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Progress to August 2005 for the last year

Owing to ill health project progress was slow and limited.

The DNA test for Peter Vines of Beaumaris Melbourne proved his descent from the Grittenham line.

A 12 marker DNA test was done for Ronald Vines of Ontario, Canada, and matched the other Grittenham Vines.
Ronald is descended from James Vines 1819, whose father Jacob was the last tenant of Vines Farm at Grittenham in the 1820s. After enduring the economic effects following the Napleonic Wars, the industrial revolution and the epidemics of the 1830s when several family members died, James, his brother Richard and widowed mother migrated to Ontario in 1846.
The SNP test was also done for him and confirmed the prediction  by FTDNA (ie Haplogroup N) that this lineage is closest to the circum polar peoples of Finland, northern Russia and Siberia, and Mongolia. FTDNA say about haplogroups:
 Haplogroups ... have been predicted by Family Tree DNA based on unambiguous results in the individual's personal page. ......    Please note that for any predicted results we see no reason for ordering a SNP test to confirm the Haplogroup. If a (a dash) is in the HAPLO field then we feel that the comparative results are not clear and unambiguous and if the kit holder wants to know their SNP with 100% confidence they may consider ordering a SNP confirmation test.
The SNP mutates very slowly and can generally be considered unique; thus it is a useful indicator of pre-historic roots. For more on haplogroups see

At present the only test underway is for a VINE from Canada, believed to be descended from roots in Kent. It would appear that the Vine surname, being mainly distributed in the channel counties, may have come from immediately across the channel, ie the North West provinces of France. The haplogroup for our participant Roger Vine will be of much interest.

We hope for more interest in the project also from Vines in Gloucestershire and the East Midland Counties.