Lowe, Raymond, Cauthers, Readio, Balch family genealogy
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Lowe, Cauthers, Raymond, Readio, Balch Genealogy

Welcome to my mother's Lowe family genealogy.
My mother has a very interesting Old New England family history; several of her lines go back via the Norman aristocracy to the Angevin kings of England and all of their European noble relations!
She also has recent English Lowes and Scottish Dixons from Ireland, Miles from Suffolk, England, Scotch-Irish Cauthers and Cabane/ Bane from Canada, as well as Readio or Readyhough/ Redihalgh from Yorkshire. Surprise; my mother has as much Scotch- Irish blood as my father does!

This page is in the middle of major revisions.

My mother's recent ancestry is on what originally was supposed to be the main genealogical page .
This page also contains links to pages on my mother's recent ancestry.

My Genealogical Pages from my database These pages are up to date. The pages below are not necessarily up to date.

Biography of my grandmother, a very remarkable woman

Letters from my Lowe great grandfather pertaining to family history

Lowe family group sheets, including my mother's Scotch-Irish Dixon connections .

Cauthers and Miles

Unitarian and Montreal Unitarian history and hysterically funny descriptive tale about the Montreal church.

A copy of an e-mail I wrote on the social conditions in which John Cauthers grew up.

Raymond, Davis (Willard), Hubbard, Rice and Balch lines

Raymond ahnentafel table This is the old version of Marion Raymond's ancestry. It may go back further, and it may be out of date.

List of most of the people in the file sorted alphabetically . Recently entered people may not be there. Especially for Cauthers/ Gauther, Miles, and Raymond, check the relevant pages for those families. Since both notes and family groups output by PAF 3.0 are in order by RIN (individual reference number), look in this list and in the following list of individuals with notes to get their RIN.

In my efforts to trace mental illness that runs in my Raymond lines, seemingly from the directions of the Balch's, the Rice's, and the Bishop's, I also have made some pages of my own. Go to my Raymond line family groups page .

Go to my file of mostly Rice, Davis, Hubbard genealogical notes on mental health

Go to my file on the Balch's, Bishops, and Raymonds, and the Salem witch trials. This tale comes smack through 1692 Salem, I had no fewer than four ancestors die in the Salem witch trials, and though the ignorance and spiteful- ness that some of my ancestors took part in against family members is horrifying, partly because it is reminiscent of how some of my family and people around them handle things today, I have to have some fun with all that witch stuff. But I also have an executed witch in my Rice/Willard/Davis/Hubbard lineage! Both of these files include good analysis of behind the scenes of the Salem witch trials, and alot of witch trial graphics. And witchiness, birdiness and battiness, which were in plentiful supply all over the place, are appropriately illustrated.

The fun and games of these lines of my ancestry also qualified me for membership in the International Black Sheep Society at Rootsweb.

Readio (Readyhough, Reddyhoff) and Allen

Marion Raymond married Charles Hiram Readio; his parents were George Austin Readyhough from Yorkshire, and Mary Elizabeth Allen of the George> Samuel of Windsor, CT family, of Revolutionary War importance.
These files are preliminary; they need substantial correcting and cleaning up.

Accurate family group records on my direct Allen line and some interesting myth history of the Allens are at My Readio section.

Go to my Readyhough section, , which contains my Allen and Chapin line family group records as well as all Readyhough/ Readio family information.

My Allen lines also contain two more qualifiers for Rootsweb's Black Sheep Society. Through my Tuttles, I am descended from William Tuttle of Connecticut, several of whose children had psychotic episodes and brutally murdered family members. The DeWolfs were quite characters. The brother of one of the grandfather of Amzi Allen's wife, Mary Sizer, founded the largest of all transatlantic slave trading empires, which stayed in the family for two generations, making that line of the DeWolf family the wealthiest and most powerful family in Rhode Island. Mary Sizer's Sizer great grandfather, on the other hand, was most likely a New England mulatto who, able to pass as white, claimed to be from a Mediterranean island, and started over.

A current film project, linked from these pages, traces the DeWolf history, but argues that the entire economy of New England supported and benefitted from southern slavery. The project is headed by a DeWolf descendant who was troubled after burning out as a social worker in Washington, DC, so she undertook Episcopal seminary studies and then did this outstanding family history research project. The reason why we tell this and other stories is not guilt at the deeds of ancestors, but the fact that the social problems of old New England are hardly dead. 17th through 19th century social, economic and moral tensions are alive, and completely well. Only their form has changed.

Details in the Allen family history leave one wondering how far behind they had left the DeWolf family history. Allen descendants of them ignore the whole thing or pretend it was a different family, while pretending Anthony Sizer was anything but a New ENgland mulatto. There are some interesting coincidences in Amzi Allen's and George Readio's careers. However, it looks now like the Allen quenchent for respectablity may have come into play by building these two men into somewhat more than they were. Stay tuned.
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