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This "Handley Family History" is posted in appreciation to Mary Mortimeyer, Frances Revesz, and Richard Hopkins, who produced the original booklet. Richard and Mary's husband gave us permission to put the work on-line just before her death at Cameron, Missouri on October 1 1999.

Thanks to Richard Hopkins, Carol Ann Berry, and Angie Anthony for making this on-line version of the book possible for the Handley Genealogy Index Page, where other information and contacts are available.

This work is for free use, not to be copied and sold.

The Handley Family History
Mary Mortimeyer
Richard Hopkins

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James Handley was the son of Alexander Handley and Sarah McElroy and was born March 7, l794, in Lincoln (later Washington and today Marion) County, Kentucky. He married Sarah Cleaver on October 8, l8l6, in Washington county, Kentucky. Sarah Cleaver and her sister Lettitia Cleaver (Alexander's wife) were daughters of David C. Cleaver and Lettitia Griffith. Sarah was born March 7, 1800 in Washington County, Kentucky. Sometime after the death of Alexander Handley (James's Father) in l832, James and Sarah Handley moved to Hardin County, Kentucky. A Washington County deed dated October 4, l833, recorded that James and Sarah, of Hardin County, sold land for $250 to John Mattingly. The land was on Rolling Fork of the Salt River.

James' brother, Alexander Handley, also, moved into Hardin County by l838. Alexander was active publicly, serving as a constable for several years. He was operating a tavern in l85l. He died in l859.

The l850 census of Hardin County listed James, age 57, Sally A., age 6l (which was incorrect - she was born March 7, l800), Hardin J., age 2l, Marion J., age l9, Elmira (Almira on tombstone), age l5, Sarah Ann, age l2, and Alexander (A.M.I.), age 9. James and Sarah Handley moved to Platte County, Missouri, in March of l857. Their son, Dr. William C. Handley, had moved to Platte County earlier and had purchased land in Platte County in l853. James bought 80 acres of land in December l860 about two miles southeast of the Second Creek Church and his two sons; William C. and John H., were his securities.

Sarah McElroy Handley died July 25, l875. James Handley died March ll, l882, aged 88 years and four days. James was living in Edgerton at the time of his death. His son A. M. I. lived on his farm from the time of Sarah's death until after James' death. His heirs sold his 80 acres of land on August l5, l882. Sarah and James are buried at Second Creek Cemetery in Platte County.

James and Sarah had the following children:

l. David A. Handley, born July 27, l8l7, and died October 1, l882. He married Nancy Wells and they remained in Kentucky, living in Hart County. Their children were;
a. Angeline C. Handley, born 1845 and married John W. Grayson.

b. John Handley, born 1852.

c. David Handley, born 1855.

d. Luella Handley, born 1857.

e. David M. Handley, born 1859.

2. William C. Handley, born December 28, l8l9, and died January 3l, l893. He was a medical doctor. He married May 5, l847, Mary Ermine Embry. They had three daughters.
Martha (Mattie) B. Handley born in 1849 and died May 20, 1863;

Sallie A. Handley born about 1850; and

Lillie M. Handley born in 1861 and died December 28, 1878.

Dr. Willam C. and his family lived at Ridgely in Platte County, Missouri. Dr William C. Handley, Mary and two of their children are buried in the Ridgely Community Cemetery, Pioneer Part. Sallie A., married Dr. John M. Robinson on November 10,1869. John was the son of Dr. Alexander Marshall Robinson and Catherine Ann Hughes. John and Sallie had the following children; Martha (Mattie) Robinson, Stewart Robinson, William M. Robinson, Lela L. Robinson and John A. Robinson.

3. Samuel G. Handley, born in 1821, married Ann Elizabeth McClure and died in September 1854. Samuel and a number of the men from Hart County were in the service during the Mexican War. Samuel and his family lived in Hardin County and Grayson County, Kentucky. His wife was born October 26, 1826, and died March 16, 1911. They are both buried in the Millertown, Kentucky. cemetery. Their children were;

a. William Henry Handley, born 1850 and married Lucretia Skaggs, daughter of Isham Skaggs.

b. Marion A. Handley, born May 19, 1853, and married John A. Waters.

c. Samuel H. Handley, born March 31, 1855, and married Rachel Skaggs, daughter of Isham Skaggs, died September 19, 1889.

d. Alice Handley married Richard Skaggs, son of Richard Skaggs.

4. Lettitia Handley, born March l2, l824. She married twice, first David C. Doran and second, Joseph Priddy. They lived in Hart County, Kentucky. Lettitia and David two children, they are;

a. Artemitia E. Doran, born 1848, married J. E. Abbot.

b. M. Ermine Doran, born November 2, 1849, married Dr. William Wood Bowling Jr. on December 22, 1868.

5. Mary Ann Handley, born March l5, l826. She married Dr. David C. Phillips on August 17, 1848, and they lived in Hardin County, Kentucky. Dr. Phillips was born July 24, 1823, and died April 22, 1904. Mary Ann died April 11, 1903. Her and her husband are buried in the Phillips Cemetery, Hardin County, Ky. Their children were;

a. Leanore Phillips, born 1849, and married Dr. John H. Owsley on March 7, 1867, in Hardin County, Ky.

b. Hannah T. Phillips.

c. Hardin H. Phillips.

d. Emeline M. Phillips.

e. Sally Z. Phillips.

f. James H. Phillips.

g. Letitia G. Phillips.

6. John Hardin Handley, born May l8, l828, and died June l, l905. He married Frances Elizabeth White, October 7, l856, in Hart County. They had moved to Missouri by l860 and lived in Platte County near what is now Edgerton, Missouri.

7. James Marion Handley, born July 5, l832, and died April 9, l868. He married first, Virginia Huston, on June 26, 1855,in Platte County, Missouri and they had a son named Frank W. Handley. Frank was born June 1, 1856 and died April 20, 1857. Virginia had died earlier on February 17, 1857 . James Marion married, second, Georgia Ann Clay on October l7, l858, in Platte County, Missouri. James Marion and Georgia Ann had one son that we know of, he was James William Handley, born January 13, 1861. We believe that they had a second son, Charles D. Handley, born in 1863. James Marion and Georgia Ann lived in Clinton County, Missouri. James Marion, Virginia and their son Frank are buried in the Ridgely Community Cemetery, Pioneer Part. I do not know where Georgia Ann is buried, The children of James Marion and Georgia Ann are:

a. James William Handley, born January 13, 1861, and died November 1947. He married Marcie M. Higgins of Jamesport, Missouri. They are both buried in the Forrest Hill Cemetery, Kansas City, Missouri. All of their children were born at Grayson, Missouri and were:

(1) Ray Burgess Handley, born December 24, 1894, and died December 22, 1982. He married Madeleine B. Davidson on August 12, 1922. He is buried in the Ridgely Community Cemetery. Madeleine died December 23, 1989 at Liberty, Missouri. She was buried in the Ridgely Community Cemetery with her husband. Their children were;

(a) Helen Madge Handley, born May 11, 1923, and married Amzy Hobart Ford on June 30, 1940. They live in Gladstone, Missouri.

(b) Marylyn L. Handley, born January 30, 1925, and married Mario Mola. They live in Huntington, New York.

(c) Rae Reynolds Handley, born June 24, 1927, and married Albert Donald Cone. They live in Kansas City, Missouri.

(d) Robert Nelson Handley, born June 16, 1929, married Jean Petree on August 16. 1954, and died August 18, 1987. He left a son Robert Nelson Handley Jr and two grandchildren. He was buried in the Ridgely Community Cemetery in Platte County, Missouri.

(e) Mary Anne Handley, born November 7, 1941, and married a man named Myers. They live in Gladstone, Missouri.

(f) Marvin D. Handley (deceased).

(g) Unnamed infant daughter.

(2) Hazel Handley, born in 1896, died in 1930, was married to Charles Vaughn.

(3) Pircie Handley, born March 20, 1899, married first a man named Anthony and second a man named Vicksell. She was living in Downey, California. in 1986.

(4) Allen Davenport Handley, born June 3, 1901, and died June 11, 1986, married Thelma J. Chaney. He is buried in the Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Weston, Missouri.

(5) Elmer Handley, born in September, 1903, and died in 1983. He is buried in the Glenridge Cemetery, Liberty, Missouri. I am not sure how many wives Elmer had. Elmer had a son, Charles E. Handley, and a daughter, Marjorie Lee Handley. Charles lives at 3509 Drumm, Independence, Missouri.

(6) Emma Windsor Handley, born in 1906, and died in 1986, married first to a man named Ralph Gentry and second to a man named Figgins. She is buried in the Glenridge Cemetery, Liberty, Missouri

b. Charles D. Handley, born in 1863, and married, we believe, Elizabeth Rollins. Elizabeth was born in 1864. Charles died in 1905, and is buried in the Baker Cemetery, Clinton County, Missouri. His wife's name is on his tombstone and shows her date of birth, but not her date of death. It may be that she was buried beside her husband and the date of death not recorded or she may have remarried and is buried with her new husband. Their children as far as we can tell are:

(1) Rollie D. Handley, born December 9, 1886, and died November 11, 1900.

(2) Grace Handley born in 1902, and died in 1904.

8. Almira J. Handley, born May 2, l834, and died July ll, l853. She is buried in the old Presbyterian churchyard in Millerstown, Hart County, Kentucky.

9. Sarah Ann Handley, born about l838, according to the l850 census of Hardin County, Kentucky

l0. Alexander McElroy Irvine Handley, born February 28, l841, and died February l3, l9l9. He was married several times, first to Mollie J. Lampton on February 27, 1866, she died March 29, 1884, and second to Mary D. She died on August 16, 1897. His third wife was Annie E. Johnson who he married on October 25, 1899 at East St. Louis, Illinois. They lived in Platte County, Missouri. Alexander McElroy Irvine was named for the grandparents of James Handley II, who were Samuel McElroy and his wife, Mary Irvine. Alexander and two of his wives are buried in the Second Creek Cemetery in Platte County, He served in the Confederate Army as an officer during the Civil War and was a member of the United Confederate Veterans Missouri Division. He farmed his father's farm for a period and I think he was farming in 1877. He operated the lumber yard in Edgerton for a number of years. Alexander and Mollie's children are;

a. Vida M. Handley, born November 15, 1868, married J. W. Oliver on June 7, 1899.

b. Irvin B. Handley was born August 18, 1871, married Cora Miller, daughter of Isaac Samuel Miller and Elizabeth Melvina McComas, on June 17, 1896, died in October 1962. The Millers are buried in the Mount Zion Cemetery. I am not sure about the Handleys.

c. Dena L. Handley, born May 23, 1874, and married James P. Clark on January 18, 1893. They had one child Bernice Clark. I am not sure what happen to Dena.

d. Sallie E. Handley, born May 5, 1876, and died September 26, 1880. She is buried in the Second Creek Cemetery.

e. Myrtle L. Handley, born May 25, 1878. She married Charles Turney and they had two children; Charles Turney. born January 28, 1898 and died in July 1962, and Mary Turney. I have been told that Charles (the son) robbed a bank wearing a red shirt and was quickly captured because of the red shirt. Myrtle died in 1958 and Charles died in 1962 and both are buried in the Second Creek Cemetery.

f. Lampton A. Handley, born November 27, 1882. Lampton died in October 1966 in Shreveport, Louisiana.


John Hardin Handley married Frances Elizabeth White on October 7, 1856, in Hart County, Kentucky. John and his wife, Frances Elizabeth White, moved to Missouri in 1859 and settled near what is now Edgerton in Platte County, Missouri. For several years he farmed and in 1871, he was one of the founders of Edgerton. On May 20, 1871, Edgerton was selected as a depot for the railroad and owes it birth and growth to the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad. While the History of Clay and Platte Counties does not mention John H. Mr. Paxton does, and list John H. as a merchant in Edgerton from 1872 to 1897, when he concluded his Annals of Platte County. In 1872, Mr. Paxton shows Handley and Clemings as the only merchants in Edgerton. By 1897, there were several business men in Edgerton. John Hardin died June 1. 1905 and is buried in the New Mount Zion Cemetery located about 2 miles south of Edgerton. Frances Elizabeth (Fannie) died April 3, 1914. Their children were

I. James Ella Handley, born December 28, 1859, in Platte County, Missouri. She was well educated and graduated from the Platte City Female Academy in 1878. She married Issac Patrick Hopkins on January 3, 1882. I. P. was the editor of the Edgerton Journal for a period in the l890s, prior to that he had been in business with a Mr. Porter. Their business was destroyed by fire on November 18, 1891. In 1894, I. P. ran for the public office of state representative and lost to Mr. J. M. McMonigle. Later he was the postmaster in Fdgerton. She like to tell stories about the things that she did as a girl. one was about her trip back to Kentucky when she was about 16 years old and while there her and her cousins played in Mammoth Cave, which was close to Hardin County, Kentucky. This trip was made on horseback. she was a very strong will individual and ruled her family with an Iron hand. There is a story that one Sunday, a young man came to the house and asked Grace if she would like to go to a ball game. Grace was over 20 at the time, but she asked her mother if she could go and her mother replied in a solf voice "No." I am told that she never raised her voice, but was very positive. She died December 26, 1942 and was buried in the New Mount Zion Cemetery along with her parents. Her husband, Isaac Patrick Hopkins, who had died in 1930, was buried in the Baker Cemetery located near Grayson, Missouri. They had eight children:

1. Julia Ermine Hopkins, born about 1883, and died as an infant and is buried in the Mount Zion Cemetery near Edgerton, Missouri.


2. Bessie Hopkins, born March 22, 1885, died September 19, 1965, married first, David Milton Boyer on April 29, 1905. David was a teacher. He had a nervous breakdown and was hospitalize. At that time mental problems was not as well understood as they are today and people were committed to the Insane Asylum for treatment. At some point, while he was undergoing treatment, Bessie divorced him. Mrs. Hopkins did not approve of this divorce and made her disapproval known to the family. She believed that David was sick and that a wife should not leave a sick husband. David and Bessie had two children;

a. Kathryn (Katherine) Boyer, born September 9, 1908, married to Charles Schotta on September 21, 1929. I am showing two ways to spell Katherine's name as I have been given her name both ways. Charles was a pastry chef and had a bakery in Chicago. Charles and Katherine moved to Texas in 1936 and eventually settled in Fort Worth where Charles had a bakery. Katherine was a music teacher in Fort Worth, Texas for a number of years and gave piano lessons in her home. She published a book, "Solfege", in which she described her successful technique for teaching piano to young children. Charles died May 15, 1964 and Katherine died June 10, 1972. They are buried in the Laurel Land Memorial Cemetery in Fort Worth, Texas. Charles and Katherine had two children;

(1) Charles Schotta, born February 27, 1935, married Sarita Frances Gattis on September 9, 1960 at Fort Worth, Texas. Charles is with the Treasury Department working as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Eastern Europe, Soviet and Middle Eastern Policy. Sarita is with the Department of Agriculture as the Deputy Administrator of Agricultural Stability and Conservation Service. They do not have any children. They live at 104 Prince Street, Alexandria, Virginia.

(2) Eugene Alan Schotta, born February 7, 1936. Alan married Gloriana Blanche Smith on December 15, 1962 at Fort Worth. Alan died September 2, 1995. Gloria is with the Fort Worth Independent School District. Gloria lives at 8012 Herndon Drive, Fort Worth, Texas 76116. Alan and Gloria had three children;

(a) Charles Wayford Schotta, born November 15, 1964 at Fort Worth, Texas. He attended Texas Christian University majoring in psychology and graduated in December 1990. He is now working on his master's degee at Stephen F. Austin College at Nacogdoches, Texas.

(b) Alan Wayne Schotta, born March 10, 1967 in Fort Worth, Texas. Alan suffered from Down's Syndrome. Alan died February 3, 1994.

(c) Michael Wade Schotta, born October 10, 1969 in Fort Worth, Texas. He is currently enrolled at North Texas State University.

b. Ethel Berneice (Bernice) Boyer, born June 24, 1910. Berneice attended the St. Joseph Business School and later move to Fillmore, Missouri where she worked as a switchboard operator. She married William Raymond Nicholas on April 30, 1935 and they lived in Kansas City North, Missouri. I am not sure when they moved to a farm north of Smithville, Missouri. William died October 28, 1984 and was buried in the Stoney Point Cemetery, Trimble, Missouri. Bernice died on January 25, 1989 and was buried in the Stoney Point Cemetery, Trimble, Missouri. The Stoney Point Cemetery in located on the first road (Highway O) south of Grayson going east from highway 169 for about 4 miles. The Baker Cemetery, where so many of the Hopkins and Bakers are buried, is located by turning west at the same crossroad on highway 169 and going about one mile then turning south for one quarter mile. Bernice and William had four children;

(1) Katherine Adele Nicholas, born March 29, 1936. Katy lived with her paternal grandparents until she was about seven years old. She lived with an uncle and aunt from age seven up. They were Frank and Alfa Crane. She married Al Tobin. Al is from Burlington Junction, Missouri. He is the Chief of Staff of the North Carolina National Guard. Katy works in the Marketing Department of the IBM Corporation in Raleigh, NC. Al and Katy live at 1208 Nottingham Drive, Cary, NC 27511. They have four children;

(a) Darby Anne Tobin, born August 22, 1958 at Atchison, Kansas, married Stuart Godfrey. They have one child, Ashley Anne Godfrey, who was born on December 30, 1989.

(b) Jay Patrick Tobin, born April 17, 1964 at Excelsior Springs, Missouri. Jay is studying law at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

(c) Jill Marie Tobin, born May 19, 1965 at El Paso, Texas. Jill graduated from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in journalism. She is a flight attendant with American Airlines. Jill married Arthur David Kelso III on April 25, 1998, in Raleigh, North Carolina. Davidís parents live in Des Moines, Iowa.

(d) Sam Eugene Tobin, born April 1, 1968 at Kansas City, Missouri. Sam major in economics while in college. He married Doris Reid on April 9, 1994.

(2) William Raymond Nicholas Jr, born February 10, 1948, married (I do not have his wife's maiden name or date of marriage at present). He and his family live in Kearney, Missouri. His children are;

(a) Living Nicholas, born 1967.

(b) Living Nicholas, born 1969.

(c) Living Nicholas, born 1971.

(3) Rose Mary Nicholas, born August 3, 1949, married David Hale and lives in Lenox, Iowa. They do not have any children.

(4) Dorothy L. Nicholas, born April 7, 1954, married Dwayne Pigg and lives on a farm south of Trimble, Missouri. They have two children.

(a) Heather Lynn Nicholas, born February 15, 1972.

(b) Nicholas Christopher Pigg, born May 23, 1979.

Bessie married second, Holmes Hall, and had one son, Holmes Patrick (Pat) Hall. Holmes Hall died a short time after the birth of his son, Holmes Patrick. Pat attended high school in Texas He was in the band and was one of the cheerleaders while in high school. He was in the service during World War II and attended Rockhurst College in Kansas City after the war. While in school he supported himself by working at the Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri. After he finished college he moved to Texas. He lived at 2019 Terlingua, Apartment 146, Arlington, Texas 76010. In October 1990, I was told that he was suffering from cancer. Pat died April 18, 1992. Bessie was living in Fillmore, Missouri when her father, Isaac Patrick Hopkins, died in 1930. Sometime after that she moved to Texas and lived there a few years. I am not sure when she moved to Kansas City, Missouri, but think it was about 1941. She worked for a number of years at Emery, Bird, Thayer. She was working there during the 1940s and was still there when Emma died. Bessie died September 19, 1965 and is buried in Moore Memorial Gardens in Arlington, Texas.

3. Emma Smith Hopkins, born in July 31, 1887, died January 6, 1950, married Doctor John James Settle, the son of Charles H. Settle and Elizabeth Miller. John was a dentist in North Kansas City, Missouri. Doctor John J. Settle was born on February 13, 1878 and died in March 1963. She was divorced at the time of her death. The cause of the divorce, according to Paul F. Hopkins, was the pouting on the part of Emma. When things did not go to suit her, she would pout and stay in bed. During one of her pouting spells, Doctor Settle move out and divorced her. Mrs. Hopkins did not approve of this divorce either. Emma was living in Kansas City at the time of her father's death in 1930. About 1935, Emma went to Jefferson City to work in the office of the State Auditor. She worked there for twelve years and retired. In 1947 she returned to Kansas City and the following year was operating Fiesta Music Den, a card and music shop that Helen owned. She was still doing this when she died. She closed the shop in the evening of January 5, 1950 and took a taxi to her home and while enroute had a brain hemorrhage. She was taken to St. Luke's Hospital where she died the following day. Her funeral was held on Saturday, January 7, 1950, at the Mellody-McGilley-Eylar Funeral Home.

John and Emma had had one son, Charles Alan Settle. Charles was born May 9. 1907. Charles was married twice. I am not sure what his first wifeís last name was. Her first name was Dorothy He married Alice Warren on September 13, 1947. Charles loved to play golf and frequently played with Mary Alice, his step-granddaughter. Charles worked in the legal department of the Social Security Admimistration. He was transferred to Baltimore. Maryland in the 1950s. He retired in 1966. Charles and Alice moved to Florida after retirement and lived there until 1991, then they returned to the Kansas City area. Charles was suffering from Parkinson Disease. Charles died December 1, 1996 in Johnson County, Kansas. His address at the time of his death was 3509 West 95th Street, Overland Park, Kansas. His body was cremated at the D. W. Newcomerís Crematory in Kansas City, Missouri. His ashes was taken to the golf course that he had played so many years in Florida and scattered on the 14th hole.

4. Joseph Hardin Hopkins, born April 13, 1889, died February 22, 1944. He served in the Army in France during WWI and rose to the grade of Corporal. Hardin never married. Hardin was a small man compared to his brother. During World War I, both Paul and Hardin were in France. They were several miles apart. One day Hardin decided to walk the several miles to see his younger brother. When he arrived at the company area, where Paul was stationed, he asked where he could find Paul Hopkins. Some of the men asked why he wanted to see Paul. He told the men that Paul was his brother. Because he did not looked or act like Paul, the men laugh and told him that he could not be Paul's brother. Hardin continued his father's dairy for a few years selling milk in Edgerton. He was a rural mail carrier for a few years. He had a drinking problem and did not do to well until he took the cure about 1940. After he took the cure, he went to Kansas City and got a job at Rushton's Bakery on Southwest Boulevard. He was killed by being run over by a car while standing in the safety island waiting for a street car on Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City. He is buried in the Mount Zion Cemetery near Edgerton, Missouri near his mother.

5. Grace Hopkins born December 31, 1890, died August 27, 1968. She married Frank Harold Schumacher on August 22, 1917, at St. Joseph, Missouri. Frank was a carpenter and built a number of buildings and houses in the Kansas City area. Frank died September 8, 1938, while at

work. After Frank's death Grace went to work as a seamstress and raise her family. After my (Richard Hopkins) return to Kansas City in 1955, I used to visit her often. She was a great story teller until her mind started slipping. She had many stories to tell about Pappy Hopkins, her father, that happen while she was growing up. During her childhood Edgerton was still a wild west type of community and the men carried guns and there were frequent shootings. One night while Grace and Pappy were on the way home from the post office there was an outbreak of gunfire. Grace said that when she looked around for Pappy, he had cleared a five foot wooden fence. She said that this was pretty good for a man almost 60 years old. She told stories about Uncle Billie White and his black mistress and the trip Pappy made to California when Uncle Billie died. When she was growing up in Edgerton, each of the children had certain duties to perform each day. The House that I. P. and Ella lived in was very small, but with the number of children, there was a lot to do.

About 1964, Eleanor decided that Grace could no longer live alone and She moved Grace to her home. Shortly after that the Elliotts were assign to France and they took Grace to France. A couple of years later Grace was in a home in Denver and that is where I saw her last in 1967. After her death in 1968, she was returned to Kansas City for burial. Her funeral was at Kansas City funeral home. The funeral was during the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago and I was at the funeral, but had to return to my post because of the riots in Chicago. Many of Grace's grandchildren stayed at my home on Valentine Road during the funeral. While enroute to the cemetery after the funeral, Paul Hopkins, Grace's younger brother, who was riding with the family said" The next funeral will be mine and people will look at me and say "Doesn't he look natural'." and he was right. Grace and her husband are buried in Forest Hills Cemetery in Kansas City, Missouri. They had five children;

a. The first child was a baby daughter that was stillborn.

b. Eleanor Lucille Schumacher born August 25, 1920, married William

Francis Elliott on January 30, 1942. Bill Elliott retired from the Air Force as a Chief Master Sergeant. Bill died January 2, 1991 and was buried at Mount Moriah Cemetery in Kansas City, Missouri on January 4, 1991. Eleanor lives at 807 Le May Drive, Bellevue, Nebraska 68005. Bellevue is just to the south of Omaha. They had four children;

(1) Marjorie Frances Elliott, born August 3, 1948, married Robert Alan Woodall, son of Beamon Wilson Woodall and Margaret Eulene Wilson, on March 28, 1868;. Robert's mother, Margaret Woodall, had worked for me (Richard Hopkins) at one time at Whiteman Air Force Base. Their children are;

(a) Robert Lee Woodall, born July 22, 1968.

(b) Joanna Kaye Woodall, born March 18, 1971.

(2) Lucille Marie Elliott, born June 5, 1950, married Lonnie Walker Howell, son of Frank Jennings Howell and Grace Maxine French, on November 11, 1972. Their children are;


(a) Eric James Howell, born March 22, 1980.

(b) Lisa Maria Howell, born September 13, 1985.

(3) William Edward Elliott , born October 23, 1955, married Cathy Lee Holubar on September 24, 1976. They are now divorced. They had the following children;

(a) Melissa Leight Elliott, born July 23, 1982.

(c) William Benjamin Elliott, born February 24, 1984.

(4) Karla Kay Elliott, born June 18, 1957, married Ronald Rollie Lee on April 9, 1977. They have one child, Karla Kristine Lee, born December 21, 1988.

c. Frances Helen Schumacher, born January 15, 1924, married first Monte Ray Jenkins. They had one child, Dawn Rae Jenkins, born May 17, 1942 and died June 23, 1942. Frances and Monte were divorced and she married second Budd Eugene Revesz on February 9, 1949. They live at 1416 Vernon Avenue, Park Ridge, Illinois 60068. Their children were;

(1) Donna Sue Revesz, born August 22, 1949, died April 26, 1981. Donna Sue had a daughter, Kelly Frances Revesz, born November 9, 1977, that Frances is raising.

(2) Budd Douglas Revesz, born in October 23, 1950. Buddy was in the Army during the Vietnam War and was wounded. I administered the oath to him when he enlisted. He has been married three times. His first marriage was to Susan Ann Frisch on October 9, 1976. Susan and Budd had a son Eric James Revesz, born January 27, 1979. Susan and Budd were divorced and he married second, Leslie Marie Ridens, on May 29, 1981. They had one child Jennifer Marie LaRea Revesz, born April 4, 1984. Leslie was killed in a car accident on July 14, 1989. Budd married a third time, Jacquelynne Furman, on March 22, 1992. They live in Orgeon.

(3) Todd Eugene Revesz, born October 27, 1953.

(4) Stedd Eugene Revesz born June 9, 1955, married Loretta Ann Hozian on June 14, 1980. they have following children;

(a) Todd Stephen Revesz, born July 7, 1981.

(b) John Francis Revesz, born June 18, 1984.

5) Judd Eugene Revesz, born November 10, 1959, , married Renee DeAn Balliet on September 18, 1993, They have a daughter Madison Mackenzie Revesz, born May 20, 1997.

(6) Steve Eugene Revesz, born May 17, 1967.

d. Harold Stephen Schumacher, born September 11, 1926, married Dena Maybell Shaw on April 16, 1949. Steve drove a truck for a number of years. Steve was in the service during World War II. For some time after he quit driving a truck, he was restoring old cars and collecting wrecked cars and selling parts from them. They live at 2390 South Franklin Street, Denver, Colorado 80210. They have three children;

(1) Patricia Sue Schumacher, born April 23, 1950, married Robert Alvin McMahon on June 26, 1971. Their children are;

(a) Sean Tyler McMahon, born October 18, 1971.

(b) Michelle Lynn McMahon, born April 8, 1974.

(2) Marilyn Kay Schumacher, born June 16, 1953.

(3) Laura Helen Schumacher, born december 29, 1960, married Thomas Beers. They have one child, Dustin James Beers, born September 7, 1989.

e. Mary Louise Schumacher, born September 13, 1928, married Marvin Earl Mortimeyer (Mort) on August 25, 1948. Before and for some time after her marriage, she worked for Hallmark Cards in Kansas City. Mort was in the Marine Corps during World War II. For a time after their marriage, they lived in Kansas City, Missouri. They were transferred to Salina, Kansas and later to Dodge City, Kansas. About 1968, they moved to Huron, South Dakota and a few years later to Murray, Utah. Mort retired for the Social Security Administration at Salt Lake City, Utah. After his retirement they moved to Cameron, Missouri, where the are now living. Mary has been very active in the research of the family tree and complied most of the information in this article. They have two children;

(1) Leslie Ann Mortimeyer, born January 5, 1950. Leslie married James John Dahm on February 3, 1971, at Denver, Colorado. Jim is in the food business. They live at 1801 South Arthur Street, Kennewick, Washington.

(a) Matthew James Dahm, born February 22, 1973. married Marci Cozby on May 25, 1997 at Bakersfield, California. Matt and Marci live in the Los Angeles,California area.

(b) Katherine Ann Dahm, born December 26, 1974. Kathy finisned college in 1997.

(2) Barry Scott Mortimeyer, born January 6, 1952. Barry married Wanda Erickson on January 31, 1976 in Huron, South Dakota. The twins were born on their mother's birthday. Barry is an engineer. They live at 1714 Oakview Drive, Roseville, California 95661. They have three children;

(a) Trevor James Mortimeyer (twin to Travis), born March 2, 1980.

(b) Travis Earl Mortimeyer (twin to Trevor), born March 2, 1980.

(c) Tara Alene Mortimeyer, born April 4, 1987.

6. Ruth Cleveland Hopkins, born April 5, 1893, died October 8, 1986, married Irven Wesley Hayden. born August 16, 1897, died December 1968, on September 30, 1919. They moved to Atwood, Kansas in 1928. Ruth worked a number of years in the Atwood Post Office and retired in 1959. Irv Sr. was a distributor for Standard Oil products for a number of years. Ruth and her husband are buried in the Atwood, Kansas Cemetery. They had one son;

a. Irven Wesley Hayden Jr., born May 13, 1921. Irv Jr. attended Kansas University and played football there just before and right after the war. He married a local girl, Ruth Irene Kelley, on March 23, 1943. He served in the Army Air Force during the war. Irv Jr. currently lives in Atwood, Kansas with his wife, Ruth. He is a farmer in that area. Irv Jr. and his wife, Ruth had seven children, five boys and two girls. They are;

(1) John Michael Hayden, born March 15, 1944, attended Kansas State University, married Patti Rooney, served in the Army in Vietnam. After his military service, Mike enrolled in the graduate program in wildlife management at Ft Hays State University . He was elected to the Kansas House of Representatives in 1972. He was in the House 14 years and served as the Speaker of the Kansas House the last 4 of those years. He was elected Governor in 1986. Mike received 435,647 votes while Tom Docking received 403,375 votes. He and his wife, Patti, have two children, Chelsi Hayden born October 25, 1975 and Anne Hayden born April 16, 1981. Mike ran for reelection in 1990 and lost. Mike was appointed Assistant Secretary of Interior on April 16, 1991, and was sworn in on June 19, 1991. He is in charge of the National Park Service and the Fish and Wildlife Services. He and his family have moved to a new home in Fairfax County near Alexandria.

(2) Irven Kelley Hayden, born January 5, 1947. He was associated with the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas for a long time, first as a professor of English and as the assistant to the vice chancellor. Kelley married Kris Vervaciky on August 14, 1988. Kris has three children, Ben Schrepf, Emily Schrepf and Andrew Schrepf from her previous marriage and they live with their mother and Kelley.

(3) Thomas Patrick Hayden, born October 10, 1948, married first, Mary McFadden on July 29, 1969. They were divorce and Tom married Carol Williams on September 7,1990. They live in Everson, Washington, where Tom is engaged in commercial fishing. Tom and his first wife had the following children;

(a) Dylan Thomas Hayden, born August 17, 1970.

(b) Belle Evangeline Hayden, born in October 1971 and died in 1984.

(4) Katherine (Katy) Ann Hayden, born June 17, 1952, married Bobby D. Tricks on September 29, 1979. Katy is a pharmacist. They have a son, John Thomas Tricks, born August 27, 1989. They live at 446 Feedlot Road, Ellis, Kansas 67637.

(5) Sally Ruth Hayden, born October 20, 1955. She is a computer operator at Kansas Key Press, Lawrence, Kansas. She lives at 914 Tennessee Street, Lawrence, Kansas.

(6) Thorne Wesley Hayden, born September 21, 1961, served in the Air Force, died in 1985

(7) Paul Alan Hayden, born September 7,1963. Paul married Soheila Modiri on December 29, 1988. They live at Atwood, Kansas, where Paul is working with his father on the family farm near Atwood, Kansas. It is my understanding that Paul and Soheila are now divorced.

7. Paul Francis Hopkins born May 13, 1897, died December 1, 1969, married Christine Virginia George on February 23, 1925, in Edgerton, Missouri. Paul was a mischievous boy and was able to get into trouble without any effort. His cousin tells about the time that he threw an apple core though the schoolhouse window and knew the window was closed. He and some of his cousins developed the potato gun and used it to disrupt classes. During the summers when he and his cousins were in high school they would work on some of the relative's farm. They would be send out to plow in the spring using a sulky plow pulled by three horses. There were usually two to four teams plowing at a time. They plowed in a square by plowing on all four sides of the piece that was being plowed. This could be done easily with a team and a sulky plow, but not with a tractor. When they were plowing, they found that the teams knew when to turn and would keep working even when they were not on the plow. They were able to do a lot more playing then they did work as the teams kept on working.

Sometime between 1912, and 1915, Paul lived with the Aines family and help with the milking and the delivery of milk in the Kansas City area. I am not sure of the dates, but remember him telling about the delivery

horses and how they knew which houses to stop at. I think that he lived with the Aines family before he started to college.

Paul attended Missouri Wesleyan University in Cameron, Missouri and played football there. His coach was Jim Pixlee, who would later coach at George Washington University in Washington D.C.. Paul was one of the "all state" tackles two out of the three years that he played. During his junior year, Paul was injured and only played in three games. While he was in college he worked at the mule barn in Lathrop and developed a love for working with livestock. I must agree with Doctor Harbor, a veterinarian at Lawrence, Kansas, that Paul would have made an outstanding veterinarian. He could do wonders with livestock, but, very little with machinery.

During his junior year of college, he quit college to join the Army. He served in the Army during World War I. Paul enlisted in Company M, 140th Infantry Regiment, 35th Intantry Division of the Missouri National Guard on March 31, 1917. The Missouri National Guard had been ordered to active duty for World War I. On April 25, 1918, his unit left the United States for France. His unit was in battles in the Felleringen Sector from June 21 to June 29, 1918, the Fechet sector from July 16 to September 1, 1918 (second Battle of the Marne), the Muese Argonne Offensive from September 26 to October 1, 1918 and the Tavannes Sector (Verdun) from October 16 to November 7, 1918. Paul was slightly wounded by flying shrapnel on August 31, 1918, during the second Battle of the Marne, but returned to battle in a few days. His unit returned to the United States on April 29, 1919. He was promoted to Private First Class on February 1, 1918, and Corporal on October 19, 1918. He was discharged from the Army on May 13, 1919, at Camp Funston, Kansas.

He enlisted in the Marine Corps after the war. His Marine Corps service was in Virginia and on a ship in the Middle East. Most of his oversea service was on a ship at Instanbul, Turkey. Paul got into trouble with the authorities and was discharged from the Marines under adverse conditions.

He was a dairy farmer most of his life. Between 1936 and 1949, he was milking between 100 and 200 Jersey cows. Paul enjoyed working with livestock, but never understood or like machinery. Paul did use a milking machine most of the time he was a dairy farmer. At one time he had four big sorrel Belgian mares that he worked. Even after he had a tractor, he preferred to work the Belgian horses. After I became big enough to drive the tractor, the horses did very little work. He was very proud of his herd of Jerseys and his Belgian horses. He finally sold the horses in 1953. About 1959, he sold his dairy herd and became active in raising Arabian horses. This was hobby for him and not a business. He farmed in Clinton County two years, Platte County seven years, Douglas County, Kansas nine years and Johnson County, Kansas from 1945 until his death in 1969. In September 1969, Paul found out that he had prostate cancer. He had three operations between September and the time that he died. The cancer did not kill Paul. He died from a blood clot that got to his heart before it could be dissolved. Paul and his wife are buried in the Springhill, Kansas Cemetery. They had four children;

a. Paula Virginia Hopkins, born December 7, 1925, and died June 25, 1947. She suffered from Down's Syndrome. She is buried in Winfield, Kansas.

b. James Richard Hopkins was born July 24, 1927 near Grayson, Missouri in Clinton County, married Thelma Lucille Gregory on August 24, 1949. He retired from the Army as a colonel in the Adjutant General Corps. His last assignment was at Fifth U. S. Army, Fort Sheridan, Illinois. After his active duty with the Army, he worked a number of years as the chief accountant at Whiteman AFB, Missouri and retired in January 1986. James Richard was a lot like his father in many ways and was able to get into trouble without trying very hard. He and his wife moved to the Diamondhead Community near Bay St. Louis, Mississippi in November 1987. They do not have any children.

c. Joseph Francis Hopkins, born June 19, 1933, near Platte City in Platte County, Missouri, married Sandra Fann on September 12, 1964, died September 1. 1999 and was vuried in the Belton Missouri Cemetery. Joe attended Baker University at Baldwin, Kansas and graduated in May 1956. Joe served two years in the Army from 1953 to 1955 and was discharged as a sergeant. Joe has two stepsons. They are Sandra's children by a previous marriage. In addition, Joe and Sandy were raising two foster children that they adopted in 1998.They are Fallon Hopkins and Joseph Palmer Hopkins

d. Helen Sue Hopkins, born March 30, 1953.Helen attended Rockhurst College in Kansas City, Missouri. She lives on a farm near Williamsburg, Kansas. She married Gary Rea in 1990, but are divorced. Her address is 1569 John Brown Road,Williamsburg, KS 66095

8. Jesse Helen Hopkins born May 13, 1901, died January 7, 1976, never married. She was a very successful business woman in Kansas City, Missouri for a number of years. She was one of the owners of Libby's Radiator Repairing, Welding Equipment Suppliers and Spray Paint Accessaries. During the last few years of her life she had several strokes and lost or spend most of her assets in the companies that she was associated with. After the first stroke her brother, Paul, went to see her to find out if he could help her and she told him there was nothing wrong with her and to mind his own business and she would take care of hers. She visited Paul two days before his death at the Olathe hospital and it was apparent to Paul that her mind was failing. Paul made the comment that at least his mind was still good and he didn't think that he had the problems that Helen had. Irv and Ruth Hayden took care of Helen the last years of her life and moved her to Atwood, Kansas. She is buried in the Atwood, Kansas Cemetery.

II. Hallie Sale Handley, born on May 27, 1863, married Hamilton Thomas Stone on March 22, 1886 and died on January 15, 1945. Hallie and her husband are buried in the Mount Zion Cemetery. They had three children;

1. Allen John Stone, born April 1, 1887, and served in the Army in France, as a farrier (blacksmith), during World War I. He and his cousins, Paul F. Hopkins and Joseph Hardin Hopkins, were very close together in France. While in France, he contacted syphilis and it affected his later life. He spent a lot of the last part of his life in the Veterans Hospital at Leavenworth. He died October 19, 1963 and is buried in Grave 33, Row 2, Section 39, at the National Cemetery at Leavenworth, Kansas near the Veterans Hospital.

2. Boone Thomas Stone, born in 1888, and died in 1917, of tuberculous. He is buried in the Mount Zion Cemetery. He worked in a bank in Kansas City for several years.

3. Jesse Maude Stone, born 1893, died July 3, 1963, married Oscar Masoner. Oscar and Maude lived for years in the same house that I. P. Hopkins and Ella lived, in Edgerton. Oscar had a garage in Edgerton for a number of years. They are buried in the Ridgely Community Cemetery, New Part.

III. William Alexander Handley, born on December 15, 1865, and died on June 28, 1942, married Virginia (Jennie) Newman on April 27, 1887. Jennie died August 17, 1963. William and his wife are buried in Ridgely Community Cemetery, New Part. They had two children;

1. Carrie Lee Handley, born March 9, 1888, married James Robert Winn on March 12, 1907, died in May 1971. They had three children.

a. i.Mary Elizabeth Winn; was a schoolteacher for a number of years and married L. Homer Orr, the husband of her deceased younger sister, Roberta. The Orrs live at 921 North Woodland Drive, Kansas City, Missouri 64118

b. Virginia Handley Winn married L. M. Atchison of Clinton County.

c. Roberta Lee Winn married L. Homer Orr. Roberta died in a car accident. She and her husband had one child Sharon Lee Orr, who married Tom Winter. Sharon Lee and Tom have two children; David Winter and Tom Winter.

2. i.Gladys Hall Handley;, born February 7, 1899, married Scearce Ashurst Dedman, son of Curtis Dedman and Mary Trice, on January 19, 1920, at St Joseph, Missouri. They lived on a farm in Clinton County, Missouri just west of Plattsburg. Gladys contributed lot of the information that we have on the Hopkins and Handley families. Gladys and her husband had the following children;

a Mildred Louise Dedman, born January 14, 1921, married Francis Marion Milliken. They have two children; Paul Martin Milliken, born May 25, 1948, and Celya Sue Milliken, born December 8, 1949.

b. Robert Scearce Dedman, born May 20, 1928, married Avanell Sloan, August 11, 1951, in Tarkio, Missouri. They live on the family farm near Plattsburg, Missouri They have three children; Steven Eugene Dedman, born March 10, 1953, Laurie Jane Dedman, born May 23, 1955, and Standley Allen Dedman, born September 6, 1957. Laurie married Ronald Douglas Martz on August 12, 1978, and they have one child Sean Christopher Martz. Stanley married Charleen Louise Meng on July 19, 1980, and they have one child Stuart Wayne Dedman born May 3, 1984

.c. Ann Lee Dedman, born December 1, 1934, married Hershel Robert Ferguson on January 1. 1953 at the family home in Clinton County, Missouri. They adopted Terri Lynn Ferguson born April 21, 1964. They live at 1020 West 27th Street Terrace, Lawrence, Kansas.

IV. Mary White Handley, born on June 27, 1869, died May 11, 1951, married James Hamilton Bruce on October 30, 1890. James was the cashier in the Bank of Edgerton for several years. They moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1900. James was a partner in the Patton & Bruce Fire Insurance Company for 32 years. James died September 5, 1948. They had five children;

1. Irvin B. (Dad) Bruce, born October 4, 1891, married Irene McCormack on July 31, 1926 and died February 18, 1960. He became Chief of Police in Colorado Springs, Colorado on December 16, 1940 and still held the position at the time of his death. In 1958, I, Richard, was stationed at Fort Carson and visited with Dad Bruce. He had many stories to tell about being chief of police in Colorado Springs. One concerned the Air Force Academy.

A committee had considered several sites. One was Whiteman Air Force Base at Knob Noster, Missouri. That site was rejected because of the number of prostitutes in the Sedalia area. I knew that there was a large number of prostitutes in the area surrounding Fort Carson. I asked him what he did to keep the committee from knowing about the prostitutes in Colorado Springs Area. He told me that the city charter several buses and loaded the girls on the buses and took them to Cripple Creek. The girls were told them to stay there until The Chief of Police told them that they could return to Colorado Springs. After the selection of the Colorado Springs site was announced, he let the prostitutes return to the Colorado Springs Area. The Bruces had two children;

a. Irvin B. Bruce Jr., born November 2, 1928, He was an agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a number of years.

b. James M. Bruce. James attended Notre Dame University and is an attorney in Denver, Colorado.

2. William Oscar Bruce, born September 6, 1893, married Hontas Ruth Pace on January 14, 1915, died March 6, 1966. I believe that Oscar was a railroad detective for a number of years. I have been told that he lived for a time in Kansas City, Missouri. Their children were;

a. Mary Jane Bruce, born August 22, 1918.

b. William Oscar Bruce, born January 14, 1922.

3. Nelle (Polly) Bruce, born August 30, 1895, married Howard Helvinth Pratt on August 15, 1922, died in December 1989. They had one child, Patricia Ann Pratt, born October 1, 1923. Nelle was living in Anaheim, California at the time of her death.

4. Ernest Handley Bruce, born March 29, 1897. Ernest married Verna Divelbliss on December 11, 1920. Ernest and Verna had one child Ernest Handley Bruce Jr., born October 27, 1921 and died March 29, 1933. Ernest married Ethel Mae Ferguson on February 8, 1932. Ernest and Ethel had two children;

(1) Mary Joan Bruce, born April 14, 1933, married Wendell Ova McGuire on October 11, 1952. They have three children;

(a) Carlene Louise McGuire, born August 6, 1953, married Wilfred Mun Yen Ho Jr. on September 7, 1987. They have two children;

[1] Mandica Kapuaimilia Ho, born March 10, 1988 at Albestri, Romania.

[2] Keegam Kahoomalu Xing Ho, born January 15, 1992 at Changsha, China.

(b) April Marie McGuire, born April 4, 1955, married Steven Gregory Wilson on February 20, 1973. They have two children:

[1] Russell Gregory Wilson, born September 12, 1973 in Jackson County, Oregon.

[2] Randy Steven Wilson, born April 15, 1979 in Jackson County, Oregon.

(c) Bruce Gardner McGuire, born November 6, 1963, married Shelley Pryse in May 1988. They have one child, Josie Marie McGuire, born March 8, 1990.

b. An unnamed infant born and died in 1925.

After Ethelís death on April 25, 1950, Ernest married Georgia Belle Stalnaker. They did not have any children. Ernest died August 29, 1971 at Grants Pass, Oregon and was buried at Hillcrest Memorial Cemetery in Grants Pass. Georgia died October 29, 1993 in Grants Pass and was buried next to Ernest.

5. Joseph (Pike) Wheeler Bruce, born September 6, 1899, married Louisa Elaine Williams on May 14, 1925. He attended Colorado College and graduated in 1924. He was a superb baskeball player in college. He was the assistant athletic director for the Colorado Springs school system for a few years after college. They adopted Joseph Pike Bruce, born March 28, 1934. Louisa died January 26, 1938. Joe married Dellyse Marie Wright on August 28, 1939. They did not have any children, Joe died June 28, 1984 in Denver, Colorado. Dellyse died in 1994 in Denver.

V. Paul Clelland Handley, born on July 2, 1878, and died on September 16, 1970. He was a rural mail carrier in Edgerton for a number of years. He married Angie Saunders and had one child;


1. i.Jeanette Handley;, born August 2, 1920, married John W. Lane. They lived at 12009 West 47th Terrace, Raytown, Missouri 64133. I believe that she was a school teacher in the Kansas City area. John had a service station on Southwest Trafficway for a number of years. John died in 1998. After Johnís death, Jeanette had a long stay in Research Hospital. When she was released from the hospital, it was apparent that she was not capable of living alone, so she moved to John Knox Village in Leeís Summit, Missouri.