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A Page About Me

Welcome to the Wakenight Family Website. My name is Sharon Strow, and I have been doing geneaolgy for a about 10 years now. I had thought about starting this before, but had never gotten around to it. I think, like most people, I thought it would not be that hard. A month into it I knew better. First you have the problem of getting the rest of the family involved enough to help you with the information that you need from them. Then you have the problem of obtaining the records and documents. The biggest problem I think though is the mispelling and lack of documentation that you find in older years. I have found great help from other researchers on mailing lists and from look-up volunteers. The libraries around my area and the historical societies have also been a great help. I am no where near finished though. My family was not real close due to the age of my Grandma and Grandpa when they had my Mom. The cousins, family you would normally grow up with were grown, and even some of their children had already had children.

I would like though to personally dedicate this whole thing to my Grandma Edna Margaret Wakenight Dusing. She was my everything when I was growing up. I would not be the person I am today if it weren't for her. My Grandma is now gone, but she touched so many lives that I know she will never be forgoten. That is another reason for this whole thing. I want to connect my family, so that the future generations will know where they came from. Just a little interesting fact--when I first started this the only information I had other than immediate family was my Great Grandparents names, and the fact that my Grandpa's side (Dusing) came here from Maryland. After a few months I found out my Grandma's side (Wakenight) was from Maryland also. They were from Washington and Fredricks Counties. Not real far from each other. Please feel free to check out the pages about her. You will find the link on the home page.

As for me I was born in Sterling, IL. (raised in Dixon) My mother was from Dixon, and My Father from Paris, IL. I have 3 brothers; Chuck, Kevin, and Travis; 1 sister, Trina. I have four children Tim (24) Kayla (23), Kymberlie (22), and Justyn (21). 5 grandchildren Claire (Clairebear),Shawna (which so far you will not find in my research since she is my fiance's grandchild, but I have been there from birth), Isabella (Bella or Izzy Belle), Alexander (Alex), and Caden (Caden Bug). I just love haveing them at Nana's house. They just love being with their Nana & Grumpy"s house. I also have 2 cats who I think of like children too. They can be as much work as children at times Raccon and Snickers (which used to be my mom's cat). Lost our dog to cancer in June 2009 (that was a rough thing) I keep pretty busy, and the time that I have free I am usually doing what I like best genealogy, playing on computer, e-mailing relatives and friends, and on my website.

I am with the love of my life Todd Putt, and if we ever get everything in our lives straightened out we will get married. He has 5 children of his own. Krystle who is the mother of Shawna, Kaylee, Kandice, Jovan, and his baby who is 13 Tristan

Kayla (KK) has 2 kids Clarie and Caden. She loves being a mother.

Kymberlie (Mermonster) is a avid reader. She loves animals, and enjoys being out in nature, and being on her Kindle. She has 2 kids Bella and Alex.

Justyn is a typical boy into all sorts of games. He loves to play the counsel games, and when he gets on a computer game it is hard to get him off. He has a military position.

They were all named after my favorite soap, Days Of Our Lives. In the future I plan on adding pages just about them. Family History I think starts with the present, because that will become the history. They said they were not gonna name their children after Days, but both of them picked names of people who have been on the soap. Thought that was funny.

Tristan is our baby. He is 13, and loves to do the things that most 13 yr old boys do. Including fishing, bonfires, cutting wood, being on his xbox, and tearing apart scrap.

I seen a few graphics that I thought was funny--I break for cemetaries, and I use to have a life before genealogy. Both of these seem to fit me so well anymore. Well the only other thing I have to say is enjoy the information, and add to whatever you can. Thank You