William Leach's biography, by Roger Greenough

William Leach was born May 5, 1793 in VA. He married Sarah Harrison, daughter of John and Rachel Price Harrison, Dec. 23, 1813 in Butler Co., Ohio. Mrs. Leach belonged to a pioneer family with an honorable history. (It is claimed she descends from the President Harrison lineage. This has not been prov en.) William Leach was a soldier in the war of 1812.

Bill and Sallie Leach moved to Brookville Twp., Franklin County, Indiana in either 1814 or 15. They lived in Brookville Twp. until 1821. During this time three of their children were born there. In 1821 the Leaches moved their family to a farm in the northeast Frankin County township of Posey. Where they lived for the next 16 years. The remainder of their children were born in Posey township.

As a young man it appears that Bill was born with an aptitude for business and management.Early on he began acquiring and speculating in land and the development of farm properties. In one case he bought an eighty acre parcel of land in Bartholomew County for $100 and set his brother Reuben to clearing the land and making a farm out of it. About three years later he sold this land to Belitha Hook for $240 or $3 per acre.

Through his personal efforts Bill and his family took land bought in 1833 for $200 in 1833 and groomed it to be a show place and sold this farm in 1836 to William Simonsen of Hamilton County,Ohio for $1200. Nearly a 600 percent increase in value. The return from this money was used by William to buy 640 acres of land in Fairmont Twp.,Grant County,Indiana after he moved his family to the area in 1837. He later divided this property into eighty acre tracts and gave each of his children a farm.

The sons and daughters of William and Sarah Harrison Leach are:

Rachel Leach was born Dec. 13, 1814, likely in Brookville Twp. Franklin County,Indiana. She married first Moses Lawson,July 18,1833, One daughter, Louisa Jane Lawson, married Aaron Brewer, son of Stephen Brewer. Rachel and Moses divorced in 1833. Rachel's second marriage was to Elijah Searles, June 18,1845 in Grant County. Three children William, Ruth and Sarah.

Esom Leach, born Dec. 8, 1816, in Brookville Twp., Franklin County,Indiana, married Lucinda Corn,born December 15, 1823 in Kentucky on August 28, 1838 in Grant County, Indiana and thirteen children were born to them, namely William J., b.Feb. 2,1840, Nancy F., b. June 18, 1842, Sarah A., b. Nov. 4, 1844, Joseph J., b. Jan. 20,1847, Edmund C., b. May 26, 1849, Martha P.,b. b. Oct. 5,185?, John G., b, May 4, 1854, Mary F., b. Mar. 30, 1856 George W., b. ? Wilson T.,b. Mar. 18,1861, Benjamin F., b. May 1, 1863, Rueben J., b. May 3, 1866 and Simon R., b. April 19, 1868.

Esom's children's birth dates were acquired from the Bible of James Handley Leach. Why he had them can only be guessed at.

According to the census of 1850 for Grant County, Indiana the first five children of Esom and Lucinda were born in Kentucky. The remainder were apparently born in Grant County, Indiana.

John Leach was born Jan. 23, 1819,Brookville Twp. Franklin County,Indiana, married Martha Fear,March 9,1842 in Grant County, Indiana. One son,[William] Harvey, was born March 9,1844, to them. Martha died and John married Mary Lewis, March19, 1848 in Delaware County, Indiana. Children of this marriage: David, who died in infancy, b. April 10, 1858 and died May1, 1859, Nancy,b. May 17,1849, Esom O.,b. Feb. 11, 1853, Sarah J.,b. June 9, 1851, Mary E.,b.Oct. 15, 1854, Martha Ann, b. Oct. 27, 1859, and Edmund S.b. August 28, 1861. [dates also from James Leach Bible].

Edmund Leach was born June 22, 1821, Posey Twp., Franklin County,Indiana, married Emily Brewer, daughter of Stephen Brewer,June 6,1841, in Grant County, Indiana and their children were Jasper, Rachel Ann, Charles M., James S., George W., Esom, Lucinda and Edmund Jr.

Jane Leach born Oct. 26, 1823 in Posey Twp., Franklin County, Indiana. Married Stephen Brewer , son of Stephen Brewer, on March 31, 1842 in Grant County, Indiana and their children are William N., Stephen, John, Emily and Mary.

Mary (always called Polly) Leach born Oct. 25, 1825 in Posey Twp., Franklin County, Indiana, married James McCreey on May 7,1846 in Grant County, Indiana and one son, Samuel was born. After the death of McCreey, Mary was joined in wedlock to Jehu Stanley and two sons, William and Joseph were born.

Martha Ann Leach born July 9, 1833 in Posey Twp., Franklin County, Indiana, married Thomas Edward Smith on May 26,1852 in Grant County, Indiana and their children are William Henry, James Edward, Louisa Jane, John Lewis, Esom Leach, Mary Emeline and Rachel Olive.

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