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Genealogy page * Kubler Family Chart (may also be spelled "Kibler" or "Kuebler")
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Three Kübler (Kuebler, Kibler) Sisters
* Maria "Mary" MOSER, 1854 - (after 1929)
* Luisa "Louise" BOEHLER, 14 Mar 1855 - 5 Oct 1926
* Wilhelmina "Minnie" ERTEL, 23 Aug 1863 - 29 Dec 1926

Three Kibler sisters:
Moser, Boehler, Ertel

Born almost 20 years after my grandmother Wilhelmina (Minnie) Kibler Ertel had died on December 29 1926, I knew very little about her Kubler/Kibler relatives.

With the advent of the internet, on-line searches, and email, eventually William Westby Kenney ("Bill") and I met. We discovered we are cousins - his great-grandmother Luise (Louise) and my grandmother Wilhelmina (Minnie) were sisters. Bill introduced me to another cousin,

We began piecing together the facts we knew and the mutual family history puzzles we hoped to solve. The following is what we currently know (2005).

I remembered being in a family picture taken in the mid 1940s, with some of the Ertels and a lady from New Bedford, Massachusetts (second from left, seated) who was related to Grandma Wilhelmina. Bill identified her as Louise Kubler Boehler's daughter, Louise Boehler Westby. My mother had corresponded with Molly Boehler in New Bedford in the 1950s and kept some of Molly's letters. After my parents died, I found Wilhelmina's address book plus several pictures and letters.

Wilhelmina's mother

might be
"Yachabina" Kuebler

Bill Kenney remembers that years ago his mother would talk of Jakobina (phonetically "Yachabina") Kubler. We think his mother was talking of her great-grandmother, back in Brombach Germany.

We still don't know much more about our Kubler ancestors than that they still had some relatives in Brombach, including "Tante Emilie" and her grandchildren. Through the 1990s, Bill and Emilie exchanged cards at Christmas, with her grandchildren translating his English into her German.

A Jakobina Weber was christened 07 MAR 1831 at Katholisch, Adelhausen, Loerrach, Baden, born to Josef and Klara (HOTTINGER) Weber. As "our" Jakobina had a child in 1855, the 1830s would be a reasonable time for her birth, and Brombach is also in the Loerrach, Baden area. But so far there is no proof that this is "our" Jakobina, born in 1831.

Perhaps a related Kuebler family GED?

Luise Kuebler Boehler:
Luise Kuebler was born March 14 1855 in Brombach, Germany to a Herr Kubler and Yachabina Kubler. She seems to have been the middle child of three girls. shows Luise, born to Johann Jakob and Jakobina (Weber) Kuebler, was christened on 08 APR 1855 at Steinen, Loerrach, Baden. It also shows that Luise Kuebler married Johann Friedrich Boehler on 22 May 1877 at Evangelisch, Brombach, Loerrach, Baden, verifying Bill Kenney's record that she married Friedrich BOEHLER. They lived at 95 Tallman Street, in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Luise (aka Louise) died October 5, 1926, on her nephew Ed Ertel's 29th birthday.

Luise and Friedrich had a daughter, Louise Boehler Westby.

Max and Mary BOEHLER
Freiedrich "Fred" BOEHLER
3 sons:
    Frederick (deceased)
    Leonard (deceased)
1 son:
    married Barbara
    2 daughters
Lawrence BOEHLER
1 daughter:

no children

Maria (Mary) Kuebler
"Tante Moser"

All Bill Kenney remembered about his great-grandmother's sister who lived with his grandmother Louise Boehler Westby was that she was called "Tante Moser". Wilhelmina had a picture of a tombstone for Mary Moser with the inscription "Aunt Mary". According to the picture, Mary was born in 1854. shows Maria Kuebler married Wilhelm Moser on 16 November 1893 at Evangelisch, Brombach, Loerrach, Baden. This would have been several years after Minnie Kuebler Ertel and family had moved to the Dayton Ohio area in the USA.

I didn't find the date of her birth yet.

There was a Maria Christina Kuebler christened 26 March 1843 at Evangelisch, Steinen, Loerrach, Baden, born to Johann Jakob and Barbara (Scheer) Kuebler, but she died 18 October 1855, long before the 1893 marriage.

There was a Maria Kuebler christened 29 December 1857 in Steinen, Loerrach, Baden, born to Johannes and Maria Elisabetha Schaubhut.

There was a Maria Kuebler christened 6 May 1860 in Steinen, Loerrach, Baden born to Christof Wilhelm and Anna Maria (Broegin) Kuebler who died 19 October 1890, and thus wasn't the Maria who married Wilhelm Moser in 1893.

Wilhelmina Kubler ERTEL:

Wilhelmina Kibler Ertel

Wilhelmina Kubler Ertel was born on August 23, about 1860, perhaps in Brombach, Germany. Having worked in a cotten mill in Switzerland, Wilhelmina was also an excellent bread baker. She married Ernst Ertel of Baden, Germany sometime in the early 1880s. Their first daughter, Mina was born November 7 1881, and a son Ernst who died young. Son Carl was born April 3 1885, and daughter Frieda was born November 20 1886.
Ernst and Wilhelmina lived around Alsace Lorraine - sometimes part of France, sometimes part of Germany - about 1888 with their older children, Mina, Carl, Frieda. Possibly their son Ernst had already died in Germany.

In the top right picture, Wilhelmina is seated in the middle row (click on picture to enlarge), in a white blouse, and in front of the tallest man in the back row. Ernst Ertel is the 7th person from the right in the back row.

In 2006 I found at the site that Wilhelmine Kuebler married Ernst Ludwig Ertel on 11 AUG 1881 at Evangelisch, Brombach, Loerrach, Baden. So far I haven't found verification of either of their birth dates on that site, nor of the birthdates of their children born in Germany.

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