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   Description of Vines and Variant Project
   Basic DNA Theory - simple technical stuff
Progress - a diary of progress
   Eureka - a DNA match to a different
   surname in North Carolina, first DNA evidence
   of an early Wiltshire Vines migrant to America.
   6Month Progress Report.
   MRCA - Most Recent Common Ancestor for 4 tests.
Results - outcome of DNA tests in tabulated form.
   Pedigrees - Vines Fred, Ron, Tim, Joe, Ed
              Vine Arthur, Frank
               Lipps Roger
Vines Haplotypes - Lines defined to date

Sundry Snippets of Information
   DNA Glossary
   Y Chromosome Traits
   Atlantic Modal Haplotype (AMH)-
   The commonest European haplotype, mostly along
    the western coast
  SNiPS and Haplogroups - Haplogroups are
        indicators of pre-historical migratory patterns.
    R1b Haplogroup - The Toadvine-1 Haplotype
        comes into this group, includes the AMH.
    * N3 Haplogroup - The Wiltshire-1 Haplotype 
        falls into the N3 group which is found in many peoples
        from Finland, Northern Russia and Northern Siberia.
        A history and demography of the Circumpolar peoples
        can be seen at Circumpolar
    Markers - Eleven of the standard 25 markers
        which FTDNA use in Y chromosome tests mutate
        at a slightly faster rate than the others.
    Match Probability - A table of statistical 
        probabilities for estimation of the generation which
        contains the MRCA. 
    Typical Mutations - A tree graphic showing
    typical mutations in relationships.
   Mammals Chromosomes
  Dominant-Recessive Genes
Background Reading
This is a collection of reading on various subjects which
have influenced the evolution of man and controlled
the development of his culture.


   Distribution of surnames in UK counties from the
    1881 census(4 Graphics), and totals in 1880 US census
    Vines - Wiltshire
            Grittenham - Vines House
             picture, description and some history
              See for separate Menu
              Wills Analysis

            Trees - Grittenham family tree
                               John (1667-1713) to 
                                                  Edward (1725-1785)
 Alabama - Toadvine 
  Joe and Ed are descended from Thomas Vines
   who was born about 1778, but the legend says
   the widowed Lipps mother married a Vines.
 North Carolina
  A North Carolina resident, descendant of early
  settlers, has the same Y chromosome DNA as
  some Wiltshire Vines and descendants. There 
  were Vines settlers in adjoining counties of NC.


   Samuel Pepys Diary - Vines are mentioned
    about 15 times in the diary of the famous Londoner 
    of the 1600s; card playing was a pastime of these
    men about town.
    Ann Vines Ward - The youngest child of David
    Vines, Ann, of Reading, Berkshire, married Isaac
    Blowers Ward. Both were disinherited by their families
    for changing their religions. They migrated to Ohio in
    1830s. This is an excerpt from a book written in 1900
    by Harry Parker Ward, their grandson.

   An Interesting Case - DNA testing shows that 
   Berryman and Soper have matching DNA. In 1790 census
   these families were neighbours; adoption, name change,
   or infidelity so long ago, now revealed? See also Eureka
   for a parallel case in this project.