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Stilley Family Cemetery, Page 2

This page continues the Stilley Family Cemetery. While compiling the page, I discovered that I had failed to take photos of two tombstones (3 burials). A note about Hollon Jones and why she is buried in the Stilley Cemetery. She lived in the Blounts Creek area of Beaufort County and came to Caton (then Zorah) to visit relatives. While visiting, she became sick, and on her death bed made those gathered around promise not to take her back down that rough road to Blounts Creek. Obeying her last wish, she was buried in the Stilley Cemetery, where at least one, and possibly two of her sisters are buried (Sarah Rowe and Sina Rowe Dunn). The photos in this collection were taken on April 1, 2006.


Wooden Marker


Wooden Marker


Wooden Marker

Unknown infant?

Jessie W. Stilley

Mar 8, 1868

Nov 2, 194-


Elizabeth R. Stilley

Wife of Jessie W. Stilley


Connie T. Riggs

May 16, 1955

Vernon D. Riggs, Jr.

Feb 23, 1953

Apr 3, 1979


Penny T. Stilley

Mar 21, 1891

Oct 23, 1975

Joshua I. Stilley

Aug 25, 1885

May 7, 1975

Sweet rest is yours, loved ones of ours.


Dau. of

J.I. & Pennie Stilley

Born Oct 30, 1919

Died Nov. 14, 1920

Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest.

Sarah Rowe

Born 1835

[Sister of Hollon Rowe Jones]

Holland Jones


Sep 12, 1828


Mar 2 1900

Her life was beauty, truth, goodness and love.


Andrew M. Ipock

Aug 17, 1915

Oct 11, 1945

Diccie S. Ipock

May 6, 1917

July 9, 2001

In God's Care

Stilley Family Cemetery

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