Russell Smith's paternal genealogy, with Burkharts, Deharts of Berks County and Quaker Thompson, Chambers, Miller of Chester County, Pennsylvania and Delaware
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Welcome to my father's ancestry pages.

These pages were overhauled January 2007.

My main genealogical files based on my database are at my Rootsweb freepages web site. This web site is based on my database and is up to date. Nevertheless, historical information about the family and various groups of ancestors, and supporting documentation such as maps, probate, signatures, tax and census lists are still below.

My web pages include:

My father's (Smith) Afanatel style genealogical tables and family group sheets Updated Sept 2000.

Smith family groups, and a few other family groups thrown in. Updated Sept 2000


ancestral documents of my family in London Britain township; also, a letter and pictures of buildings John Smith and Jesse Dehaven once owned, and early tax lists of London Britain township.

Ancestry of John Miller's wife Mary Webster" with alot of information on the Mennonite Quakers of Crefeld who primarily settled Germantown. (See also Dehaven pages below.)

1860, 1873 and 1883 property maps of London Britain and Franklin Townships, Chester County, Pennsylvania. You can see where John Smith's, William Smith's, Ezra Thompson's and Jesse Dehaven's land was.

A file of links to my on-line wills, probate, tax records, etc. of some of my ancestors, such as Jesse and Mary Dehaven, Ezra Thompson, John Smith.

A page of links to London Britain and the "Wedge" (tri-county) resources. Current as of 10 years ago.

I am trying to trace my Burkhart line. To this end, I have a file of notes on Burkharts of Berks County and of Pennsylvania.

A file of notes I compiled on Deharts of Berks County, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Brooklyn while tracing my Deharts.

A page of what I have so far on the family of Jacob Weiss of Highspire, father of John Dehart's wife.

Files of information on early Dehavens in this country and information I have so far compiled on descendants of Samuel II Dehaven is at Dehavens and Descendants of Samuel II Updated 7/14
Dehaven data base This is out of date information; based on Helen Martha Wright's book and Baron Von Alten's chart, not particularly up to date, but a good guide for learning if one is my cousin.

A page of Dehaven family history Last updated August

Andrew Thompson's Thompson family history, which he wrote in the Quaker records at Salem, NJ, where the family first settled. No descendent of the Salem/ New Garden PA - Mill Creek DE Thompsons should be without it!

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