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The Family of
William H. WOOD


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(m #1) ?

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William Follis WOOD     (m)
1803 VA - ?  
? - ?  

* William Henry WOOD
b. 1832 VA
d. ?
m #1 Sarah Ann HOBSON
on December 27 1855 Andrew Co MO
b. 1839 NC
d. Oct 5 1857 MO (17)
in Rockport, Atchison Co, MO

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(m) x


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? TODD      (m)
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(m #2) Isabella Eliza TODD
b. 23 April 1836 (MO?)

m. 31 May 1861 Andrew Co, MO

In 1850, William Henry WOOD was living in Andrew County, MO with his parents, William Follis WOOD and Barbara "Barbary" Brumbach, 50-VA. For their history, refer here. They were neighbors of the GEORGE brothers, Reuben Jr. and Enoch, who had settle in the county in the 1840s.

            Federal Census 1850 - Andrew Co MO
- William F. WOOD, 47, born in VA, apparent mother Barbary, 50-VA, and family: Barbary F. 18-VA, Wm H, 17-VA, Elizabeth A. 14-VA, Jacob F., 11-VA, Benjamin H. 24-VA

#476 - Enoch GEORGE, 43-VA, and family.
#475 - Reuben GEORGE Jr. 46-VA, and family lived next door to Enoch GEORGE, his brother.
#610 - Widowed Kisiah HOBSON lived further away in Andrew County with her children,
    Hadley J., son 14- born in NC,
    Mary J., 13-NC,
    Sarah A., 11-NC,
    Margaret E., 4-MO,
and boarder (?) Susannah ALLEN, 21-IL. Keziah's husband Thomas HOBSON, had died young (nearly 36) in 1847.
Links to the Wood family members are made possible by since the book Biographical Sketches of the Wood Family, by J. S. F. Wood apparently is no longer on line. Other children of William F. Wood were Sarah Ann Wood Carey (1822-1891), Mary Elizabeth Wood Dearing (1824-1915), and Nancy Susannah Wood Bear (1829-1887). Mary Dearing, her husband Alphus, and 3 year old daughter, Emma S. were in the 1850 Andrew County MO census #276.

On 27 December 1855, William H. WOOD married Sarah "Ann" HOBSON, daughter of Thomas and Kiziah (Reece) HOBSON. Because her father was buried in 1847 at Union Grove Baptist Cemetery in Empire township of Andrew County, MO, and the biography of the Wood family says that William went to Union Grove Baptist Church, Sarah Ann probably met her future husband at their church. In 1853, Sarah Ann's older sister, Mary Jane HOBSON, also a Baptist, had married Enoch GEORGE's son Reuben Andrew GEORGE. This made William H. Wood an uncle to Mary Jane Hobson GEORGE's children by marriage.

But Sarah Ann died young (during childbirth, according to Beryl, as did the baby), or, according to the William H. Wood chapter of the on-line book, Biographical Sketches of the Wood Family, by J. S. F. Wood, the baby, Fallis Jones Wood was born January 11, 1857 and died 2 months later on March 14, 1857. Almost seven months later, Sarah Ann died October 5, 1857 in Rockport, MO, according to the book.

On May 31, 1860 William H. remarried in Andrew County, MO (Marriage Record Book 1856-1870, page 18, #1551) to Isabella "Isabel" Eliza TODD. The Wood biographical book states that she was born April 23, 1836.

Federal Census 1860 - Andrew Co MO
- William F. WOOD, 57, born in VA
lived with wife Barbary, 60, born in VA
and Jacob, 21 year old son, born in VA
#699 - Benjamin H. WOOD, 34, born in VA
lived with wife Sarah A., 29, born in NC
and M.D., 3 year old daughter, born in MO
#719 - William H. WOOD (27-VA), lived nearby with wife J. E. (24-MO).
["J.E." could well be Isabella E. (Todd) WOOD]

The Wood biographical book notes that although William H and Isabella WOOD had 4 children who died in infancy - William Henry, Jacob Carey, Allen Todd, and Mary Elizabeth - they had 4 children who survived. Ollie's name and dates differ in the book from her daughter Beryl Finch's records, so the data here will be just from the book.
Isaac "Wayland" WOOD
b Jan 16, 1869
Atchison County, MO
1900 Mar 25: m Delia J. Baker
1900: to Knowlton, MT
1910 census: in Custer Co MT
1913: to Santa Ana, CA
1915: Delia died
1920 census: in Orange Co CA
1930 census: in Custer Co MT
b. 2 (or 27) July 1867 MO
1) First marriage to a Mr. Boatwright of Maryville, MO. I'm not sure what happened to their daughter, Bertie.
2) Second marriage in MO, 1896, to William Hadley GEORGE
Ollie died 26 December 1901 in Knowlton MT of TB, and was buried in Miles City MT
born early 1860s?
lived in Knowlton, MT?
(yet unknown) WOOD
born early 1860s?
lived in Knowlton, MT?

Families of William F. WOOD's children besides William H. WOOD

On 1 January 1852, Benjamin H. Wood married Delilah Rodgers in Andrew County, MO. And Elizabeth A. Wood, who married Jackson Doring on 19 December 1854 in Andrew County may have been his sister. Perhaps the Jacob S. F. Wood who married Sarah K. S. Elliott on 8 March 1866 was also William F. Wood's son. I didn't find any marriage record for elder sister, Barbary F. Wood.

Apparently Benjamin H. Wood's wife Delilah died and he remarried. By the 1860 census, he is listed as being born about 1825-6 and his wife is listed as Sarah A., born about 1830. The Andrew County Tombstone Photo Project (2005-6) shows that Benjamin H. and Sarah A. WOOD were buried in the Benny Wood cemetery, once on Sam Baker's farm near Whitesville, MO. The Andrew County Historical Society Cemetery Inscriptions Book, Volumn 1, states that one stone read, "In memory of three little babes d. and two sons of Benjamin H. and Sarah WOOD (no dates). But one side of the tombstone says (photo from Project) "Three infant babes at rest". The tombstone shows (photo from Project) that Benjamin H. Wood died January 5, 1873 at the age of 46 years, 6 months, and 10 days. (Born in 1826) And Sarah A. Wood died October 23, 1891, at the age of 41 years and nine months. (Born in 1850)     I wonder if the 1891 date may be a tombstone error, and should be 1871, when the Sarah A. Wood of the census would have been 41 years old.

Maryville, MO is in Nodaway County, south of Hopkins, which is on the state line with Iowa. (map)
Knowlton, MT is in Custer County. (map: Knowlton to Miles City)

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