and Nellie Powell

imageElise (Krass) Cullen---1892-1952 (Mother)

imageElmer V. Cullen---1919-no date (Husband)

imageJune M. Wakenight Cullen---1922-1997 (Wife)

imageBaby Daughter Cullen---9/2/1948-9/2/1948 (Daughter)

imageJohn M. Karr---1918-1990 (Husband)

imageNellie M. Wakenight Karr---1920-no date (Wife)

imageIda Wakenight Drumheller (Mother)---1876-1918

imageEva Drumheller (Daughter)---1902-1918


Plainview Cemetery (Mount Morris)

imageGrandpa---1888-unreadable (Unsure who this is)

imageJohn W. Wakenight---1862-1923 (Husband)

imageSusan R. Wakenight---1853-1931 (Wife)

imageInfant unreadable

imageCora May Wakenight---no date-6/10/1865 5 mths old (d/o D/L)

imageMartin L. Wakenight son of RG/M---no date-6/4/1863

imageHarry Norman Wakenight---11/5/1873-1/7/1929 (Husband)

imageMargaret Hill---9/25/1880-11/6/1918 (Wife)

imageTwin Girls Wakenight d's of Harry and Margaret---8/11/1913-8/12/1913 (Daughters)

imageCharles Francis Drumheller---1866-1943 (Husband)

imageSadie Bell Drumheller---1879-1964 (Wife)

imageKenneth Drumheller---7/2/1914-4/17/1993 (Son)

imageLillian Ackerman (Drumheller)---1905/1969 (Daughter)

imageFloyd J Drumheller---11/30/1925-2/28/1993 (Husband)

imageMary E. Drumheller---2/28/1920-10-14-1991 (Wife)

imageMary A. Strock---no date-11/30/1899

imageRalph V. Paul ?---1904-1950

imageAlfred C. Paul---1879-1925 (Husband)

imageGoldie W. Wakenight Paul---1887-1939 (Wife)

imageCatherine Price Tockey---28 Oct 1818 - 17 Aug 1856

imageGeorge Earl Fouch--- 15 Apr 1883 - May 1975

imageLuella Grace Lookabaugh Fouch---8 Dec 1882 - 22 Sep 1968

imageWilliam A. Steffa--- died 7-3-1851 (6m 17d)

imageElnorac Steffa--- died 7-3-1851 (6m 9d)


Mount Zion Cemetery (Rockvale Twp.)

imageStanley Webster Dusing---1883-1964

imageBlanche Green Dusing (w/o Stanley)---1885-1937

imageMabel B. Dusing (d/o Stanley & Blanche)---1908-1927

imageMarlow Dusing (s/o Stanley & Blanche)---1906-1977


Cedar Hill (Salem) Cemetery (Mount Morris)

imageBert Wakenight---1882-1956

imageDaniel Wakenight---8/17/1866- no date

imageGeorge Wakneight---1896-1982

imageIsabel Wakenight (w/o Daniel)--- no dates

imageMary M. Wakenight---d. 5/9/1875

imageInfant Son Wakenight (s/o R.S. & J. W.)--- no dates

imageWilliam Roy Fouch---12-18-1889-7-19-1938

imageMaggie Mae Specher Fouch (w/o William)---10-22-1869-1941

Pine Creek Brethren Cemetery

imageFrank Coy---1864-1933

imageLillian Coy---1873-1947

imageLeonard F. Coy (Husband)---1899-1980

imageHazel E. Moore Coy (Wife)---1904- no date


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