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Family Group Sheets

Smith group records

Children of John and Isabella Smith

Little William died and buried at sea on trip to this country

William b 2/4/1797 London Britain m Mary Dehaven see above

Adam b 7/8/1798  or JUly l3. 

John b 6/29/1800

Mary b 6/29/1802

Isabella b 5/17/1804

George b 9/10/1806 d 9/29/1842, buried Flint Hill Cemetery

   in New London (now Franklin) m Mary _____.

   Son George W.  b 3/12/1841, d 8/1/1844, buried Flint Hill too.

Eliza Jane b 6/28/1810

Children of William Smith and Mary Dehaven

John D. d l/5/1881 age 60 buried Flint Hill Cem

    b 11/3/1821 

    m Anna E Garrett d 2/25/1905 age 80.  buried Flint Hill

SArah Anne b 8/28/1823 d 1/29/1903 buried Flint Hill Cem

    m 5/19/1847  

    Robert Montgomery b 11/25/1822 d 12/15/1900 buried

    Flint Hill Cem They lived in Franklin TWP near Kimbleville.

    BElonged to Flint Hill Meth Episc Ch.

    John Montgomery, Robert's father, worked as mason with

    William Smith when they were young.  


    George Quincy b 2/6/1848 d 10/16/1903 Lewisville buried


         m 3/18/1875 Louisa Ddatryple Stern 3/18/1875

    Saresa J b 4/6/1850 d ll/28/1876 m 12/23/1869 James M Ewing

    Anna Margaret b 10/7/1852 d 11/27/1937 m Joseph B Ewing


    John Henry b 5/2/1854 m Annie Lizzie Gregg 11/2/1876

    Mary Smith (middle name) b 11/8/1856 d 11/8/1928-9 m John C Vansant

         2/3/1881  they are buried Flint Hill Cem too.

         John Vansant b 7/7/1859 to John Clark Vansant and 

         Maria Jacobs.  John Sr was a farmer, merchant, road commissioner

         in Delaware.  Presbyterian.  Moved to London Britain l860.  

         John Jr a farmer and prosperous merchant in farm equipment.  Aso

         held a number of public posts, incl town supervisor, school

         director and tax collector.  

         John Clark Vansant Jr (third) b 12/1/1883 ed Goldey Coillege, 

             Wilmington, bookkeeper w H. K. Mulford Chemical Company of


         Gaylord M. K. Vansant b 1885 d 1885

         George Montgomery Vansant b 12/21/1887

         Nile Everett Vansant b 12/24/1896

    Emily b 12/28/1859

    William Smith (Middle name) b 11/25/1861 d 12/8/1912 bur 

        Flint Hill Cem

    Elizabeth K b 8/20/1865 m 12/29/1886 Harry I Garrett,

        b 9/18/1859.

        They lived near Stricklersville in 1901, on farm where he 

        was born.  (in London Britain)  

        Clinton Humphrey Garrett b 2/12/1890

        Robert Anson Garrett b 9/20/1891

George I b 7/31/1826 d 1/25/1905 m Annie E Reddell, 

      1880 census shows tehm in Mechanicsville, George I age

      53, a stacker or something, Anna E age 48, George H, age

      18, and Sarah Miller age 51, a servant, b MD.  

    one of his children, George W b 8/22/1860 in

      Delaware, they moved to Maryland when he was

      l6.  He m in l885, Margaret E Crosson, b 6/22/1861,

      dau of

      Kennedy Crosson of family that owned alot of land

      near Langenburg.  Kennedy's farm was immediately

      south of the farm taht was Davis Whitten's.

      In l898 they moved onto Kennedy Crosson's farm,

      which George W appears to have owned, since he

      ran it as if he did and profitted from it greatly.

      Two of their three children lived;

         Martha Ann, b 4/21/1889

         George I b 9/9/1892.  

      I wonder if Crosson farm became the "George I Smith"

      farm near Chesterville that Jim McVey heard about 

      from his mother and wondered if it was John Smith's


    Another child, Mary Louise Smith m James Foard

      a dau, Mrs. Ernest Frazier had

        Anna Frazier, DAR 217885

Mary Jane b 2/14/1829 d 1916

    m 1849 William Armstrong b 1822 d 7/20/1903 age 80.

    (Get folder from Cecil Co Hist Soc)

    Some descendants from DAR books:

    dau Mary Dorothea ARmstrong b Cecil Co, MD m John Armstrong

       children include:

       Mary Dorothea Armstrong b 1852 

       Dora b 1852 m Renkin ARmstrong b 1849

    (This is confusing; DAR's Delaware Bible REcords has these

    two daughters of Mary Jane.  Then an Emma dau of Mary Dorothea,

    m the Zinberg.)

    Two others are daughters, nieces or granddaughters of Mary

    Dorothea I or Mary Dorothea II; 

       Edna Armstrong Curtis m George Curtis, b Newark DE

       Emma Jane Armstrong Zinberg m Samuel Zinberg b Newark DE    

Jacob Reed b 3/7/1834 d 7/16/1900 m Emma Ratcliffe

James P b 1/11/1837 d 11/28/1911 m Emily Henderson (see below)

William Henry Sr b 10/14/1830/1831 WC m Mary Emma Thompson (see below)

Samuel D  b 10/23/1839 d 2/6/1898 m Mattie J Singles or Snigles

    (see below)

Lizzie (Elizabeth) b 9/26/1842 m 1864 John Westly Kennady son of 

   Robert Kennady Jr and Lydia A (Stinson), b 4/5/1833 London

   Britain She d 7/24/1924 he d 1/18/1908 both buried New 

   London Presbyt Ch cemetery.

   Adopted one son at age six as of 1903; William J Kennady.

     He created rucus, was temporarily jailed because he threw

     a violent rage, believing he was disinherited, burned his

     father's will, tried to flee (?) and was found hiding in a

     doorway of the family house.  Eventually it was decided he

     inherited his father's estate.

   A brother of John Westly committed suicide due to depression.  

   Robert Sr came from Ireland; James Kennedy married Catherine

   Dehaven is not of the same family.  The Kennady's were a 

   small family. 

   (notes from Jim McVey make it appear

   that he may be son of marriage to Catherine sister of Mary

   Dehaven; she married James Kennedy 1785-1860, that is signif

   for some reason.)

Winfield Scott b 4/28/1847  married Almeta _____ lived in

    White Clay Creek 1900 census

    Winfield Scott is the name of a famous Civil War era general

    and U.S. presidential candidate.  

Children of William Henry Smith Sr and Mary Emma Thompson

Willard Thompson Smith b  Dec 12, 1871,White Clay Creek,

    DE.  Died Salt Lake City, Utah, Jan 6, 1925, of carcinoma

    of the stomach.  He graduated from college in 1892, and in

    1900 was serving the second of two terms as a member of the 

    5-person Delaware State Board of Education, specifically

    responsible as Superintendent of Schools for Delaware County.

    He served one term in the state legislature. Then, after

    1908, he went to Salt Lake City, Utah, as a special agent

    for teh U.S. government land office - according to his

    death certificate.  On 28 Aug 1908

    prob in Delaware City, Delaware, he married Julia Rebecca C

    Sadler, the daughter of James E adn Laura Sadler.  She d 1927.

    The 1900

    census shows her in Delaware City with her family and 

    Willard Smith, strangely enough, boarding.  James Sadler

    is said by Willard's son's widow to have been a mayor of

    Delaware City, and Willard's son William was a mayor of

    Delaware City for about two terms in the 1950's or so.  James

    Sadler was also a coal seller.  Smith family members still

    live on James Sadler's property, but in 1900, it was mortgaged

    and James and wife came from Maryland.  

    1880 census has

    him nine years old, census enumerated ___ day of June. 

    registration at Delaware College age 16, Sept 6, 1888.

    Regitration for bar (not admitted until Nov 1903), Delaware

    he said on Sept 20 1897 he was 25.

    Willard is buried in Salt Lake City. His widow returned to

    Delaware City. Then somehow one of the five children got sent

    to live with Aunt Mayme, my father's aunt, and the others got

    sent to two of their mother's sisters in Delaware City. Laura

    and Gertrude.  


       Julia (nicknamed Judy) dec, Surf City, NJ

           m Walter Cludius d 12/30/1996

           Surf City, NJ lived at 1707 Central Ave. Surf

           City, NJ. Before that, lived at 621 Grand Ave.,

           Havertown, PA, a Philiadelphia suburb.  . 

           Walter's brother Harold has one son.  Walter  Cludius

           lived in Surf City, NJ, whenso far last known of. 

           Harold's son and granchildren know where everyone is.

           One daughter, Julia Cludius, married Charles Brown,

                Is called Anne Brown.  Lives in Blue Srings, Mo. 

                She has some family genealogical information.          

       William (the eldest, b Utah) d supposedly 1995, Delaware

           City, married Mary Brannon, living in Delaware City.

           David, lives in Delaware city


           Claudia m ____ Goodwin, 


           Mary June m ___ Peterson. May not be still married to him.

                Lives in Delaware City

       Jim (twin) deceased. m Mary, deceased m (2) Maxine, living, 

           Portland, Oregon.             

           Jim Jr 

           Julia. m Jim or Ken Farver lives in Woodstock, ILL 

       Frank (twin) deceased m Alberta, living, Carlsbad, CA 

           Frank Jr, 

           Wayne m Anne, they live in Austin, TX, have a daughter. 

           Barbara lives in Carlsbad, CA  

           Janet/ Jennet married  

       Catherine  m Dr. William Mark Cavanaugh.  

            They adopted two children, and her husband remarried.  


Lawrence Dehaven Smith b June 27, 1873 d FEb 9, 1925 Pitcairn Pa

    buried at Grantham Cemetery in North Versailles, with his 

    wife and daughter Elizabeth. He married ADa Smith, b 13 Oct

    1882, d prob McVeytown, Mifflin Co, PA (SS death index)

    zip 17051, 7/22/1972. SS # 187-36-0550 HE had epilepsy,

    my father was told as a boy he'd died of the flu, and

    death certificate says he died of apoplexy.  

   Had daughters:

       Elizabeth Steele, b 11 Dec 1906, SS death index,

           d June 22 1972, prob McVeytown, PA zip 17051

           social security death index SS 160-12-9014

       Elizabeth A. Garner (Emma Garner - not sure how I got Mrs. 

           Elizabeth.) (married name from Grantham Cem)

           Had children Stephen Garner and "Mrs. Clark Carpenter"

           Stephen Garner apparently lived in Rochester until

           recently.  Elizabeth Garner (?) lived near Rochester, NY and

           was married to Ellwood Garner, who according to SS

           index died there in 1979.  As of 1972, she had 

           three grandnephews.  

Amanda M m James Wilson, 6 Apr 1913 prob Philadelphia. 

     b 8 May 1883 near Newark. On Smith family farm. Died 19 Nov

     1944, Philadelphia, according to family records.  Not buried

     at Arlington Cemetery.  

William Henry Smith Jr b 9/23/1879 m Bessie Mae Moore see above

Mayme (Mary) Miller Smith b 1875 (1880 census and estimated from

     age at death) married Frank Heyburn, Haybourne

     no issue. died 11/11/64 in nursing home, I think, lived

     at 47th and Pine or someting in Philadelphia. cemetery

     has her as age 89.  Bowen funeral home out of business.

     age 5 in 1880 census. Frank Heyburn, cemetery spelling,

     died Mary 18 1968, I believe in a nursing home, age 93.

     Both buried at Arlington Cemetery. Avon Section, Lot 865, 

     graves 1 and 2.

Children of Charles Moore and Carrie Dehart

Nellie m George Dunsafe, misspelled Dansafe, lived Drexil Hill PA, died 

   there July 4, 1965 ( I may have listed it as July 8 on other

   page, buried July 9. According to funeral home, she was b

   Reading, PA Jan 26, 1886.  Listed as 79 yrs old at death.

   Died of pulmonary edema. Had arteriosclerosis. 

   Went to Broad St Methodist church

   or atleast minister there buried her, also her husband, who

   belonged to no church. Buried in same graves as Charles Moore

   and Carrie Dehart; Lansdowne Section, Lot 68, graves nos

   2 and 3.  George Dunsafe d 2/9/58, age 73, was from Cedarville

   NJ.  Had sister, Mrs. Louis or Lewis Diamente, of Cedarville,

   NJ, and nephew, Ellis S. Diamente, of Woodbury NJ.  George S

   Dunsafe was an accountant for a plumbing supply firm in

   PHiladelphia; they lived in a good section of Drexel Park,

   Drexel Hill, Upper Darby township, Delaware County, from 1928.    

Bessie Mae Moore b 5/14/1884 Dauphin Co,

      d 12/1946 Carlisle Pa  Se above.

Children of William Henry Smith Jr and Bessie Mae Moore

Willard b 5/12/1912 m Elizabeth Schlice d 6/20/1969 Montgomery

     Co. Of heart attack. Had one son, Steven, b 1939, d 1986.

     Death from mental health problems; contact me for details.

     Has three children.

     Douglas Alan Dubois, Eric P Smith b 1964, , and Lisa Smith  b 1967 who

     is married to Michael Austin and lives in New Mexico. All

     b in Hackensack, NJ.    

Russell Drayton b 1919 Philadelphia m Catherine Allen Lowe

Children of Russell D Smith and CAtherine Lowe

Dora A b 1956 Connecticut now living in Austin, Texas

Lawrence J b 1960 Glens Falls, NY, now lives in Schenectady,


Helen E b 1963 m Philip McKinstry, they have an infant son,

   Michael and live in Austin, Texas.

Children of James P Smith and Mary Henderson

William Cyrus went to Raleigh NC lived w mother and 

    never married businesses picking ferns for funeral

    industry, coca cola franchise, ford dealer or 

    something. He ws college graduate.  


Mary Rebecca m Leon Garrett

Adra m Carrie Pierce one daughter Emily Ada

James m Mary Bowmann:  Joseph Bowmann and Emily Henderson

   Mary Bowmann was dau of Joseph Bowmann and Mary Emma 

   Burns, dau of Mary Kennady m Robt Burns, dau of Catherine

   Dehaven m James Kennedy.

Gustavus m lola M R Jones see below

Martha went to Raleigh NC

   lived with mother and never married

Children of Gustavus and Lola Jones

Clarence Eugene d l/13/1995 age 77, loan office at Wilmington

    Trust Co downtown Newark branch m Ruth S ___ 

    Ronald C of West Chester

    Richard E of Newark

Rebecca mother of Jim McVey?


William Cyrus

Children of Ezra Thompson and Mary Miller

Miller b 1832, d 1848


Sarah Jane

Lewis m Amanda Beason


Ezra Jr d 1875 of gun accident, m Lizzie Blackwell, left family

Mary Emma b 1844 or 1845 m William Henry Smith sr d 4/19/1923 PH

Dehart and Burkhart Group Sheets

Children of Philip Burkhart and Barbara Wagner:

Elizabeth b abt 1808 at Reading, Schwartzwald

Maria b 6/30/1808

John W. DIED 1803 Alsace, Spies Cem, 

Lydia Ann b 5/22/1814 m 11/9/1834 Gilbert Dehart

Children of Gilbert Dehart and Lydia Ann Burkhart:

Philip b 12/28/1843 Alsace m Matilda Bridegam d 1/22/1919

   Muhlenberg, Alsace Cem

Frederick b 10/12/1839 d 6/16/1874/8 Muhlenberg, Alsace Cem

Susan b 1840? d 1873 m Frank Stautler

Barbara b 6/11/1837 d 1875?  m Samuel Jones

John B. b 12/24 or 31/1836 as above.

group sheet for Mary Horner m John Dehart


Frederich Horner mentioned brother Jacob  in his will.

Mentioned children:







Mary under 18 in 1788

Rachel under 18 in 1788

Eleanor under 18 in 1788

Elisabeth gets with her sister bed, bedding and a cow and "is to have no more."  Estate divided among other children when the

mother  dies.