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Family Album
for the extended family of
Leoti V. (Duncan)
Rufus A. Longman

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first cousins
Maybelle Duncan George
Leoti Duncan Longman

Jan 1907
Dr. John Duncan
with grandsons
Donald Rufus and
Lester Duncan Longman
on Lester's 8th birthday,
Aug 27 1913
Donald, Leoti, and Lester Longman
about 1916
soon before her death
These pictures were
from the estate of
Maybelle George

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The Rufus A. Longman Family History Notes
provided by Stanley and Kenneth Longman;
Denise Anderson, Archives Assistant at University of Iowa Libraries,
compiled by Nancy Sween

Rufus Adolphus (Napoleon?) Longman was born Jan 12, 1869 in Farmersville, Ohio, the ninth of twelve children of David and Marian (Oldfather) Longman. (There is a list of Rufus and his siblings found in an old Bible on the Longman forum at Rufus' mother's maiden name was Oldfather, but I'm not sure how Peter, J. P. and Rebecca Oldfather are related to the Longman's.) On Oct 8 1896, Rufus married Leoti Viola Duncan. Leoti was born Nov 25 1875, the daughter of John H. and A. Laura Hayden Duncan. Several years after Leoti died (Dec 20 1916), Rufus married Jeannette Rickenberger. Rufus died Apr 13 1947.

Leoti, right of cousin Maybelle Duncan George, was the president of the freshman class at Otterbein University for the 1895-96 school year. She married Rufus in the fall of what might have been her sophomore year at Otterbein. In April of 1915, her father, Dr. John Duncan, (right, with Donald and Lester) died.

Rufus and Leoti had two sons. Lester Duncan Longman was born Aug 27 1905 in Harrison, OH, and died Jan 27 1987 in or near Los Angeles, CA. Donald Rufus Longman was born July 1, 1912, and died October 11, 1987. Rufus wrote a book, "The Genealogy of the Oldfather Family", in 1911. The boys were 11 and 4 when their mother died in 1916.

The Death of Leoti Duncan Longman (1875-1916)
as recorded by her husband, Rufus Adolphus, in Lester's Baby Book

"Mama had a slight stroke of paralysis in her right foot Saturday morning, December 2nd. Papa had gone to Eaton, O., with a group of homeless children. He intended remaining till Tuesday evening, but he concluded to return Monday evening, the 4th. That night about midnight she had a second attack which was very painful. By much rubbing, we secured circulation again. But Tuesday evening she was attacked in both legs and suffered much. Wednesday, circulation was again restored and Cora Scott called to see her. [See pictures of Cora Scott, her parents, and home at Sater, Ohio - now New Baltimore OH.] Papa said he would take her to Palm Beach, Fla., as soon as she could travel. That night she had a third attack from which she never recovered. Both legs and feet soon became black and blood poison set in. She suffered every agony. It was necessary to keep her under the influence of morphine in order to give her comfort. Her mother was with her all the time. Dr. Rolla Thomas attended her. Several times he brought Dr. Shuman with him. Dr. Wm. Jordan Taylor called several times to see her. All agreed that her case was hopeless. For about five weeks Papa had taken her to Dr. John E. Grieve, a specialist in heart disease. He took tracings of her heart beat and made an X-ray photo of her heart. He gave no help.

"Mama knew she was going to die and when not suffering she would talk of it as if about to take a little trip. She gave detailed direction with reference to her possessions and burial. She said she was not afraid to die and was happy but she would like to live longer for her boys and Papa. She died at 6 P.M., Wednesday, Dec.20th, 1916.

The services were held at our home, 237 Wedgewood Av., Friday, Dec. 23, 1916, at 2 P.M.. The day was cold and the ground was covered with snow. Many friends and relatives were present. Rev. A.L. Copeland, Asst Supt, Children's Home, offered prayer, Rev. John R. King (a college friend)

(John King, bottom right. Click picture for more details.)

and Prof. E.E. Ellis (one time superintendent of Harrison Ohio, high school) spoke briefly. Prof. T.J. Sanders (from her alma mater, Otterbein University), of Westerville, made the address. Mama had asked for him. Mrs. Wm. Davidson and Pearl Cheatham, of Harrison, O., sang.

"Mama was dressed in the dress which was her graduating dress and later her wedding dress. She had a white couch casket. She was all in white and there were many beautiful flowers from her friends."

Entry in Lester's Baby Book for Christmas 1916 - Monday
"Mama's body was placed in the vault at Spring Grove Cemetery two days ago. We are all very sad this Christmas. We took dinner at the Children's Home. Grandma will stay with us and take Mama's place. We could not get any presents this year. The ground was covered with snow and the day was a beautiful winter day."

Entry in Lester's Baby Book dated Feb. 3, 1917
"On this date Mama's body was placed in Section 74, Lot 24, Fraction D. The weather was so cold that only Lester and Papa went to the cemetery."
Lester married Florence Lydia Brown (Oct 7 1906 - Portland, ME - to Nov 22, 1980 or 1981) on June 28, 1929, the month after his Grandmother Duncan died. Lester and Florence had three sons: Kenneth Allen, Stanley Vincent, and Richard Winston Longman. Lester was the head of the University of Iowa Art Department for 22 years before becoming the head of the Art Department at the University of California in the 1970s. After Florence's death, Lester married Helen Carroll.

Lester Longman - Obituary, Iowa City Press Citizen, Feb 10, 1987
Professor Lester Duncan Longman, former head of the University of Iowa Art Department for 22 years, died Jan. 27.

Funeral arrangements will be private. The family requests, in lieu of flowers, that contributions be made to the School of Art History (Lester D. Longman Scholarship Fund), in care of the University of Iowa Foundation.

Dr. Longman was born August 27, 1905, in Harrison, Ohio. For 51 years he was married to the former Florence Lydia Brown, who died in 1980.

Dr. Longman received degrees from Oberline College and Princeton University. He was a Carnegie Fellow at Princeton, a Carnegie Scholar at Harvard University, and a Fellow of The American Coucil of Learned Societies for research in Europe. He taught at Ohio State University and at Columbia University.

He is survived by his second wife, the former Helen Carroll; three sons, Kenneth of Princeton, N. J., Stanley of Athens, Ga. and Richard of New York City; three brothers, Donald of Los Alto Hills, Calif, Arthur of Tempe, Ariz., and Gerald of Mesa, Ariz.

Gift Slides, Des Moines Register, Feb 5 1987
The Register's Iowa News Service
MOUNT PLEASANT, IA. - The Iowa Wesleyan College art department has recieved a gift of 500 slides from Dr. Lester Longman, former head of the department of art at the University of Iowa. The slides are of architecture, sculpture, paintings, manuscript pages and mosaics.

Donald married Charlotte Elisabeth Hockins (Jan 11 1910 to Nov 17 1977) on June 22, 1935. They had three sons: Robert Arthur, Douglas Stuart, and Alan Duncan Longman.

Of 24 descendants of Leoti and Rufus, 20 are male and 4 female.