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Handley Family Photo Albums

including descendants of
John & Grizel and William & Margaret Handley
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Handley, Boyer, and Love family lines, contributed by William Handley

Mary Handley
Mary Handley,
consort of James Handley

On-Line Family Album
includes pictures of members and tombstones of the BOYER, LOVE, and HANDLEY families

William Clark Handley line, contributed by Pat Flanagan. (,

Jefferson Davis
and Donia Handley Jeans

1963, Texarkana
Jefferson Davis Jeans was the son of Robert William and Louisa Mobbs Jeans.

Donia was the daughter of Henry Columbus Handley and Aquilla Ann York. Donia was born 1900 in Ar. died 1997 in Ar.
Jeff and Donia Handley Jeans had children: Ella Mae Jeans Evans, Sanford Jeans, Hiram Jeans. Ella lives in Orange, Texas. Sandford lives in Marshall Texas.

GreatGrandpa H. C. Handley,
1948, AR
Ella with baby Richard, GGrandpa Handley, Grandey Jeans, Betty
The Baby is Richard Doyle Evans. Ella Mae Jeans Evans, Henry Columbus Handley, Donia Handley Jeans, Betty. Henry Columbus Handley, the father of Donia Handley Jeans, was born Dec 18, 1876. He died Dec 16, 1958, and was buried in Texarkana, Ar. Henry's father was William Clark Handley. Henry was a short little red face man. Grandmother Donia says he was red month Irish.
Van and Ella Jeans Evans, with baby Billie
1936, Henderson, TX
Ella Mae Jeans Evans was a daughter of J. D. and Donia Jeans, and grandaughter of Henry Columbus Handley, who died in Texarkana, Ar. in 1957.

This picture was taken while the Evans lived at Crawford Sawmill in Henderson, Texas in 1936. They had Billie, Patsy, John, Linda while living in Henderson Rush Co. Tx. Van was hauling lumber for Crawford Sawmill.

Contributed by Sharon Ash.

Edna Mary Handley
Ewell Wilson "Bub" Handley
Ewell Wilson Handley, affectionately known as "Bub"
Ewell McKinley Handley
Ewell McKinley Handley in front of his home.

John Handley (1746), contributed by Ruth and Richard Hanley.

John Handley
photo taken Oct 1996
Green Hill Cemetery, Union WV
DAR marker for John Hanley, born 1746. He was a Lieutenant in Rev. War and a Major in the War of 1812
Green Hill Cemetery
photo taken Oct 1996
Green Hill Cemetery, Union WV
Green Hill Cemetery in Union WV (Monroe County), where John Handley is buried, along with other Handley members.
A C Handley
photo taken ca 1875
Lawrence Co OH?
A.C.Handley's name was on the back of this photo. He was married to Julia Ferguson.

Royal Handley Line, contributed by Ray Handley.

George Handley
photo taken before Feb 1907
St. Louis MO
George Alvin Handley, Mary Jane Hupert Handley; Ch: Merry June, Russell Philip, Clyde Errett, Royal Luther, Walter Edward, George Clark, Lee Hupert and Eugene Paul. George A. Handley [1850-1935] is the son of Jeremiah Washington Handley [1820-1895] and Abigail Andrews 1824-1904]

< Royal(1876-1941)< George(1850-1935)< Jeremiah (1820-1895)< Daniel (1776-1824) < James (1742-1823) < Mark(NC:1715-1764).

Kate Handley House line, contributed by Shirley House.

Kate Handley House family
photo taken ca 1915
Glasgow, MT
Margaret Mae, Royal Edward, Charlotte Lee, Franklin Lawrence, Robert Calvin, Kate Olive, Mabel Maude, & Kate (Handley) House

Ann Handley George line, contributed by Terri Strong

Reuben A. George
Mary Jane (Hobson) and Reuben Andrew George, Missouri. Reuben A. was a son of Enoch and Jane (McCotter) George of Butler County OH and Andrew County, MO. Enoch was a son of Ann (Handley) and Reuben George Sr.

Ann's sister, Griselda Handley, (1777-1857) married James Foster. Their father was Archibald Handley (1739-1796), son of William Handley (d. 1756). (Resource: Jim Robison)

Archibald Handley line, photos contributed by Nancy Sween

Joshua George
Son of Reuben and Ann Handley George, Sr.
Grandson of Archibald and Jean Handley
Enoch Jackson George
Son of Joshua and Catherine Thompson George
Grandson of Reuben and Ann Handley George
G-Grandson of Archibald and Jean Handley
Enoch J.'s kids
Enoch Jackson George's "kids",
2G-grandchildren of
Archibald & Jean Handley
Frances & Edward Ertel,
3G-granddaughter of
Archibald & Jean Handley
George & Nancy,
4G-grandkids of
Archibald & Jean Handley