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Surname H

HadleyHenryPrivate One Year - I261  
HadleyParleyPrivate One Year - I261  
HagerAlbertPrivate One Year - B248  
HagertyThomasSergeant One Year - I261  
HahnReubenPrivate Three Year - I290 Jewish-American History on the Web
HailmanWilliam F.Sergeant One Year - F255  
HainesJohn F.Private One Year - F256 Hull's Diary 1861-1862
HainsAugustus H.Private One Year - C250 Biography
HalesJames T.Private Three Year - K292  
HaleyMartinPrivate Three Year - K292  
HaleyPatrick H.Private Three Year - K292 Poplar Grove Grave 0174
HallHenryPrivate One Year - F256  
HallThomas1st Sergt. Three Year - B270 Findley's Biography
HallWilliam R.Private One Year - F256  
HallamIsaacPrivate One Year - H260  
HalleyBenjamin F.Private One Year - C250  
HalmsFrederickCorporal Three Year - K291  
HalseyJohn D.2d Lieut. Three Year - H285  
HamiltonDavidPrivate Three Year - F281  
HamiltonGeorge W.Private One Year - K263  
HamiltonJames M.Private One Year - K263  
HamiltonJohnCorporal One Year - K263  
HamiltonLyman R.Private Three Year - G283  
HamiltonMatthewPrivate One Year - G258  
HamiltonWilliam D.Private Three Year - D276  
HammerstromErnstPrivate Three Year - D276  
HammondJamesPrivate One Year - D252  
HanawaltHenry O.Private One Year - C250  
HanceGeorge W.Private Three Year - D276 Photo
HanceJacob T.Private Three Year - D276 Photo

Barnesville Southern Cemetery
HandPatrickPrivate Three Year - A269  
HankinsElijahPrivate One Year - K263  
HarbertHenryPrivate One Year - G258  
HarbertJohnMusician One Year - G257  
HarbisonWilliam M.Sergeant Three Year - C273  
HardinEmmanuelPrivate One Year - H260  
HardingNathanielPrivate Three Year - D276  
HardyEmroy G.Private Three Year - H287  
HardyGeorge M.Private Three Year - H287  
HardyHenry W.Sergeant Three Year - H285  
HardyJames H.Private Three Year - H287  
HareJames S.Corporal One Year - E253  
HarkinsEdwardPrivate Three Year - D276  
HarkinsMichaelPrivate Three Year - D276 Andersonville Grave 10225
HarnessJohnWagoner One Year - G257 Ohio CW Veterans Graves Registration
HarperJames H.Private Three Year - I290 Andersonville Grave 8067
HarperSamuel A.Private Three Year - C274  
HarperWilliamPrivate Three Year - B271  
HarringtonPatrickPrivate Three Year - I290  
HarringtonStephen W.Corporal Three Year - G283 1890 Census Reconstruction

Coos County Veterans
HarrisAmosCorporal One Year - I261 Reunion
HarrisEliPrivate One Year - B248  
HarrisJoseph T.Private Three Year - I290 Salisbury Prisoner
HarrisStillman S.Private One Year - B248  
HarrisWilliam H.Private Three Year - G284  
HarrisonBatteal V.Private One Year - H260  
HarrisonGeorge R.Private One Year - A246  
HarrisonWilliam H.Private One Year - F256  
HarryRobertCaptain One Year - D251  
HarshlagerW. H.Private One Year - B248  
HartHenryPrivate One Year - A246  
HartHughPrivate One Year - E254  
HartinJeremiahPrivate Three Year - C274  
HartmanThomasPrivate One Year - I261  
HartnettDanielSergeant Three Year - H285  
HartnettJohnPrivate Three Year - H287  
HartsookGeorge C.Private One Year - K263  
HaskinsWilliam L.Private Three Year - H287  
HassFrancisPrivate Three Year - B271 Andersonville Death
(See Haas, Francis)
HasselHenryCorporal Three Year - K291  
HassenFrank J.Private Three Year - E279  
HastlerJacobPrivate Three Year - B271 Ashland County, Ohio Roster
(Courtesy of Angie Toothman)
HatchcookThomasPrivate Three Year - C274 Biography
HatcherRobert J.1st Sergt. One Year - A245 Memoir
HathawayWebsterPrivate Three Year - E279  
HaugheyGeorge W.Private Three Year - B271 Ashland County, Ohio Roster
(Courtesy of Angie Toothman)
HavensCharlesPrivate One Year - B248  
HawkesWilliard W.Private Three Year - C274 Biography

Poplar Grove Grave 1740
HawkinsEdwardPrivate Three Year - G284  
HayesJohn W.Corporal Three Year - D275 Ohio CW Veterans Graves Registration
HaynesJohnPrivate Three Year - A269  
HaynesOrlando W.2d Lieut. Three Year - G282  
HaysAlfredPrivate Three Year - I290  
HaysJacobPrivate One Year - G258  
HeaneyClinton C.Private Three Year - D276  
HeartcrambJosephPrivate Three Year - K292  
HedrickA. B.Unknown One Year - Unknown None Biography
HeimeLewisSergeant Three Year - A268  
HeiscupJohn F.Private One Year - F256  
HelslyCharles P.Private One Year - A246  
HendersonEdwardCorporal One Year - K262  
HendersonJulius E.Corporal Three Year - B270 Iola Cemetery

Memoir 1

Memoir 2

Memoir 3
HenryGeorgePrivate One Year - G258  
HenryHenshawPrivate One Year - E254  
HenselWilliam T.Private Three Year - A269  
HenshawHenryPrivate One Year - E254  
HensleyPeterPrivate One Year - E254  
HernJohnPrivate One Year - F256  
HeroldAlfredPrivate Three Year - G283  
HerringtonJohnPrivate One Year - I261  
HerronJeremiah T.Private Three Year - D276  
HerronThomas D.Private One Year - A246  
HetheringtonA. S.2nd Lieut. One Year - B247  
HewittJohn A.Corporal One Year - D251  
HewlettLafayettePrivate Three Year - I290  
HickeyJohn F.Private One Year - E254  
HickmanJamesPrivate One Year - F256  
HickokFrankPrivate Three Year - I290  
HicksFrancis M.Private One Year - H260 Park Cemetery - G.A.R. Lot
HicksJamesPrivate One Year - H260  
HicksLeander C.Sergeant One Year - H259  
HicksZachary T.Corporal Three Year - D276  
HidaSimon L.Private One Year - C250  
HigdonJohnPrivate Three Year - K292  
HigginsPeterPrivate Three Year - E279  
HigginsThomasCorporal One Year - G257  
HildebrandAddisonPrivate One Year - K263  
HildrethWilber F.Private Three Year - G283  
HillClintonPrivate One Year - I261  
HillJames H.Corporal One Year - F255 Hull's Diary 1861-1862

Military Veterans of Page County, Iowa
HillJohnPrivate Three Year - K292  
HillJohn F.Private One Year - I261 Reunion
HillJohn L.Captain One Year - A245 Biography
HillJohn W.Private One Year - F256  
HillJoseph N.Private One Year - A246  
HillWilliamPrivate One Year - I261  
HillWilliamPrivate Three Year - A269  
HinePeter C.Private Three Year - I290  
HireCharles W.Private One Year - H260  
HireMiltonPrivate One Year - H260  
HironsJohn E.Private One Year - B248  
HiserJacobPrivate Three Year - G284  
HiteHarveyPrivate One Year - E254 Bulletin board posting of GAR members
(See Heit)
HiteJohn L.Private One Year - F256  
HiteWilliamMusician One Year - K263  
HixonIsaacPrivate One Year - B248  
HixonNoah H.Lt. Col. One Year
Field & Staff
245 Memoir
HodgersIvaCorporal One Year - I261  
HodgsonJosephPrivate One Year - B248  
HoffmanBenjamin F.Private Three Year - G284  
HoggeHiramPrivate Three Year - E279 Biography

Photo of Hiram and Addie, 1910

Photo of family, 1895
HolbrookCharles W.Private Three Year - C274 Andersonville Grave 3197
(Also Aldbrook, C. W.)

Andersonville Prisoner
(See Albrook, C. W.)
HolcombAnselmCorporal One Year - K263  
HolcombHilas M.Private One Year - K263  
HolcombPhineasPrivate One Year - K263 Reunion
HollawayChristie J.1st Sergt. One Year - E253  
HollmanSamuelPrivate Three Year - F281  
HolmesGilbertPrivate One Year - A246 Biography
HolmesJoseph C.Corporal One Year - H259  
HolmesJoseph F. R.Private One Year - A246  
HolmesSamuel A.Private One Year - H260  
HolrahWilliamPrivate Three Year - K292  
HolstonIsaiahPrivate One Year - G258  
HolstonWilliamPrivate One Year - G258  
HoltAndrewCorporal One Year - D252 Biography
HolterWilliam J.Private Three Year - F281  
HoopSeth VanPrivate One Year - K263  
HopkinsWilliam G.Corporal Three Year - F280  
HoptonJames M.Private Three Year - C274  
HoptonWilliamPrivate Three Year - C274  
HordOliver W.Private One Year - E254  
HorneyJames W.Corporal One Year - C250  
HorsemanGeorgePrivate Three Year - D276  
HorsemanGoldson R.Private Three Year - E279 Ohio CW Veterans Graves Registration
(See Horsman)

Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio
(See Horsman)
HouseCharlesPrivate One Year - K263  
HouseElitha D.Captain Three Year - A267 Ohio CW Veterans Graves Registration

Photo of grave marker

HouseHelon H.Private Three Year - I290  
HousemanAndrewPrivate One Year - K263  
HowardJamesPrivate One Year - G258  
HoweMathiasPrivate One Year - G258  
HowellDavid C.Corporal One Year - H259  
HowkeMajor P.Private Three Year - A269  
HubbardAlbert N.Private Three Year - C274  
HubbardBenjamin S.Musician Three Year - I289  
HubbardEdgar P.Private Three Year - C274  
HubbardFayette G.Private Three Year - C274 Ashtabula Co., OHGenWeb
HuchinsJohnPrivate One Year - E254  
HudsonAustinSergeant Three Year - F280  
HudsonJohn W.Private Three Year - A269 Ohio CW Veterans Graves Registration
HudsonLewisPrivate One Year - A246  
HudsonSamuel M.Sergeant Three Year - F280  
HudsonSamuel M.1st Lieut. Three Year - A267  
HudsonWilliam P.Private Three Year - F281  
HuffmanJessePrivate Three Year - K292  
HugginsH. B.Private One Year - B248 Memoir 1

Memoir 2

(Heman B. Huggins)

HughesGeorge W.Private Three Year - B271  
HughesJohnPrivate Three Year - K292  
HulettJohn1st Sergt. One Year - K262  
HullLewis B.Private One Year - F256 Photo


Diary 1861 to 1862

Diary 1864 to 1866
HullMadisonPrivate Three Year - F281 White Oak Cemetery 
HullRezin W.1st Sergt. Three Year - B270 Poplar Grove Grave 1745
HumphreysWilliam F.Private One Year - A246  
HuntHarmon F.1st Sergt. Three Year - C273  
HunterAndrewPrivate One Year - G258 Hull's Diary 1861-1862
HunterHenry C.Corporal One Year - B248  
HunterThomas J.Private One Year - B248 The Veteran Ancestor Registry
HutchinsJohnPrivate Three Year - D276 Biography
HutchinsonFrancis M.Private Three Year - H287  
HutchinsonJohnPrivate Three Year - I290  
HutchinsonSilas B.Private One Year - F256  
HutchisonCharlesPrivate Three Year - B271  
HutchisonE. B.Unknown Three Year - BNone Arkansas Civil War Soldiers and Sailors
HutchisonEnochPrivate Three Year - B271 Biography

Ashland County, Ohio Roster
(Courtesy of Angie Toothman)
HutchisonWilliamPrivate Three Year - B271 Ashland County, Ohio Roster
(Courtesy of Angie Toothman)
HuttOceoloPrivate One Year - F256  
HysellGabrielPrivate Three Year - F281 Salisbury Prisoner
HysellRichardPrivate Three Year - F281  


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