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Ancestors of Kathleen Lowe Robert Cheney and Joan Harrison

Robert Cheney and Joan Harrison

Husband Robert Cheney

           Born: Abt 1520 - of Waltham Abbey, Essex, England
           Died: Bef 13 Mar 1567-13 Mar 1568 - Waltham Abbey, Essex, England

         Father: Robert Cheney (Abt 1490-Abt 1542)


Wife Joan Harrison

           Born: Abt 1525 - Waltham Abbey, Essex, England
         Buried: 14 May 1597 - Waltham Abbey, Essex, England

         Father: John Harrison (      -1550)
         Mother: Agnes (      -      )

   Other Spouse: John Hanford (      -1610) - 1568 - Waltham Abbey, Essex, England

1 F Agnes Cheney

           Born: Abt 1560 - Waltham Abbey, Essex, England
         Spouse: William Heath (Abt 1550-1624)
           Marr: 9 Jun 1580 - Waltham Abbey, Essex, England

2 M John Cheney

           Born: Abt 1550 - Waltham Abbey, Essex, England
           Died: Abt Feb 1594-Feb 1595 - Waltham Abbey, Essex, England
         Spouse: Joan Bonde (      -      )
           Marr: 14 Jul 1575 - Chehunt, Hertfordshire, England

3 M Ralph Cheney

           Born: Abt 1551 - Waltham Abbey, Essex, England
           Died: by Oct 1599 - Woodford, Essex, England

4 M William Cheney

           Born: Abt 1556 - Woodford, Essex, England
         Buried: 1 Apr 1610 - Waltham Abbey, Essex, England
         Spouse: Margaret Newman Floyd (      -1609)
           Marr: 5 Feb 1580-5 Feb 1581 - Waltham Abbey, Essex, England

5 M Robert Cheney

         Buried: 28 May 1616 - Waltham Abbey, Essex, England

General Notes (Husband)

Robert's will was made 1 Oct 1567 and proved 13 Mar 1567/8, and names his children, his step-father Mr. Bryttayne, his sister Donne, his wife's brother William Harrison, and her brother in law Christopher Goldinge.

Following their marriage, Robert and Joan Cheney resided in teh parish of Waltham Abbey, Essex.

In his will, Robert requested burial "within the Churche of St. Lawrence in Waltham", giving towards the repair of the church 20 shillings and to the poor howsholders dwellinge within the said parish every of theym xij d, and making bequests as follows

I will that Johan my wiff shall have the howse wherein I dwell with the howses I bought of r Bryttayne and a grone ffielde lyinge in hony lane and an other ffealde called healye fealde and a fealde nowe in the teanure of my sister Donne duringe teh whole terme of fowre yeares ymedyatly after my decease upon Condicon that she paye unto my sonne John xl s. of good and lawfull money of England duringe the terme of the saide fowre yeares. And also kepinge the said howses in sufficient repracons duringe the said terme and also makinge no willfull stripe nor waste and then after... unto John my sonne (to whom) Also I geve ... the bedde with the bedstead the hanginges the bollsters coverlettes and all tinges thereto beloninge standinge in the greate Chamber the little table with the frame in teh said Chamber and the formes beloninge to yet vj quisshens that I boughte of Master rowne with all the payted clothes in the same Chamber, the table in the hall with the forme to yet the cupboard in the same halle and vj Joyned stooles the (baser?) hanginges in the halle and the little folldinge table in the same halle adn also the settles in the halle in money to be Delyvered to him within twoo yeares ymediately after my decease. Also... my lease and term of yeares and of and in those landes lyinge in Harford Sheare (Hertfordshire) beyonde Smalynge bridge after Mr. Marshe his yeares be expired which be three yeares after the pyrfacon of oure lady nexte followinge... which landes afforsaid I had of Mr. Tonnworth. Also I geve to the said John my sonne two paires of shetes iiij platters iiij pewter disehs ij lattyn Candlestickes and a quarte pewter potte Item... to Johan my wiff for the term of iii yeares ymediately after my decease a meade that I boughte of Mr. Welche nowe in the teanure of Mr. Waterer And then after... unto Wawf my sonne (to whom also) a stading bedde with all thinges thereto perteyninge with the fetherbedd bollster blankartes curtens and coverlettes beinge adn standinge in the greate Chamber nexte unto the bedd that ye geven to my sonne John the longe table in the neather halle with the fourme to yt twoo paire of sheets iiij platters iiij dishes bothe to be of pewter ... within fowre yeares (and)... all my other landes adn tenementes as well being of the teanure of freeholde (and copye holde unto her duringe her naturell lire and after her decease then I geve unto William my sonne all that my tenemente that was somtyme Raufe Johnsons with an orchard somtyme brownes and a Cotage in easte streate that Master rowne dwelleth in and ij cotage more lying (in)Este streate somtyme Mr. Cresseyes.. Item I geve to the saide Wyllyam my sonne x li of good and lawfull money of England to be delyvered to him when he cometh to the age of xxiiij yeares (and)... to the standinge bedde and all thinges thereto belonginge beinge and standinge in the Parlor to be delyvered to him at the daye of hir mariage. Item...I gve to Roberte my sonne 10 pounds when he cometh to the full age of xxiiij yeares Item I geve to Agnes my doughter the somme of 26 pounds 13 s 4 d... when she shall accomplishe the full age of xxj yeares orrelles at teh daye of her mariage. Item.. the leases and terme of yeares that I have of the parcelles of lande called the kirtles and Shepcotte feald to Johan my wiff John and Raufe my sonnes equally to be devided... Item I geve and bequeath to the mendinge of the highe waye in Croked Myle xl s to e delyvered to John Ellyotte and William Cooke and them to have the doinge of the same by the oversighte of William Harrison and Chrstofer Gouldinge. Item I geve and bequeath to the mendinge of the highe waye beyond Smalling bridge xl s... to Mr. StacyeAnd that he have teh doinge thereof Item I geve towards the mendinge of the Mote hall xl s whenwoever they mynded to reare and putt yt uppe orells this gifte to be voide Item I geve to my neighbors of Waltham xxs to be geven to thym when they shall rate teh freeholders boocke Item I geve to my fellowes Mr. Dennye his men xl s to make merye withal or to be ordered at the discression of John Bolte and John Hanford. Item I geve to Anaster Browne my new collared Jerkin and one hole yeares rente in the howse wherin he dwelleth. Item I geve to my sister donne the close that she holdeth of me twoo yeares after my decease freely without any rente And after... during her naturall liff payinge therefore yearlye x s. Also I will tha tAnaster rowne shall have his dwellinge howse duringe his liff tyme for the yeareley rente of xij s . Item I will that Johan my wiff whall paye yearly to William my sonne xi s after he whall accomplishe the age of xxiiij yeares.. If Joan die or remarry, legacies not yet distributed to be delivered to William Harrison and Christofer Goldinge, who are to distribute them at teh times specified in the will. Also I geve adn bequeathe to John my sonn my potte covered with sylver and gilt and a goblet of silver... within fowre yeares after my decease. Also.. to my son Rauf my cuppe Covered with silver. Item I geve to William Harrison one olde Angell Item I geve to Christofer Goldinge my Taffeta dublette. Item I geve to everye one of my maydens now dwellinge with me vj s viij d ... at the daye of there mariage.. to every one of my god Children xij d.

The residue was to go to his wife Johan, she to be teh sole exectrix. Various overseers and witnesses.

In a codicil, he directed that the furniture, silver and certayne howsholde stuffe be given to his sons John, Wawff, and William, remain in the hands of his wife during hier natural life.

Daniel Cheney, b abt 1633, Waltham Abbey, son of John Chaney and Martha Smith, son of William Cheney and Anne Summer went to Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, but I don't know how he fits into this family.

General Notes (Wife)

Named in her father's will dated 4 Jan 1549/50 as Johanne Cheyney. Married second in 1568 to John Hanford *bur 7 Feb 1610/1, Waltham Abbey, Essex). John Hanford married second 12 Dec 1597 at Waltham Abbey to Alice Wicksted.


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