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Thomas B. Handly,
Ft. Scott, Kansas,
National Cemetery
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* Current list of on-line biographies and books
* Handley Family Paper by Bertha Lewis Clark, transcribed by Ann Johnson, 1997
* The Handley Family History, (on-line) by Mary Mortimeyer and Richard Hopkins
* Handley / Handly / Hanley Collection by Randall Handly (Transcribed by Mary Doty)
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* Maguire's The Irish in America, 1868 (Making of America project)

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In Memory Of Extended Family Members
* listed on the Virtual Wall: Viet Nam - 4 HANDLEYs, 6 HANLEYs, 1 HANDLY
Death records of family members with Missouri ties (on-line, free) 1910-1957
Chris and Sean Hanley
September 11 2001

Christopher J. Hanley, NYC, beloved son of Marie and Joseph, attending a conference, killed September 11, 2001, NYC (Comments about Chris)
Sean Hanley, NYC firefighter, third son of Patricia and Gerald Hanley (of Venice FL), killed September 11, 2001, NYC (Comments about Sean) - with photos

Passenger: steerage. Survived.
, May 7, 1915
Relatives Remembered

James M. Handley, Chester, WV, died 4 Feb, 2003
Anna Laura Handly Bell Reed. Born September 18, 1907, Anna died on June 19 2002. She was the last living child of Robert Morrow Handly and Allfaretta Ditto (see Ha-128.31), and granddaughter of John Campbell Handly and Margaret Jane Walkup (see Ha-128.3).
Maj James M Handley, Handley, TX (which was named for him); commissioned a Confederate major in 1862. Today Handley is part of Fort Worth.

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* Viet Nam - from The Virtual Wall:
With Much Appreciation...
HANDLY, Edward Clarence, 1/29/1936-1/25/1966, from Shelbyville, IN

HANLEY, John Joseph, 8/4/1948-5/25/1968, from Wenatchee, WA
HANLEY, Kevin Carroll, 9/11/1949-9/17/1969, from Cranston, RI
HANLEY, Larry James, 2/13/1943-11/4/1969, from Walla Walla, WA
HANLEY, Richard Willis, 1/17/1949-7/26/1968, from Philadelphia, PA
HANLEY, Terence Higgins, 3/16/1942-1/1/1968, from Gardiner, ME
        (He was a real darling kid, actually b July 17th, per Faith Hanley Bailey)
HANLEY, Thomas Joseph, 2/7/1944-11/1/1964, from Woodside, NY

HANDLEY, Anthony William, 9/28/1946-2/8/1968, from Hot Springs, AR
HANDLEY, Craig William, 1/16/1948-1/17/1968, from Cape Vincent, NY
HANDLEY, Howard Brown, 3/29/1949-9/13/1968, from Sheffield (or Colbert?), AL
        Howard was the son of George Haston Handley & Flora Belle Mauldin (per Ellie Handley)
HANDLEY, Terence Arnold, 1/9/1950-10/20/1970, from Portland, OR

Mary Mortimeyer, co-author of The Handley Family History, with Richard Hopkins - date of death?

Family members in the

Family members who were
, Political Graveyard
Families By Location
* Australia * Great Britain * Ireland * USA

* Australia
* Hanly History and Family Tree, by Paul Hanly | * Hanly Clan Ainle (not available) and O'Hanly Clann Ainle, Heritage
* Great Britain
* Descendants (pictured right, at Somersetshire, Aug 12 1874) of Robert Handley, London England 1735; contributed by Jeanne McLaughlin
* The HANDLEIGH surname evolved from the name, HANDLEY. When Edward HANDLEY (born 1856 York, Yorkshire, England) married, he chose to call himself Edward Stanley HANDLEIGH. (per Thursday Handleigh)
* Search Civil Registration index information, England and Wales
* Celtic Scotland: A History of Ancient Alban book in text format, by William Forbes Skene (search Hanly, Hanley)

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* Music: "Danny Boy" video - sung by Michael Londra, Celtic tenor, at YouTube with virtual tour of Ireland
* Genealogy: * Ancient Hanley History, by Pete Hanley
* Irish Clan Links (Doyle Page) * Irish Genealogical Society, Intl * Irish lists and indexes * County Roscommon Heritage & Genealogy Society * The Leitrim Roscommon page (2 Irish counties) * Ballykilcline, County of Roscommon, Province of Connaught, Ireland. * Irish and Irish-American Genealogy * Irish Genealogy *

* Hanley: Pete Hanley's manuscript: Hanley history: extends back to A.D. 326 from a variety of sources including ancient books like the Annals of the Kingdom by the Four Masters, etc.. It is a work in progress and more pages are added regularly. He also maintains the Ballykilcline page * Hanley Family History * Hanley Surname History, McGowan
* Irish Ties: * - global Irish community * St Patricks Day
* History: WWW-Virtual Library History of Ireland
* News: The Irish Times (on-line current newspaper)
* Touring Ireland: - global Irish community includes Ireland travel info and more, with subscription | MiniMeta Travel Search Page
United States
Handley, Hanley, Hanly families:

   1635-- HANDLEY families of the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware, 1635-1939 plus wills and other records


John D. ADAMS and John HANDLEY genealogies on-going research
Early VA - WV Genealogy, including Handley family members
Benjamin Franklin Handley by Shirley J. House
Handley Homes (by country and USA state)
John & Grizel Handley Line (1700- early 1800s)
Richard B. Haynes' Handley index (Margaret Handley Paulee Erskine notes)
Mark Handley Line (ca 1715-1764) by Hazel (Allen) and Ellie Handley (has coat of arms)
Moses and Nancy (BELL) Handley, of Harrison Co OH, by Merriam White
Samuel and Mary (Ripple) Handley line by George L. Hills
Descendants of William and Margaret Handley, by Beverly D. Jones
William & Margaret Handley Line (1700s- early 1800s)
   Delaware and Maryland:
Handley, Handly, and Hanley spellings, by Barbara Jean Handley Woolston
   Illinois, Kentucky, Pennsylvania:
Samuel Handley of Muhlenberg County, KY and Edgar County, IL
by David Staub (2006)
   Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia:
Jeremiah Handley descendants, by Dean Johnston
Search recent Handley obituaries from Preble County, Ohio
   Missouri and Kansas:
Cass Co, MO cemetery records
William and Hannah (Daugherty) HANDLEY
William (1855-1909)
Arthur HANDLEY (1890-1968) married Frances BOWMAN (1886-1925) and Lorraine ELLIS (b ca 1909?)
   Greenbrier & Monroe Counties, WV:
Handley families of Cabell County, WV - Alexander (1803-1883) and more
The Greenbrier Historical Society | Greenbrier Co, WV USGenWeb Project Page | Greenbrier Co history (WVNet)
Monroe and other WV counties
Greenbrier County, WV Handley Marriages
"Greenbrier County [W]VA Marriages, 1782-1900": Cheryl Hemingway,, will do lookups.

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