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Will of John Handley of Monroe County, West Virginia
County Clerks office, Union, Monroe County, VA (now WVA)
Will Bk. 1, pp 183/189 (Bk. for 1799-1817).

In the name of God Amen, December the Twenty-seventh in the year of our Lord Christ, one thousand eight hundred and ten, I John Handley of the County of Monroe and State of Virginia being weak in body but of perfect memory and calling to mind the mortality of the body and that it is appointed for all men once to die, I have thought it fit to make my last will and testament in this manner and form following, that is to say.

1stly. I recommend my soul to God who gave it and my body to the earth to be buried in a decent and christian like manner and for these earthly goods or estate which God, far above my deserving has bestowed upon me, I dispose of as followeth, that is to say 1stly I allow all my lawful debts to be paid, and

2ndly I allow my son William one dollar to be raised out of my goods after my decease and

3rd I allow my son John one dollar to be raised as above and

4thly I allow my daughters Margaret Clark and Sarah Keyes the price of a negro woman and child the womans name Feeb, but said negro woman is to choose her master and my executors is to make the best contract they can with him for said negros on behalf of my said daughters by giving one years credit and if said executors can not get what they think a reasonable price from said Master so chosen by said negros, they they are to sell her to any other for the best price they can get allowing the credit above.

5thly I allow my daughter Nancy Aken a negro girl by the name of Liddy.

6thly I allow my son James a negro boy by the name of Peter.

7thly I allow my son Alexander a negro boy by the name of Jake.

8thly I allow my daughter Betsy Walker a negro girl by the name of Eamy.

9thly I allow my son Archibald one hundred acres of my land including the place where the family lived and to begin at a red oak corner betwixt Patterson and me at the corner of the field next to Patterson, and thence to run a straight line to the west corner of my field that joins a field cleared by said Archibald, thence along the division fence between said field forty poles thence along my fence to its east corner, thence the course that will include the quantity;

10thly I allow my son Samuel a piece of land where he formally lived being the same where my son Isaac now lives and to begin at a red or spanish oak corner betwixt me and my son John on a hill side above the Smith Shop, thence running by the front of said shop and to continue along the lane before the door where said Isaac now lives, a straight course until it strikes the one betwixt me and Samuel Clark, thence along Clarks line to Ewings and with Ewings to my son John and with his to the beginning; and

11thly I allow my son Isaac the balance of the plantation whereon I now live but my widow is to have her living her lifetime off of it and after her decease when he geets full possession of the land, he is to pay my son Samuel one hundred dollars worth of good property;

12thly I allow my grandson John Maston when he comes of age a horse and saddle worth fifty dollars and a suit of clothes from head to foot;

13thly I allow Mary my well beloved wife her living her lifetime off my land where I now live and a negro girl named Tilda said negro to be at her disposal at her death, with her choice of the mairs and also her choice of the work horses and a year old filly formally claimed by her. Also her choice of three of the cows and calves and one steer, with her saddle and bridle and all her wearing apparel, and all the farming tools, and the household and kitchen furniture together with all the sheep and hogs and poultry and the loom and tackling and the grain in the barn with the other provisions laid up for consumption and if there should be any of the aforesaid property left or remaining after her death except the negro before left to her to be disposed it is to be sold and equally divided amoung her legatees;

14thly I allow my son John and my son-in-law Samuel Clark the mountain place at Peters Mountain joining a survey made for John Beckley and one made for George Hutchison and the land of Wm. Brown equally betwixt them.

15thly I allow my sons William, Archibald and Isaac the Bostic land so soon after my death as they can obtain a right for the same to be equally divided betwixt them and

16thly I appoint my wife Mary and my sons John and Archibald Executors to this my last will and testament, and I allow them to sell a negro man by the name of Dave and the balance of the horses and cattle and every other article or piece of property not otherwise disposed of in this my will for the best price that can be had by giving twelve months credit and if there should be any money left after paying my debts and the legal expense of executing this my last will they are to pay ten poinds of so much left to my widow, and if there should be any more left I allow it to be equally divided amongst all my legatees.

This and no other I allow to be my last will and testament given under my hand and Seal the day next proceeding after the first day and date above written.

John Handley (Seal)

N.B.  The word Archibald in the third page was interlined before signed
in the presence
of Adknowledge

I. Handley
James Christy
Joseph Ewing

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