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Kathleen Allen Lowe Main Ahnentafel chart

1 Kathleen Allen Lowe b Glens Falls, NY m Rev. Russell D. Smith, b Philadelphia, PA. For my father's genealogy and history, Go to my Smith family history at Geocities. Go to group sheets for my mother's and her sister's families. My mother and two of her three children have suffered from depression and clinical anxiety disorders, and explaining why is the original reason why I researched my family history. Second generation 2 Allen Arthur Lowe b ll/9/1893 Boston MA m 9/18/1920 Northhampton MA d 1/24/1964 Glens Falls NY Had Type II diabetes, died of heart attack. Information on my grandfather is in two places; Go to Lowe family letters and stories Cauthers introduction 3 Helen Story Readio b 7/1/1890 Florence, MA d May 23, 1977 Glens Falls NY, buried Spring Grove Cem, MA (w her husband). Had severe cerebral athlerosclerosis, died of a stroke. My grandmother was a remarkable, highly intelligent and very strong willed woman; Go to my grandmother's biographical sketch . THIRD GENERATION 4 Joseph Allen Lowe b 1865 or 1866? Ireland m ll/24/1886 Montreal, Quebec, Church of the Messiah, Unitarian. d 1923 NYC (Brooklyn?) or Northhampton 5 Maryanne Susan Cauthers or Gauther b 2/2l/1856 Montreal, Quebec, christened NNov 21 1856 Church of the Messiah, Montreal, d 4/27/1946, Northhampton State (psychiatric) Hospital, "Senile Psychosis" , died of arteriosclerosis. Maryanne Cauthers is described as a starched, lace-collar sort and "a real nut case", who did such things as give all of her immediate kin grave lots for Mother's Day, 1931, because she thought they should have them, at the same time she had her other son who died before he was a year old in 1888, dug up, brought from Boston to Northampton, and reinterred in one of the burial plots. Also had a terrifying temper. Go to Cauthers group sheets . 6 Charles Hiram Readio b 1/17/1858 Manchester NH m 1/20/1879 Middlefield MA d 7/28/1930 Lakewood, Ohio? buried Spring Grove Cem, Florence, MA 7 Marion Frances Raymond b 10/12/1858 Westminster, MA d 4/9/1925 Florence MA. Marion Raymond spent my grandmother's childhood behind locked doors and windows continually convinced someone dangerous was outside trying to break in. My aunt calls her manic depressive, not sure if it is her opinion or the doctors, says she didn't go to her daughter's high school graduation or wedding both in walking distance. She also died at Northampton State Hospital, at abaout age 65 - of her breast cancer. I'm working on getting the records. Northampton State Hospital patient index says Raymonds were frequent guests there. To Raymond, Balch line page. FOURTH GENERATION 8 Henry Nathaniel Lowe b Ireland 1837 m 1862 Fanet? d 1905 Go to Lowe family group sheets" . 9 Mary Dixon b d 1881 Enniskillen, Ireland 10 John Cauthers of Hemmingford Quebec? chr 1824, St Gabriel St or St Gregory Presbyt Church, Montreal. m 6/17/1852 at Unitarian Church Montreal, Quebec id as a clerk and when his daughter christened as an accountant. Died 12/21/1895, of alcoholism, Montreal, Quebec. Go to Cauthers family group sheets (information here is not up to date) 11 Mary Ann Miles chr 10/13/1830 Saint Mary, Woodbridge, Suffolk, England. d 4/28/1896 Montreal, Quebec, buried Mount Royal Cemetery Go to Miles family group records (information here is not up to date). 12 George Austin Readio b 11/1/1825 Kirkstall, Yorkshire, Engl m 11/18/1849 Kingston R.I. d 1/8/1865 drowned off Cape Hattaras Go to Readio group sheets . 13 Mary Elizabeth Allen b 9/13/1826 Middletown Conn d 7/31/1905 Florence MA. She was of Ethan Allen and Vermont Governor Allen family of REvolutionary War era fame, I trace only her direct line of descent. People can look up her family group, as with most of my mother's New England ancestors. Because they are a large and well-known family, Allen genealogies are very available. My local public library has about four of them! 14 Henry Morgan Raymond b 12/23/1831 m ll/28/1855 d 7/26/1914 Ashhumham MA. He married his first cousin. 15 Almira Raymond b 8/20/1828 Winchendon MA d 5/30/1902 Ashhumham, MA Go to Raymond/ Balch line page . FIFTH GENERATION 16 Nathaniel Lowe b England? Private secretary for Lord ____ d 1867 or 1868 buried Belfast County Antrim Shankill Cemetery Ireland 17 Katherine Allen buried at INch Abbey near Downpatrick Ireland. She was of an Allayne family, French Protestant Huguenots who settled in Ireland, and some of the family owned a steamship company in Scotland. 18 Joseph Dixon buried Clough Jordan, Tipperary, Ireland of "purely Scottish descent" 19 Mary Groves buried FAnet, Ireland of English extraction 22 Edmund Miles b England 24 John Readyhough chr 5/12/1805 Yorkshire Chapel Allerton See Readyhough group sheets for tentative genealogy of his family 25 Martha 26 Amzi Allen b 10/12/1797 Chicopee MA m 11/8/1819 Middletown CT d ll/19/183 Florence MA 27 Mary Sizer b 8/16/1797 Middletown Ct d 1/24/184_ Northampton MA 28 Amos Raymond b 4/1/1795 m 2/25/1824 d 10/15/1886 29 Julia Morgan b allegedly Wales, couldn't confirm, d 1893? 30 Asa Raymond b 5/12/1797 (brother of Amos Raymond) m 12/17,16/1818 at HOlden, Worcester, MA 31 Tabitha Walker Asa's first cousin. b abat 1798/9 Westminster Worcestshire, MA d 1869 (more info at home on my own work. Tonight I have my mother's chart.) 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