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Greenbrier County, WV Handley Marriages

Elizabeth HANDLEY to William MORROW, 20 Aug 1789, by Jno Alderson
Elizabeth HANDLEY to George WHITSELL, 10 May 1804 by Osborn
Grisey HANDLEY to William CARROWAY, 03 Jul 1821 by Ben Stephenson
Jane HANDLEY to Easom LEACH, 25 Oct 1795, by Jno Alderson
John HANDLEY to Preassus ELDER, 13 May 1794, by Jacob Cook
John HANDLEY to Jane BRITT, 15 Apr 1797 by Ben Grigsby
John HANDLEY to Elizabeth SHANKLIN, 06 Apr 1813 by Josiah Osborn
Joseph HANDLEY to Betsy BROWN, 23 Jun 1825 by Jno McElheney
Martha HANDLEY to Grigsby FOSTER, 03 Mar 1791, by John Alderson
Mary HANDLEY to John BLACK, 20 Jan 1786, by Rev. McCue
Polly HANDLEY to Robert SHANKLIN, 07 Feb 1805 by Pinell
Polly HANDLEY to Fountain LEVISAY, 22 Jun 1809 by Pinnell
Rebekah HANDLEY to Samuel PERKINS, 13 Jan 1811 by Jno Pinnell
Robert HANDLEY to Hannah CROOKSHANKS, 04 Sep 1817 by Jno Pinnell
Sally HANDLEY to John WELCH, 11 Nov 1818 by McElheney
Samuel HANDLEY to Sarah HARMON, 15 Apr 1797 by Ben Grigsby
Samuel HANDLEY to Elizabeth SHUCK, 27 Jun 1829 by Jno McElheney
William HANDLEY to Margaret HENDERSON, 10 Mar 1788, by Rev. McCue
William HANDLEY to Rebecca KINCAID, 10 Apr 1807 by Josiah Osborn
William HANDLEY to Nancy KINCAID, 27 Nov 1821 by Jno McElheney