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I regret that my ill health has impeded progress of the Project.

13th July 07           I received a message from Professor Andrzej Bajor of Warsaw Poland that from
                                DNA (Grittenham lineage) I could be descended from the family of Prince Rurik an
                                early ruler in the Leningrad area of western Russia. I have joined Professor Bajar's
                                project, website . Rurik seems to have Scandinavian roots and his domain is not far
                                from Finland.       

8th May 07              On lineage chart for Caleb Vines (1840-1918) a photo of Caleb is included.

6th Apr 07               Results of DNA test for Eddie (kit 85530) are here and match 12/12 those of Tim of 
                                 Louisiana, who was tested in 2003.

4th Mar 07              DNA test for Eddie Vines of Cal. is pending. Eddie is a descendant of Benjamin
                                Bush Vines born 1723 at Anson County North Carolina, who is commonly 
                                mentioned in lists such as Genforum. Tests for other descendants would break 
                                the log jam due to unreliable documentation.

9th Dec 06              Subsidies towards cost of several genealogical DNA tests for Vines are available 
                                 up to Dec 31. Please contact me for further details.

3rd Dec 06             Samuel Vines British Consul in South America and the Azores; and his 
                                Children, two of whom were masters of arts at Oxford Universityin the 1880s.

18th Oct 06           Results of test for Lloyd Elgin Vines of Virginia, kindly supplied by his 
                               daughter. Test was done by GENEBASE and all markers tested were not
                               exactly the same as used by FTDNA. His haplogroup is E3a

25th Sep 06           DNA results are now complete for Ron Vines of Melbourne and show that
                                they match 66/67 with Fred Vines. Both descend from John and Christian
                                Vines born about 1660, at Vines Farm, Grittenham North Wiltshire. Ron 
                                descends from sons Daniel (about 1692) and Fred from Benjamin born 1689.
                                See John and Christian's wills (1713 and 1725) and Progress Report Sep 2006

17th Aug 06            DNA results for Fred V and Sam Mingia to 67 markers show that although
                                they match at 25 markers they have 10 mismatches total and are not 
                                related during the last 1000 years. Results for Ron Vines of Melbourne 
                                are still pending but only show one mismatch with Fred so far.

28th Jun 06            Some prominent Vines personalities of the past: scientists, doctors, 
                                speared by the blacks, entombed in a submarine and more

24th Jun 06            Several test results: Larry Vine of Ontario 37 markers ex Hampshire
                                Samuel Mingia markers 26-37 being tested to marker 67
                                Fred and Ron Vines markers 26-37 perfect match being tested to Marker 67

7th Mar 06             Who was  Elizabeth Holliday (1693-1767), Mrs Benjamin Vines 

4th Mar 06            See comparison of commonest haplotype in several districts
                              of Finland to the Grittenham Vines DNA

8th Dec 05           FTDNA has donated 3 gift certificates as subsidies to new 
                              DNA tests. The tests must be ordered and paid for before
                              31st December 05. The gifts are: 2 for US$30 and 1 for US$15.
                              The conditions are:
                               a) Not valid in conjunction with any other promotion or offer
                               b) Each $30 gift certificate is to be used with one test kit - either a
                                   Y-DNA25 or a Y-DNA37
                               c) Each $15 gift certificate is to be used with one mtDNA test kit.
                               d) Kits must be ordered and paid for by December 31st, 2005
                               e) Not valid for test upgrades, add-ons or Y-DNA12.
                               For instructions and further info email Project Manager.

1st Dec 05            Test results for Roger Vine of BC Canada descended from
                              migrants from Kent UK. DNA is in E3b haplogroup. More
                              tests are needed from the English Channel counties.

14th Aug 05          Progress report to 13th Aug 05. Website brought up to date.
                              Roger Vine of B.C. Canada having DNA test.

2nd July 05          Test results for Ronald Earle Vines of Ontario are shown.
                              He is a descendant of James1819, who migrated to Canada
                              in 1846. His DNA confirms that he is from the Grittenham Vines.

13th Jun 05           A 12 marker DNA test is underway for Ronald Earle Vines
                               apparently descended from James, born 1819, who migrated
                               to Ontario, Canada in 1846. Results are due 2nd July. James 
                               was son of Jacob and Betty Priddy, the last Vines tenants
                               of Vines Farm, in 1820's.

14th Jan 2005       First results of DNA test on Peter Vines of Beaumaris 
                               Melbourne confirm that his male antecedents descended
                               from John1660 and Christian Vines of Grittenham. Kay, his 
                               mother in NZ, researched the line from Joseph at Hertford
                               about 1790 with no earlier documentation. This is first
                              proof of connection of the branch to the Grittenham Vines.

18th Nov 04           Lynn Davies visited the grave of her uncle Reginald Kenneth
                               Vines at Phaleron War Cemetery, Athens on Rememberance 
                               Day 11th November 2004. Ken was GGGG Grandson of 
                               Peter1724, son of Benjamin1689 of Grittenham.

1st Nov 04              The charts of descendants of Daniel ca1690, son of John
                                Vines of Grittenham and wife Christian. 
                Palmer1721 with son Joseph1752 of Foxham, William1772
                                of West Mill and Michael1816, migrant to NZ and Australia 

16th Oct 04             The will of Mary Matherine Vines 1878, widow of William of

14th Oct 04             The will of William 1865 of Highworth

8th Oct 04              The wills of William 1850 and son Richard 1856 of West Mill 
                                at Highworth, Shrivenham. This line is descended from Daniel
                               (born about 1690) brother of Benjamin1689 of Grittenham. 
                                DNA tests from both lines matched perfectly, the common 
                                ancester being John ca1660. 
                                Note link to well documented emigration from Wilts to New 
                                Zealand 1851 with Williams son Michael and family in list of 
                                passengers on sailing ship "Steadfast"

28th Sep 04           Convicts, the arrival indents of 2 Vines from Wilts and one 
                                from Norfolk.
                                Link to a new website at Bremhill, centre of a Vines surname 
                                region for 400 years.

24th Sep 04            The will of Jacob, 1816, gentleman of Castle Combe, with a 
                                 graphic showing cousin marriages within the Vines, Henly,
                                 Bryant and Evenis families.

14th Sep 04           Summary of all DNA testing to date.

7th Sep 04              Link to story of Richard Vines transported for rioting at
                               Bristol 1831. His 4 mates were hanged above the gaol gates.

3rd Sep 04              The will of Mary Vines of Seagry 1834
               Added a page to the section on Vines and the Church about
               St Martins at Bremhill, with photos

30th Aug 04            Additions to the chart of Edward1800, links to Annie 
                                 Dorrington and pictures of her grave marking ceremony.
                                 Additions to the chart of David1760, links to his youngest
                                 daughter Ann Ward and picture of copy of her 1816 sampler. 

28th Aug 04            Chart of Edward1800, miller of Sherfield, Hants and youngest
                                 son of David1760. Also shows the place in Vines genealogy
                                 of Annie Dorrington, his granddaughter, water colourist
                                 of WA wild flowers and designer of the Australian flag.

21st Aug 04            Chart of Joshua1834 of Geelong, son of Joshua1795

17th Aug 04            Chart of Caleb1840 of Echuca, son of Joshua1795

11th Aug 04            Chart of Joshua1795, son of David1760 of Reading
              with 1857 photo

7th Aug 04              Chart of Daniel1787, eldest son of David1760 of Reading

6th Aug 04              Corrections with Note for chart of James1758 and Margaret

1st Aug 04              Additions to chart Jacob1756, including Isaac1794 of Whelford

28th July                 Charts, descendants of Edward1725, Jacob1756 of Reading,
  James1758 of Potterne, David1760 of Battle Farm, Reading, 
  Edward1767 of Reading and Benjamin1769 of Malmesbury.

25th July                  More charts for descendants of Charles1722, through his son
  Jacob1776, which includes the branch in Canada and US from
  Richard1814 and James1819.

21st July                  More charts for descendants of Charles1722, through his son
                                 Joshua1761, which include the South African and
  West Australian branches.

13th July                  Progress to mid July 2004

11th July                  Interlinked family tree charts of Benjamin's sons Charles1722
                                  Peter1724, Edward1725 and William1729. Also Joshua1761,
                                  son of Charles1722.

26th June                Pictures of the grave of Pte Frank Vines at Comely Bank
                                 in Edinburgh were added to the Vines War Dead page.
                                 They were kindly supplied by Lyn Davies in UK.

23rd June               Cleanup of site. Revised and corrected charts

20th June 2004       Update of the DNA test result sheet and chart of mismatches
              between individuals. Results include initial figures  for 
              3 new participants. One proves the DNA signature for the
                                 Wilts1 lineage as far back as Benjamin1689. Final results
                                 for these 3 are due by 3rd July.

  For all 38 wills at present on line click here.

12th May 2004         More notes on Tytherton and Moravian Church added

11th May 2004         George Robert Vine a pioneer in the science of Geology.

26th Apr 2004          The story of Dr Edward Prince Vines 1850-1899, who died 
                                  with a spear in his heart in a case of mistaken identity by
                                  Australian Aborigines.

23rd Apr 2004          In time for Anzac Day, Australias day of remembrance
                  Vines War Dead

12th Apr 2004           Vines and the Church, notes and links on influence of the
                                    churches on family history of Vines in Wiltshire. The history
                                    of formal churches in England is interwined with political
                                    history of the country and to preservation of family records.

24thJan 2004             Links  from the 4 line descendancy chart to photos
                                    of Joshua and Hannah Vines who migrated to 
                                    Australia 1855, and Richard Vines to Canada 1846.
                                   Note the link Epidemics, which explains the obvious
                                    reason for migration from England in the 1840s.
  "Generally throughout the 1830s and the 1840s trade 
                                                          was off and food prices were high. The poorer classes,
                                                          being underfed, were less resistant to contagion."
                                                          See also rural life in Wilts.

17th Jan 2004            Six maps of counties in southern states show distribution
                                    of Vines surname in the 1880 US census. Note proximity 
                                    of Vines and Mingia (Mingas) names in Nth Carolina where 
                                    a Mingia DNA test matched exactly with Wiltshire
                                    Vines DNA. Descendants of Wilts Vines in NC?

11th Jan 2004             Several useful references added to Snippets, including
                                     URLs for conversion of old money values to present value, 
                                     and a comprehensive list of prices for goods and services 
                                     at Southampton, England in 1625. Also a list of needs and 
                                     values for prospective emigrants to New England in 1630.

10th Jan 2004

I regret to advise that Ron Vines of Melbourne passed away yesterday 9th Jan 2004. He was an enthusiastic family historian and contributed willingly to this Project by having one of the first DNA tests. Every sympathy is offered to his family. His outgoing and cheerful manner will be much missed.


8th Jan 2004            Update for Progress
           Report on the last six months

7th Jan-2004           CHARTS
                                   Descendant Chart of William Vines 1735 of Lineham
                                   and Martha Tanner.

4th Jan 2004            The test results table updated to provide space for results
                                  of Stanley Dean Vines test (NEW) when available, and a link to 
                                  his lineage

27th Dec 2003           benjaminsfamily
                                   The documented genealogy of Benjamin Vines 
                                   of Grittenham and his family.
24th Dec Xmas Eve 
                 Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

9th Dec 03           burials
                 Summary of burials in Brinkworth Parish
                                    Table of numbers per year from 1653 to 1882
                                    Includes links to timelines for epidemics and 
                                    notable weather events in England.

29th Nov 03           maps
                Address for maps of Wilts. Sorry, unable to link directly.
28th Nov 03           clues
                  Analysis of wills for family information and deduction of
                                    genealogy lineages.
9th Nov 03           vinesfarm
                                    History of Vines House and farm at Grittenham, Wilts.
                                    Links to part of a plan of Grittenham Manor made in 1760
                                    showing Benjamin Vines tenement and list of the named
15th Oct 03           calnexvicent
                                    Sundry records from the 1500s in the register of St Marys
                                    Church Calne, Wilts, pertaining to the name of Vines and