Dora Smith's genealogy, with Burkharts, Deharts of Berks County and Quaker Thompson, Chambers, Miller of Chester County, Pennsylvania and Delaware
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Welcome to my web page.

This is my old genealogy pages from my Geocities site.   The information on these pages is not up to date, and some of it is incorrect.    However, a number of stories, historical information and documents on these lines are here.

Click here for most pages related to my father's family, including his ancestry, Dehaven and Dehart genealogy, documents such as wills, deeds and probate, and family history files,.

Click here for  maps related to London Britain, Chester County, PA.

Click here for my mother's genealogy.
Warning; these pages are a bit strange. Some vicious mental health genes run in her Old New England and Irish and French Canadian family lines. The trail runs through 17th century Salem, Massachusetts, and some strangely feathered founders of Sudbury, Massachusetts. There are all sorts of witches and birds, axe murderers and fanatical Puritan clergy, and even Rhode Island slavers, batting around on these pages.  There are also letters and autobiographical journals written by some  of my ancestors.

Family and Ancestral Pictures

I have a photo album.    

It contains photo albums of some of my ancestors and my background; it was current 10 years ago, before I got the family photos that my mother had kept, some of which are in the main section of my genealogy on individual pages.  

Lnik below is for Black Sheep Society - and it may have moved.