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The 1796 Greenbrier County (W)V
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Handley, Handly, Hanley, Hanly families

Family Biographies On-Line including
Foster Handley, Arch Handley, Martha Baker Handley, Michael Handley, Samuel Hanley Hanly Keyes

FOSTER, Martha Baker Handley (aka Matty FOSTER): Martha Baker Handley Foster, by Roger Greenough. James Handley Leach wrote in 1886 that Matty Foster was a daughter of Archibald and Jean Henderson Handley, but his memory proved to be faulty.

FOSTER, James and Griselda (HANDLEY), daughter of Archibald and Jean Henderson Handley

HANDLEY, Archibald: The Archie Handley Story, by Roger Greenough. "This thesis is a composite of the works of many Handley researchers, along with unusual bits of information scoured by me from Augusta and Greenbrier Counties, Virginia land and court records,etc."

HANDLEY, George (1752-1793) - Governor of the State of Georgia - biography

HANDLEY, James and Isabella, son of Archibald and Jean Henderson Handley

HANLY, James Franklin, 1863-1920. Born in Champaign County, IL - died from automobile accident in Tuscarawas County, OH. School teacher, lawyer, and politician. Ran for president of the United States in 1916 as the Prohibition Party candidate.

HANDLEY, James H. and Jane SLAGLE, son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Barger) Handley, by Sandra Hart.

HANLEY, James Michael, 1920-2003, born in Onondaga County, NY - died in Geddes, NY. Businessman and Representative to US Congress from NY.

HANDLEY, Jeremiah Washington (1820 IN-1895 IA) son of Daniel and Charity [Spivey] Handley of NC. More info on JW's wife Abigail Andrews and his parents Daniel and Charity in Illinois. Charity married John Breese after Daniel died around 1825. Ray Handley

HANDLEY: Descendants of Jeremiah Handley, died 1825 in Ohio; by Dean Johnston

HANDLEY, John (b 1841) and Hulda:, by Ralph Yauger. Ralph has also researched John and Mary (King) Yauger, whose son Clem married John and Hulda's daughter Barbara.

HANDLEY, Michael: James' son, Michael Handley?, by Roger Greenough. Information has been found that implies that there was an additional son [Michael] born to James and Mary Handley.

HANDLEY, Samuel: 1795-1855, son of William and Margaret (HENDERSON) HANDLEY, by Sandra Hart

HANDLEY, Samuel: The Samuel Handley Story, by Roger Greenough "According to the writings of Mortimeyer and Hopkins which state that Samuel was born 17 September, 1751 along the Staunton River in Botetourt County, Virginia and shortly after his birth his family moved to Greenbrier County where he spent his boyhood...."

HANDLEY, Samuel (ca 1776-1852) of Muhlenberg County, KY and Edgar County, IL by David Staub (2006)

HANDLEY, William, (1767-1843) of Yorkshire UK on Robin Handley's Genealogy Site

HANDLEY, William Anderson, 1834-1909, born in Heard Co GA, died in Roanoke, AL. Mercantile and political pursuits.

HANLEY, James and Susan (CARRINGTON): 1818-1887 and 1821-1901; from County Roscommon to Vermont ca 1847 and on to Illinois. With family histories by Peter C. Hanley (1998)

HANLY History, by Paul Hanly has a zipped version of Pete Hanley's book: O'hAinlighe (Hanly) of Kinel Dobhtha

HANLY, Daniel and Margaret (DANAHER) (1840-1896) and (1850-1932) settled in the Brierfield area (Australia) August 1878 and raised their 13 children, including Michael Hanly (1866-1948)

HANLY, Peter and Catherine (ANDERSON): 1813-1879 and 1819-1874; from County Roscommon to Manhattan, NY ca 1851. With family histories by Peter C. Hanley (1998)

KEYES, Sarah Hanley: 1776-1846; daughter of John (of Monroe County) and Mary Harrison Handley; first of the Donner Party to die

LEACH, Esom and Jane (HANDLEY), daughter of Archibald and Jean Henderson Handley

McCORMICK - HANLEY with more information by Tayler L McCormick. Some of these McCormick's settled in North Dakota, some in Missouri. With family histories by Peter C. Hanley (1998)

NICHOLAS relatives from the Boyers-Nicholas line. This MSN group is no longer online, but was maintained by and .

SHANKS, William and Sarah Ann (HANDLEY), daughter of Archibald and Jean Henderson Handley

On-line BOOKS
A History of the Middle New River Settlements and Contiguous Territory,
book by David E. Johnston (1906)

From the Kinyon Digital Library's list of regional documents relevant to West Virginia. Book is searchable through the site's Google search box. (See Handley search results from this book plus some Iowa history books)

Relatively Speaking, PDF book by W. B. Handley

In this 8th edition of "Relatively Speaking", of special interest here will be the descendants of William Handley, born about 1720, beginning on page 323. But many more families are included in this book of over 1000 pages, and the work is well indexed.

John D Adams and John Handley Genealogies, by Barbara Pettett Doody

"An interesting note on JOHN HANDLEY of Monroe County, West Virginia - Wharton Chapter and Peterstown Chapter, DAR, as well as 1812 chapters of Louisiana and West Virginia marked his grave with their respective insignia on July 7, 1996. A significant date for the author of this website; it is the birthdate of her grandfather, Jule Handley, who was born on this date. I am searching for a photo of him, he died 9/4/1910. Any help or information on this family is greatly appreciated."
John Handley (son of William, grandson of James) was born 1746 in Augusta Co. VA, and died 13 Jan 1811 in Monroe Co. WV (Union), Green Hill Cemetery. He married Mary Harrison abt. 1768, daughter of Benjamin Harrison. She was born 1745 in VA, and died 04 Dec 1829 in Huntington WV, Guyandotte Cemetery.

Lillian Elsie Adams, born 14 Jan 1883 in Mason Co. WV; died 28 Sep 1968 in Sacramento CA, Memorial Lawn Cemetery. She married (1) Julius Ceaser Handley 21 May 1909 in Mason Co. WV; son of Samuel Chase and Mary Jordan Handley (son of Nelson5, Samuel4, John3, William2, James1), born 07 Jul 1871 in Putnam Co. WV; died 04 Sep 1910 in Putnam, Co. WV, Methodist Church Cemetery, Frazier's Bottom, WV. She married (2) Chester Aubrey Davis 23 Apr 1918 in Columbus, OH; born 18 Mar 1881 in Chesapeak, OH; died 20 Feb 1962 in Sacramento CA, Memorial Lawn Cemetery.

Ann (Handley) and Reuben George Sr. Family History, by Nancy Sween

This on-line history follows Ann Handley, her husband Reuben George Sr., and their children from Monroe and Greenbrier Counties of Virginia (now WV) after their 1797 marriage. They moved their family to Butler County Ohio about 1812, and from there future generations continued moving. Today, very few of Reuben and Ann's many descendants live in Butler County OH. This history is an attempt to put my notes on-line with thanks to the many relatives and friends who helped. Special thanks to Mary Jane Rieth, who had hoped to put her research into print and figure out who Reuben's parents really were.

Hanly History, by Paul Hanly

Hanly History, by Paul Hanly, includes not only his family history, but a link called "Ancient Hanly Clan" to download Pete Hanly's family history manuscript. If you download this, you must agree with the conditions that you will use it for private research only, and you acknowledge that Pete holds the copyright, and that the same condition is imposed upon anyone you give a copy to. The download currently (May 2000) is a zipped Word6/95 for PC file of the March 2000 version.


The copyright to the HANDLEY/HANDLY/HANLEY COLLECTION is held by Randall J. Handly, who has given his permission through the Handley Family Web Site, to make the book available for public on-line use. This book is not to be reprinted for resale.

Special thanks go to Mary Doty who transcribed Mr. Handly's book for the internet and to Rootsweb, which provided the on-line space. HTML coding by Nancy Sween. The book was transcribed as it was printed. The typographical errors which appeared in it have been preserved in this transcription.

Handley Family History,
by Mary Mortimeyer, Frances Revesz, and Richard Hopkins

This "Handley Family History" is posted with appreciation to Mary Mortimeyer, Frances Revesz, and Richard Hopkins, who produced the original booklet. Richard and Mary's husband gave us permission to put the work on-line just before her death at Cameron, Missouri on October 1 1999. Thanks to Richard Hopkins and Carol Ann Berry for making this on-line version of the book possible for the Handley Genealogy Index Page, where other information and contacts are available. Coding by Nancy Sween.

This work is for free use, not to be copied and sold.

Ann (Handley) and Reuben George and family Archibald and Jean Henderson Handley and family


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