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The Toler Family of Eastern North Carolina
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Susan Gayle Thomas (F)
b. 23 July 1963, d. February 1989

     Susan Gayle Thomas was born on 23 July 1963. She died in February 1989 at age 25.

     Children of Susan Gayle Thomas:
Angela Gayle Toler   (living)
Lisa Dawn Toler   (living)

    Infant Son Toler (M)
    b. 5 September 1946, d. 5 September 1946

         Infant Son Toler died on 5 September 1946 in Beaufort County, North Carolina, at age 0. He was born on 5 September 1946 in Beaufort County, North Carolina. He was the son of Frank Potts Toler and Vera Elizabeth Purser.

      Lucy Gray Toler (F)
      b. 22 August 1902, d. 12 February 1906

           Lucy Gray Toler was born on 22 August 1902. She was the daughter of Arnett Augustus "Don" Toler and Katie Daw. Lucy Gray Toler died on 12 February 1906 at age 3.

        Joe Paul Jones (M)
        b. 3 August 1908, d. 10 October 1939

             Joe Paul Jones was born on 3 August 1908 in Craven County, North Carolina.1 He was the son of Jesse Jones and Marina Edwards. Joe Paul Jones married Lillian Margaret Toler, daughter of Leonard Macon Toler and Nora Ann Buck, on 17 January 1934 in Washington, Beaufort County, North Carolina.2 Joe Paul Jones died on 10 October 1939 in Craven County, North Carolina, at age 31.1


        1. [S3] Death Certificate, Craven County Register of Deeds Office.
        2. [S84] New Bern Tribune, January 21, 1934, p. 3. Hereinafter cited as New Bern Tribune.

        Floyd Smith Toler (M)
        b. 24 September 1904, d. 24 February 1973

             Floyd Smith Toler was born on 24 September 1904 according to his tombstone. He was the son of William Edward "Bill" Toler and Maud Summerlin. Floyd Smith Toler was born circa 1906 according to the 1920 census of Pamlico County. He married Melissa Hopkins on 17 March 1930 in Pamlico County, North Carolina.1 Floyd Smith Toler died on 24 February 1973 at age 68.

             Children of Floyd Smith Toler:
        Floyd Toler   (living)
        Ray Junior Toler+   b. 28 Sep 1926, d. 21 May 1987

             Children of Floyd Smith Toler and Melissa Hopkins:
        Floyd James Toler   (living)
        Lester R. Toler   b. 22 Oct 1944, d. 25 Apr 1945
        Lonnie Gray Toler   (living)


        1. [S19] Pamlico County Marriage Records, Pamlico County Register of Deeds, Pamlico County Courthouse, Bayboro, Pamlico, North Carolina. Hereinafter cited as Pamlico County Marriage Records.

        Guilford Toler (M)
        b. circa 1908

             Guilford Toler married Iola Swindell. Guilford Toler was born circa 1908. He was the son of William Edward "Bill" Toler and Maud Summerlin.

             Children of Guilford Toler and Iola Swindell:
        Mrs. Johnny Payne   (living)
        Mrs. Alfred Saunders   (living)
        Mrs. Richard Smiley   (living)
        Iola Reva Toler   b. 14 Sep 1930, d. 28 Jun 1931
        Athelia Olga Toler   (living)
        Zelma Norris Toler   (living)
        Infant Toler   b. 8 Apr 1942, d. 8 Jul 1942

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