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NAME Steve Wigg
DATE 25th January 2005

Recently started (again) with the research and came across your site. It has been invaluable. Keep up the good work. I am looking for a link from Leonard Wigg 1801 back into the Norfolk Wiggs, any thoughts would be welcome


NAME Coraine Carney
DATE 29/01/05

The stumbling blocks on my W*GG* line:
Hi, I have found my husbands family, Wigg, from Tickhill and Suffolk but his gran Alice (Carney, nee Wigg)was born 1903 to Minnie Wigg but I can't find Minnie's husband James Jenkinson or any other children. Alice's father was James Jenkinson but as he married her mother later she always thought him to be her step father not her real father and only found out at his funeral. Where do I go for help? I'm new at this.

Thanks to Vivian , I have got a lot of information and am very greatful thank you.


NAME Norman Evansky
DATE 1/31/05

The stumbling blocks on my W*GG* line:
I am trying to find Weggenman family members who lived in Ardsley, NY. I hope this site can help me. I believe there were 4-5 daughters with some names being Cecelia ("Cissy"), Margaret (who married and divorced George Long and has daughter Susan) and Elizabeth though Elizabeth may be the mother's name. Can anybody help?


DATE 21 March 2005

The stumbling blocks on my W*GG* line:
Absolute Proof needed of parentage/origins/relationship of George WIGG born about 1776, lived Barnby, Suffolk to any other early WIGG family in this area. George was husband to (1) Rhoda LEE and (2) Sarah LEE. Rhoda and Sarah were sisters.


NAME Glynn
DATE 7 April 2005

Hi there. I really must get in touch with you as I have lots of information regarding this family. I will try to put it together for you and send it. I have no connection but I have information regarding the Wiggs of Dereham.


NAME Lesley Waigh
DATE 11/05/05

The stumbling blocks on my W*GG* line:
I am looking for a connection of Robert, George, Sarah and William Wagg born beg. of 1800's with the surname of Waigh.I was told by a grandmother that two? brothers were left some money by an uncle who had a brewery in Bethnal Green if they changes their name to Waigh. They did so. At one stage they had a lot of property in Bethnal Green. The money was all filtered away eventually.There is a link between Robert's and George's birthplace and date with obert and George Wagg in Wimbotsham, Camb in 1801 & 1802 respectfully.


NAME Glynn
DATE 28 5 5

Just a note. I am just outside Dereham in Norfolk and there are several MIs of Wiggs in the graveyard. Do you want pictures? Please contact me if you do. I can take others of Norfolk in general too if you need any. Best wishes.


DATE June 12 2005

The stumbling blocks on my W*GG* line:
I keep looking for Vivian's newsletter.I hope she will be able to resume issuing it soon.
I am trying deperately to find a photo of Annie Wigg Juniper born in Faversham Kent, She was drowned when the Empress Of Ireland was sunk on May 29 1914. A committee trying to keep the Empress Artifacts in Canada wants very much to have a photo of her to hopefully be placed in a Canadian museum. Cam anyone help me out with this? She was my great Aunt

Thanks to this site I have learned much about my mother's family . She was Violet Wigg from Faversham Kent


NAME edwin wright
DATE 5th july

The stumbling blocks on my W*GG* line:

after tracing my name bloodline WRIGHT in the 1871 census the name was john wright a 56 year old saddler born in east deneham,norfolk with a 51 year old wife ann and children john 25 (a chairmaker) edwin 23 same job and william a bran moulder. wife and children born in lincoln. now in the 1861 census i find that the name has changed to john wright wigg i am trying to find any further information concerning my heritage with many thanks edwin


NAME Margret Coppinger
DATE 7th July 2005

The stumbling blocks on my W*GG* line:
I am looking for information on Robert Wagg born Wimbotsham, Norfolk 1801 and his family line. Robert is my GtGtGt Grandfather he later changed his surname to Waigh and moved to Bethnal Green in London.


NAME Karen Brown
DATE 17th Sptember 2005

The stumbling blocks on my W*GG* line:
Hi There,
I have a problem........ The furthest i have gone back in my Wagg line is Maurice Wagg born in Hampshire 1818 (thanks to Vivian) Who were Maurice's parents and siblings? Does anyone know? I have a feeling Wagge was changed to Wagg somewhere along the line but can't quite put my finger on where.


NAME Anne Dewing
DATE 29 September 2005

I have started to search my husband's family who are based in Trunch and Felmington in Norfolk. The Dewing family married into the Cutting family of Trunch in the early 1800's. From the information on this website it has given me some clues to follow up in my research.


NAME Helen Andrews
DATE October 7,2005

The stumbling blocks on my W*GG* line:
Good Morning, Everyone. I am the daughter of Rosamond Geraldine Andrews, daughter of Horace Charles Andrews and Anne Laurie Martens Coe. Apparently along the line somewhere the Weggs and the Andrews are related. Horace Charles Andrews came to Canada back in 1900's. On the way to Saskatchewan to work on his cousins farm he met my Grandmother Anne Laurie Martens Coe. His brother Russell was already at the ranch in Saskatchewan. Horace and Annie married shortly after and my mother Rosamond was born October 4, 1912. Horace and Annie sent for her sister Ehel Coe who shortly after arriving in Saskatchewan married my uncle Russell. The two brothers moved onto other endevers from farming to chicken ranching. My uncle Russell past away sometime before I was born. My mother first married a man by the name of Ernie Dann and had 10 children by him. My mother left Ernie when my brother was 3. (half-brother) My mother then met and lived with Everette Dykstra for the next 23years before her passing. My brother D'Arcy was 9 when I was born. I am my fathers only child and therefore had the name of Helen Irene Dykstra. I have since married the adopted son of my uncle. Yes, my uncle. That is how I got the name of Andrews again. And I am extremely proud of this name. My children have the name of my birth mother. I had the pleasure of knowing my Grandfather. He was kind and very loving. Even to a bastard child. There are many things in our pasts that many people would put you down for. Love should never be one. My uncle didn't really speak fondly of my grandfather. But he was the only boy born to a family of 7. This was my grandfathers first wife and when she passed on, there was small children to care for and a man alone couldn't do it. I have heard through the years that my grandfather married the girl next door, mainly because of her age(16)and the fact that he needed someone to take care of the smaller children while he did the farming. There is alot of stories I could tell someone if they really wanted to know. It is funny. My husband and I have just recently purchased a farm, well an acreage. We have horses and chickens matter infact I suppose you could say I have gone back to my roots. My grandfather had a chicken ranch. Well, for 5 years anyhow. I have memories of seeing my Aunts up on the roof of the barn putting up the shingles, and all you saw was butts. That is also the year I fell into the well. Lucky it wasn't that deep yet. And no water. That was the biggest thing about the chicken ranch. Grandpa never really did find a good well.

I would love to hear from anyone that would be related to Horace Charles Andrews. To me, the greatest Grandfather that ever lived.


NAME David Wagg
DATE Dec 31 2005

The stumbling blocks on my W*GG* line:
I am from a branch of the Waggs from Toronto via New Foundland via Whitechuch England. We know somewhere in the lineage that the two families diverged with the second group settling in the Oshawa area and eastern Ontario.
I really can't do any reasearch until I get to England to expand on what we already know. any help woould be appreciated.
David Wagg

I will post the entire generational history of my side of the family as I know it shortly. It goes back to the early 1800's


NAME Colin Wagg
DATE January 4th 2006

looking for some history to the family name


NAME David Wagg
DATE Jan 7 2006

The stumbling blocks on my W*GG* line:
If anyone can help me go further back in the records it would be appreciated. We know somewhere along the line there were two brothers that came from Europe and settled in Ontario, Canada. One went to Newfounland and one settled in the Oshawa area. Below is the newfoundland branch of the family. Feel free to fill in the blanks. This information was passed to me by my Uncle Rennie Wagg. I hope this helps.

I believe this to be a scenario of the background of the Wagg's of Burin. The first part I cannot prove as yet but it just makes too much sense to be ignored. James Wagg m, Mary moyal Jan 2nd 1722 at Ringwood
James Wagg m, Margaret Troke Dec 17th 1772 at Christchurch.
James Wagg m, Jenny King Jan 27th 1772 at Christchurch,
Christchurch is just 10 miles from Ringwood.
From here on I believe it to be factual.
James Wagg was baptized Nov 3rd 1776 at Christchurch.
This James Wagg definitely settled in Newfoundland and I believe that he was the son of James Wagg and Jenny King.
First Generation:
James Wagg m, Mary ??
Ann b, 1795 d, 1853
James b,
*Thomas b, 1787 or 1788 d, Jan 26th 1875???
Stephen b,
Bridget b, 1798
* My great great grandfather was definitely Thomas Wagg but as of yet I cannot prove that he was the son of James Wagg. So far I cannot find a record of the death of James Wagg at Burin but I do have a record of a James Wagg at Carbonear. I have a record of the Baptism of james wagg at Christchurch.
Dorset Marriae index
Foxbar Woodlands Eimborne Dorset BH21 6LJ
James Wagg bachelor marries Jenny King spinster 29th Jan 1772 at Christchurh.
Witness Jane Coombs and maurice Ayles
Second Generation:
Thomas Wagg m, Rebecca Kirby
Rebecca Kirby b, 1798 d, Sept 1st 1872
Joseph Heber b, 1815 d, March 30th 1898
James b, Nov 30th 1816
Mary Frances b, 1821
Richard Kirby b, 1827 d, june 8th 1856
Frances Bridget b, Sept 21st 1833
Thomas b, April 14th 1836
Elizabeth b, March 28th 1840.
Third generation:
Thomas Wagg m, Frances Clark April 11th 1858
Frances Clark b,
John b, July 8th 1859 or August 7th
Joseph Heber Wagg m, Maria Pardy Nov 5th 1840
Maria Pardy b, d, Dec 12th 1903
Bridget Kirby b, Feb 6th 1844 d, July 1925
William b, April 28th 1848 d, Nov 27th 1918
Mahala mitchell b, June 4th 1858
Herbert b, March 1st 1860
Stephen Percy b, April 30th 1863 d, Feb 28th 1907
Thomas b, Oct 1st 1865 d, Feb 5th 1933
Jessie b, Dec 16th 1867
Mary Ann
Fourth Generation:
William Wagg m, Susan Foote Nov 12th 1873
Susan Foote b, Nov 14th 1850 d, Aug 20th 1942
Joseph Heber b, Sept 16th 1874 d, Dec 28th 1941
Adelaide Foote b, Dec 5th 1876 d, Aug 10th 1924
Thomas b, July 5th 1878 died as a baby
Julie Mitchell b, Dec 29th 1882 d, June 4th 1949
Martha Paul b, July 28th 1885 d, Oct 11th 1961
Lydia Ethel b, Nov 11th 1890 d, Feb 3rd 1966
Fifth Generation:
Joseph Heber Wagg m,Rebecca Coombs Moulton March 8th 1899
Rebecca Moulton b, May 11th 1878 d, Jan 10th 1964
George Williams b, Feb 11th 1900 d, Feb 6th 1989
Gerald Plemon b, June 26th 1902 d, Nov 11th 1974
Alberta Maud b, Oct 10th 1904 d, Aug 4th 1928
Susan b, Oct 30th 1907 d, Nov 7th 1973
*Harold Frederick b, Oct 28th 1909 d, April 1st 1988
Lorne (Ev)erett b, June 2nd 1920
Rennie Moulton b, June 8th 1922
* Harold Fred Wagg is my grandfather
Sixth Generation:
Harold Frederick Wagg m, Marguerite Bradley May 3rd 1937
Marguerite Bradley b, Jan 3rd 1917
Frederick Myrl b, Feb 11th 1941
Carolyn Frances b, May 13th 1943
Sharon Anne b, Aug 8th 1952
Seventh Generation:
Frederick Myrl Wagg m, Dianne Elizabeth Burford Jun 22nd 1963
Dianne Burford b, Jan 7th 1944
David Myrl b, April 24th 1965
Gregory John b, May 16th 1967
*Pamela Anne b, Jan 25th 1970
* Adopted
Eigth Generation:
David Myrl Wagg m, Suzy Marie Gillard June 16th 1990
Suzy Gillard b, July 20 1965
Gregory John Wagg m, Allison Michelle Bygrave April 17th 1993
Allison Bygrave b, April 20 1967
Ryan William b, Jan 7th 1994
Pamela Anne Wagg m, Bradley Porter Sept 3 1994
Bradley Porter b,
Sarah Jean
Seventh Generation continued:
Carolyn Wagg m, Ralph David Carr May 5th 1962
Ralph Carr b, May 7th 1942
Richard David b, May 23rd 1963
Kimberly Ann b, Nov 30th 1965
Eigth Generation continued:
Richard Carr m, Judy Duncan April 29th 1989
Judy Duncan b, Nov 4th 1966
Justine Emily b, Jan 29th 1993
Riley David b, April 16th 1995
Alexis Judith b, Oct 6 1998
Kimberly Ann Carr m, Jason David Fullan Aug 6th 1994
Jason Fullan b,
Scott David b, April 6th 1996
Heather Ann b, July 27th 1998
Seventh Generation continued:
Sharon Wagg m, Richard Edwards Sept 29th 1973
Jennifer Nicole b, Feb 2nd 1977
Sharon Wagg m, Robert Thomas Dishington Jan 17th 1987
Robert Dishington b, Dec 25th 1950
Stephen Robert b, June 28 1987


NAME jacky fitz
DATE 19.1.06

The stumbling blocks on my W*GG* line:
my first visit to the Wegg line. My grandad lived in Parr, St.Helens, lancashire, born approx 1885. His full name was George Wegg. Does anyone have any info on him?

this is the correct e-mail address


NAME Caron Bond
DATE 22/01/06

I am the great, great, great, great granddaughter of William Gibbons sp. Mary Wegg. My Dad is Ralph, who I believe has been in contact with you. We are going to be visiting Gunton/Thorpe Market in May to do some more research into the Gibbons line. Enjoyed your website very much. Hope to here from you maybe? Caron.


NAME Douglas Wegg
DATE 02 02 06

The stumbling blocks on my W*GG* line:
I am looking for information on the WEGG line. I heard a story that WEGG was the first name and then WAGG & WIGG & WEGGS branch out after having issues of people spelling the name wrong. Legally changed the name to avoid hassels. Does anyone have info on this story. I also heard that the males in the W*GG line has a genetic deffect being that alot of males are bald or are loose their hair at an early age.

Here is our family as much as i have been able to figure out since the loss of the family bibles
Doug Wegg
George S Wegg - departed
Lorna Wegg
Toronto, ON
Stephen Wegg
Mississauga, ON
Peter Wegg
Susan Wegg
Cambridge, ON
Douglas Wegg
Toronto, ON


DATE 23rd February 2006

The stumbling blocks on my W*GG* line:
Still trying to confirm birth and parentage of George WIGG born circa 1766 in Barnby/Mutford area of Suffolk. Best bet is John and Elizabeth (nee Pain) WIGG, but need to catch sight of the baptismal entry to confirm once and for all. Thank you, Sheila


NAME Derek Russell Wegg
DATE 31 march 2006

The stumbling blocks on my W*GG* line:
i am the son of russell wegg who died in feb 1985 age 70 at Ipswich, Suffolk. his father was robert, i was born in jan 1945.

like to make contact with family line back to the 1800


NAME Susan L Wegg
DATE 2006/04/16

The stumbling blocks on my W*GG* line:
Hello! I am trying to find a George Wegg who was born in 1804 and immigrated to Canada. He was a carriage maker here in Ontario, but I have been unable to locate his origins. If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!


NAME Keltria Orton
DATE 19 April 2006

The stumbling blocks on my W*GG* line:
I am from South Africa and have been researching my family history. Samuel Coury married Margaret Wegg who had a child named James who married Maria March who in turn had a child child named Sophia Cory who married Edward Hook who were my great grand parents - so I just thought I would let you know that there is a whole new lot of decendants here in South Africa too - pleased to meet you Keltria Orton
South Africa


NAME Wendy Herbert
DATE 22April 2006

Great to see this web site. My Grandparents are Millicent Ivy Wiggs and Reginald John Daws. I am researching Reginald's war history in King Edwards Horse.
He left for France on 22nd April -today 91 years ago.
Millicent and Reginald were married in 1923. They had two sons Stephen and John and six grandchildren.
Grandma Wiggs from the offer of surplus milk from the local landowners house that she housekeeper for set up the largest dairy in SW England Wiggs Lee and Clark. It was sold later to United. Reginald Daws introduced mechanised processing from the States.
Grandma Wiggs rode one of the first buses in Watford-see Watford web site and also flew on one of the first airflights to Ireland.
She had five Children. Historic photos of the Wiggs family living on Moor Farm are in possion of the Daws family in South Africa.


NAME Julie Hubber (nee Wagg)
DATE 24 04 2006


NAME Doreen Bakos
DATE May 5 2006

I am still looking for the rast of my family tree Robert Wagg (William Wagg , James Wagg, James Wagg, William Wagg, John)was born in 1862 in Hillington, Norfolk, England . He died in 1933 in Maidstone RD, Kent , England .
Robert married (1) Ellen Jane Wrters in 1887 in Maidstone RD, Kent England, Ellen was born about 1863 in Bury ST Edmunds, Suffolk, England . she died in 1904 in Maidstone RD, Kent , England
Robert and Ellen had the following children:
M Robert William Wagg was born in 1886 imn Maidstone, Kent , England
M Alfred Wagg was born in 1889 in Maidstone, Kent ., England he died in 1961 in Banbury RD, Oxfordshires, England
Alfred married Miss Barham in 1919 in Maidstone, Kent, England
Florence Wagg was born in 1891 in Maidstone , Kent , England
Violet Wagg was born in 1894 in Maidstone, Kent, England
Percy James Wagg was born in 1896 in Maidstone, Kent , England he died in 1896 in Maidstone,RD Kent, England
I am looking for my Gandmother family Miss Barham and also my GGandfather Robert Wagg and also my GGgarndmothe Ellen Jane Worters please help me to fine my family thank you hope to here from you soon . I lve in the usa, my phone no is 940-851-0613


NAME Jeremy Wagg
DATE august 15 2006

I am a Wagg from Burin Newfoundland we can trace five generations of our family back to England.I am still residing in NL.


NAME Doreen
DATE Jan 29 2007

Wegg family history
Robert Wagg 1862 in Hillington, Norfolk, England
1933 in Maidston RD Kent England
Father William Wagg B 1832 in Hillington Norlk England
Mother Ann Newstead B 1832 in Hillington Norfolk England
Marriage 1. Ellen Jane Worters B 1863 in Bury ST Edmunds Suffolk, England
1 Robert William Wagg B 1886 in Maidstone Kent England
2.Alfred J Wagg B 1889 in Maidstone Kent England
D Mar 1961 Banbury Oxon
Alfred married Isable M L Barham 1919 in Maidstone RD Kent England
2. Florence Wagg B 1891 in Maidstone Kent England
3. Violet Wagg B 1894 in Maidstone Kent England
5. Percy James Wagg B in 1896 in Maidstone Kent England
D in 1896 in Maidstone RD Kent England