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John and Grissell (HANDLEY) McCOLGAN (also spelled McCOLGIN)

The parents of John McColgan are listed in our records as Edward and Maryann ? McColgan. John was born Jan 17, 1769 in Nelson Co., VA, which is where he and Grissell Handley were married. He died 8 Feb. 1838 in Taylor Co. (formerly Green Co.), KY; Grissell died 19 July 1853 also in Taylor Co., KY.

The children were:

	Thomas b. 9 July 1790; d. 19 Sept 1823 Washington Co., KY
	Mary (not our connection) b. 14 May 1793; d. 15 Jan 1807 Green Co., KY

	Jane b. 14 June 1795; md. William Handley 29 Oct 1818 Green Co., KY;
		no date of death

	Sarah (Sally) B. b. 15 Aug 1798; md. Robert Willock 20 Feb 1825 Green
		Co., KY; d. 12 Sep 1836

	Margaret (Peggy) b. 1 Apr 1802; md. William Bottom 2 July 1829 Green 
		Co., KY; no date of death

	Elizabeth b. 18 Mar 1804; md. W.P. Williams 13 July 1836 Green Co., KY;
		no date of death

	Mary (our connection) b. 25 Oct 1807; md. George Durrett 9 Dec 1830
		Green Co., KY; no date of death

The sources for our information are John McColgan's Will, Ed McColgans's Will, Grissell McColgan's Will, the McColgan Family Bible and from Sue Mount, IL. Also from one of their granddaughters who was the family historian - Pinkney Elizabeth Durrett.

Barbara Barrow King