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Dehavens: EArly ancestry and Descendants of Samuel II

For more information on early Dehavens and for information on

Smith lines of descent from Jesse Dehaven, see

    My main genealogical file on my father's ancestry 

    My notes on the Dehavens 

    German Dehaven history 

    Evert's and Peter's seal, Jesse Dehaven's mark" 

Following is a partial table of Dehavens (they are a large 

family) with my own direct line and their siblings, showing

relationships to Jacob Dehaven of the Revolutionary War loans.

I will be glad to look anyone up in my copy of Baron Von Alten's

(l894) Dehaven table and other information on request. I 

have the most specific information on my own lines, and the

purpose of this file is to compile information on people

descended from Samuel II and closely related to me.  See also my

Smith group sheets in  my main 

genealogical file  for descendants of Samuel II who are 

members of my own Smith family.  My great-great grandfather,

William Smith, of London Britain PA and White Clay Creek, DE, 

married Mary the daughter of Jesse Dehaven, and they had ten

children, and many descendants.  I have information on several

of those lines, and am looking for the rest of them.    

A number of books on Dehavens have been published; Martha

Wright's  good one is available from the Mormon LDS library 

through its family history centers. The information below is

generally known about the family, comes from Baron Von Alten's

chart of the genealogy of the Peter I branch of the Dehaven

family published in 1894 and up to date on many lines at that

time, Martha WRight's book on the Dehavens, and relatives.

Don Shockley and Joe Patterson have a set of good and informative

biographical and genealogical documents on early Dehavens

including Samuel II's line at the USGENWEB archives under

Pennsylvania: Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties, biography. 

 Montgomery Co PA biography 

 Philadelphia Co PA biography 

Evert Inderhoffin or Indehoeven married Elizabeth Schippbower in

Muelheim, Germany.  In 1680's or 1690's they were among the initial

settlers of Germantown, in what is now Philadelphia. 

Children of Evert Indehoeven and Elizabeth Schippower (from 

   Wright and Baron Von Alt chart)                  

I  Wilhelm b ___ bapt Mulheim ll/29/1680 d in infancy

II Gerhard alias Garret bapt Mulheim l2/5/1681.  d 2/1747 buried

     Mannon Ch Chippack Will, City Hall, Philadelphia, m Maria

     or Anna Marie Selle.  Lived Perkomien/ Skippack TWP, 

     drowned when his ship sank.  Had two children.

III Herman, alias Harmond b Mulheim d 4/1752 will, ciity Hall, 

     Philadelphia, m Anita OpdenGraef, a wealthy family.

     Ten children (listed in Dehaven Club directory)

V Anna bapt Mulheim l/7/1691.  (Gerdruth?)  remained in Muelheim

VI Will bapt Mulheim 1694 remained in Mulheim.

IV Peter I bapt Mulheim 3/12/1686/8, d 5/23/1768, Bur Old Blue 

     Bell Church, will City Hall, Philadelphia, m Sidonia 

     Levering, b 4/23/1691, d abt 1736

Children of Peter I:

* The three reputed "brothers from France" of family myth.

IV a Edward b___ m Margaret OpdenGraef in

     1760 had six children.

   c Modlin (Magdalen) b 11/25/1716 d 9/28/1801 m Hance 

     Supplee Had 14 children; see Dehaven Club directory

   d John b 1715 m Maria in 1760 four children m Elizabeth

     Potts two children

  *e Peter II b 1719 d ll/ll/1815 m Sarah Hughes b 1722

     d 9.15.1760 Had one child

     m (2) Elizabeth Knight had three children

   f Elisabeth m John Yocum (of New Sweden) nine children

     see Dehaven Club Directory

  *g Samuel I b 3/8/1724 d 2/19/1815 m Susanna Spaulding

     of New Sweden b 5/17/1726 d 4/17/1814 children on chart

   h Gerhard perhaps m Anna Frey, four children

   i Mary


  *  Had no children who had any children.

   k John d unm

   l Abraham d umn

   b William I b 1714 d 9/10/1784 m Hannah Cramber (poss

      Cramer) 3/31/1739 First Presbyt Ch of Philadelphia.

      She b l7l7 in Whitpain, d 6/25/1786.  Will, City Hall.  

      dated 9/5/1784, affirmed 9/21/1784.  Both buried at 

      Boehm's church at Blue BEll, PA  (I think he was a Calvin-

      istic fringe sort controversial because not properly 

      ordained)  Little known about Hannah Cramer/ Cramber.  

      An Andreas Kramer naturalized w others 1709, attended

      yearly Quaker meeting at Burlington 1692, with both

      Quakers and Mennonites.  William b Whitpain lived all his

      life there on land his father deeded to him 12/10/1742.  

      He deeded 55 of 105 acres to William, yeoman, and the rest

      to Edward.  William already owned land adjoining. 

      This became Rieff Farm.  

      b1 Margareth b 1739 m Conrad Klein

      b2 Peter III b l/31/1741 d 1820 m Abigail West

         died Frederick Co Va, Dehaven Club members named 

         Dehaven from W Va are of this line (and not those around

         Grant and Mineral Counties)

      b3 Sarah b 9/26/1743 

      b4 Andrew b 2/19/1745 d 1788 bur Norristown

         Dorothy Bertine of this line

      b6 Jesse b 1748 m ___ had atleast three children

      b7 Abraham b 1750 d 7/1829 m Ann ____ six children

      b8 Joes (John) d in infancy

      b9 Hannah didn't marry, lived in family home.

      b5 Samuel II b 1752/4, 1746/7 Julian Calendar 

         d 1821 m abt 1771 CAtherine Ramey.  That is a real name,

         French. Var. Remy. Nothing known about her. D 1821,

         Horsham TWP, Montgomery County,

         where he bought a plantation in 1774.

         Until then he lived with his father and brothers in

         Whitpain, Montgomery Co, and had a tannery.  He also              owned 58 acres in Whitpain in 1798.  He and his son

         Jesse jointly owned Jesse's farm in London Britain, 

         which was purchased from Samuel's Wright son-in-law.


      Children of Samuel II:

      David b 1772/3?? m SArah Gordon, children. 

           Prob rented a Stone house with 58 acres from Henry

           Greenwalt 1798 Whitpain next to Mathias Wentz

           children Samuel b 1814, m Martha Taylor, Joel, b 1817

           Catherine lived Avon NY Sarah b 1820 m ___Hall

           Elizabeth Tasie Jane

      Jesse b 9/10/1773 d 1/ll/1835 m Magdalene Mary Pluck

           b 6/10/1774 d 9/4/1838 Germany Lived London Britain

           TWP Chester Co on farm he owned in partnership w his

           father, b at New London Presby Ch,   

           Catherine b 5/22/1794 d apptly 5/22 or 23/1882 age 90.

               buried at London Tract Church in London Britain

               from Chester Co Historical Society news clippings.

               m James Kennedy, b 7/20/1785 d 3/6/1860 cem record

               buried London tract Church

               seven children. I am working on who they are.

              (News clippings from Chester Co Historical Society)

               THey apparently lived in southern London Britain

               in the part that is now Franklin near Maryland

               border, and attended Old School Baptist Church in

               Mill Creek Hundred (over the Delaware border in

               Newark), where Catherine was a prominent member.

               Both this church and the London Tract Church were

               Welsh and Primitive Baptist

               Seven children.  I am working on who they were.

               l.  Jesse Osborne Kennedy b 4/6/1921 Franklin.

               d 6/5/1906 at home of his dau Lena Priest in 

               West Chester, age 85. Buried Goshen Friends' 

               Burial Ground in Goshenville.

               m Ida/ Rebecca Richardson of New Garden who was 40 

               in 1860 census when her husband was 29, and died

               l8 years before her husband.  Jessie had no

               religious affiliation, stalwart Republican, lived

               Philadelphia, Oxford (Chester Co), Carlyle Ill, 

               West Chester.  1860 Census put him in East

               Nottingham. SEven children. From Bonnie Bunce

               a. Lydia A. Kennedy age 16 in 1860 census

               b. Ida Richardson Kennedy m Charles Leonard Cole


               Bonnie Bunce's web page  She was 9 in 1860

               census, and 25 in 1880 Census, when she lived in

               New Hampton, Belknap Co New Hampshire with her


               c. Lena A. Kennedy m "Conductor" Wellington Priest

               on  12/9/1869, Chester Co Hist Soc news abstract

               Bonnie cites a computer printout of prob same

               news clipping she was "of Philadelphia", and 

               "formerly of Chester Co".  She lived in West

               Chester when her father died!

               d. Matilda 15 in 1860 census m Wm H Casho b 1833?

               of Newark DE on l/26/1867, Chester Co Hist Soc

               Abstract, "of Chester Co", Bonnie's computer

               printout has her of West Chester. 

               e. George, 13  in 1860 census.  

               f. Anna ll in 1860 census

               g. Ella 3 in 1860 census

               Jesse O Kennedy's obituary lists "Mrs. Kenfield",

               not living, George Kennedy in St Louis MO, Anna

               m ___ DuBree and living in Philadelphia, Mrs. Cole

               not living, Mrs. Dr. McGaffigan of St. Louis MO.

               A note on his birthday party in April has some of

               his children came from Philadelphia bringing 

               among others gt grand daughter Irene Stamper. 

               2. Matilda Dehaven (Isaac Chambers Bible record in

               Virdin or D.A.R. of Delaware, book on Delawar

               Bible Records, vol. 3, Bonnie Bunce) 

               b 2/13/1815 d 5/25/1891 m Isaac Newton Chambers                   b 7/11/1809 d 11/27/1879 son of Isaac Chambers

               of White Clay Creek Chambers Quaker family and

               Lydia Beeson. b 4/25/1838 d 11/27/1879 

               Isaac was my cousin a half dozen

               times via the Miller, Thompson and Chambers

               clan of New Garden, Chester County and Newark

               Delaware. Lydia Beeson prob sister of Beeson who

               married Lewis Thompson.

               THeir children all b in or near 

               Newark DE according to their granddaughter who

               lived there when DAR collected the Bible record

               a. Lydia Maria Chambers b 3/24/1836

                 d 2/22/1849 b Quaker

                  Grave Yard, Stricklersville (London Britain)

                  PA (THat means they went to meeting with my

                  direct Thompson ancestors)

               b. Isaac Newton Chambers b 4/25/1838 

               c. Louisa Jane Chambers b 8/27/1840

               d. Margaret Matilda Chambers b 2/18/___ 

               e. James Marshall Chambers b 2/13/1848 d St 

                  Louis, MO 5/11/1914

               f. Anna Maria Chambers b 2/7/1850 d 10/13/1919 

                  buried Head of Christiana Cemetery, Newark DE

                  m John Crosby Worth l/28/1873 only l child

                  Ola Louise Worth b ll/7/1880 m John Pearce Cann

                  on 3/26/1908 owned the Bible. There until l974?

               g. Georce C. Chambers b 2/4/1853

               h. Ella S Chambers b 3/17/1855

               i. Laura L Chambers b 1/4/1855

            ***** David - James Kennedy left l/4 of the amount he

                  left to Matilda to his grandon David her son.    

****** THat means I really want to hear from any relatives 

       I have who are descended from this couple!

               3. Mary m Robert Burns

                  Her children incl:

                  Mary Emma Burns m Joseph Bomann

                    Their children incl

                    Mary Bomann m James Smith g.son Wm Smith and

                    Mary Dehaven dau of Jesse.  

               4. Elisa Jane - her father gave her $100 to keep

                    her from challenging the will.

               5. William Henry Kennedy d 6/25/1905 at home of

                  son-in-law Charles Davis near Appleton, Cecil

                  Co. b near Strickersville, Chester Co (London

                  Britain TWP) 6/24/1831.  m abt 3/25/1852 (est

                  from 50th wedding anniversary celebration) 

                  Mary E Pickering Lived "almost" entire life

                  "in vicinity of his recent home" between

                  Kembleville and Strickerville in Franklin TWP

                  buried Rosebank Cem

                  Elmer Kennedy of Marshalton DE in l905

                  Mrs. Charles Davis of Appleton in l905

                  Miss Minnie Kennedy in l905 

                  In l886 he held a "family reunion" doesn't say

                  of what family, Harry G Smith, and James A Conner

                  of West Chester present, total about 40, some in 

                  that neighborhood, others in Wilmington and


                 *James Kennedy also willed $50 to grandson

                  John Harper.  Doesn't say who was his mother.

                  James Kennedy divided his property "among his

                  four children" which does not count Elisa Jane.   

           Joseph b 11/10/1795 d in Baltimore m Sarah 

               Bostie b Germany children Mary, Phoebe Ann m

               George Fillmore Brown in Md (SEE BELOW), Samuel,

               Jesse, Sarah, Margaret, Jacob.  Three died as


           Phoebe b 3/14/1797 m 6/14/1814 Solomon Brogan

               b 1/j3/1787 d 10/8/1838 in London Britain TWP

               by her father, Jesse.  (:from bible owned by Miss

               Annie Brogan of Alloway, NJ, l925)  

                See children of Phoebe Dehaven

and Solomon Brogan 

           Samuel b 2/28/1799 m Margaret McCarty ch Mary

               m William Falls Peter b 1817 m Emily____

           Jacob b 1/3/1801 d 1866 b. 3-4-1800 - d. 9-5-1866 (gravestone)

               m Hannah McDonnell b. 8-30-1805 - d. 3-22-1868 (gravestone)

               1850 census - hotel keeper, age 50, m Hannah, age 47,

               New Castle Co, DE.   Buried White Creek Hundred, Presbyterian

               Cemetery.   1860 census - he appears to have moved to

               Philadelphia.  Not proven this is same person.  M Hannal L,

               57.  Hotel keeper, 10,000, 1,000.  1859 CD he kept a hotel

               and lived at 715 Market St, 1861 CD he kept a hotel and

               lived at NE Broad and Washington.   Info from Joy (Firman?),

               Joe Patterson, Frank Dehaven


               Charles Wesley, d unm 

               Caroline Elizabeth b 1828 d 1909  m Benj Hartmann, / Benjamin 

                     Herdman. b 1821 d 1907

                    Son Charles M. Herdman d 5/7/1933 death certificate

                     confirms his parents were Benjamin Herdman and

                     Caroline Dehaven.  Benjamin was a hotel keeper in the

                     Newcastle, DE area in his early years.  

                     Descendant Joy was tracing

                     an ancestor, Jacobus Du Haven, who was a merchant 

                     involved in shipping, possibly French (thus  Dehaven 

                     changed to Du Haven?) loaned money to Washington to 

                     support the  Revolution and that the money had 

                     never been repaid. Her mother and a sister were 

                     Herdmans.   She mentions a large Jacob Dehaven monument 

                     in a cemetery.  

               Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson Dehaven b. 10-18-1831 d. 6-17-1859

                   (parents grave monument, White Clay Creek Presbyterian 

                   Cemetery) unm, 

                   Frank Dehaven thinks he m Ann Elizabeth Cox in 1855,

                   had Andrew J. 1859, Edward C. 1857

               Louisa m Henry Hurley, 

               Davis Whitley m Mary Martin, 

               Emma Julia m E A Marshall, 

               Maggie Lavinia m Allison Naylor

           Mary b 5/14/1803 m William Smith of London

               Britain and White Clay Creek, 

                See my main genealogy


               for descendants of my great-great grandparents.

           Jesse b 10/10/1805 m Minta Gamble children 

               William, John Ann and David

           Sarah Ann b 6/21/1817 d Sept 11, 1870.  

               m Dec 11, 1836, James Makey, Mackey

               b Jul 4, 1814 d Dec 11, 1836. He was son of

               Robert Mackey and Jane Kimble.  Robert was a

               farmer and an innkeeper and ran the Fox Chase

               Tavern in Kimblesville PA.  (Gee, I wonder how

               these two met. Kimblesville a few miles from

               Jesse Dehaven's tavern in London Britain township)

               Robert ws son of David Mackey and Agens Curry. 

               Attended New London Presby Ch.  DAvid was son of John

                Mackey and Rachel Elder.  John was son of

                Robert Mackey and Mary Moore (1st wife).

               The Mackey's were a large Scotch Irish family

               descended from one of three brotheres from

               Ireland to Philadelphia, early l8th century.

               One of the brothers settled in New London,

               next to London Britain. l852 Franklin carved

               from eastern part New London.  Several Mackey's

               on London Britain and White Clay Creek map,

               a number at New London Presbyt Ch Cemetery.


                    Ella Letitia Mackey bapt Oct 6, 1856

                    Albert Mackey

                    Edwin Mackey

                    James Mackey

                    Sarah Anne Mackey

                A James Mackey is found in 1880 census , carriage

                    maker, White Clay Creek; aged 42, b 1838.

                    M Sarah E.  Lived in Mechanicsville. b DE.

                    Sarah b NJ like both her parents.


                       Herbert B. age 14

                       Joseph H age 12

                       J Howard age 10

                       David 7

                       Ellen 7

                       William B 5

                       John W 4

                       Bessie 1

                  There was also a William B Mackey age 45,

                       wagon maker.  m to Mary L age 36,

                       had Arthur M age 17 and Clara age 14.



****More children of Samuel II

      Abraham b 5/5/1774 d 8/8/1853 m Mary Sperry b 10/5/

           1787 d 2/16/1861 a son William. JOhn Sperry bought 

           "the Dehaven farm"  w a "nice log cabin" a set of 

           fine pink china and some very fine furniture belonged

           to Dehaven family.  

           children; William b 1/27/1816 d 1891 single, Mary b

           6/6/1818 d 11/8/1891 unm, Marah (Hannah) b 10.19./1822

           d 10.17/1883 m Isaac Pontzler, no children

      Tacy or Nancy b 1776? m Joseph Phipps no other info

      Elizabeth b 1786  m 8.9/1902 Jonathan Livesey,

         Neshaminy Presby Ch She from New Wales, Gwynedd TWP,

         he from Abinggton No children known.

      Mary b 1786? m (1) Isaac Fetzer (2) Isaac Mitchener

          b 3/31/1781 d 11/5/1859 children of (1) named in (2)'s

          will no other information.

          Isaac Fetzer

          Sarah Michenor

      Ann (Nancy) b 12/2/1788 Horsham TWP d 2/5/1865 

          Pleasantville at homeof son William m Jacob WRight,

          1814, s of Jacob and Jane Roney Wrright, Horsham.

          He b 12/28/1779 d 5/17/1854.  Buried Pleasantville 

          Reformed burial ground.  Jacob a pious, strongwilled

          man, temperate, well educated wrote a good hand.  

          Substantial farmer w a stone house.  Got 62+ acres from

          his father incl their house.  

           Samuel Dehaven Wright b ll/8/1814 Prospectville

           Horseham TWP d 3/8/1895 bu Rose HIll Cem Upper Dublin

              Lutheran Church, Ambler PA m Martha Taylor b 12/2/

              1822 d 10.19./1908 dau of Jonathan Taylor, Quaker

              and Margaret Sterigere, Lutheran.  Samuel raised

              Presbyterian but attended Reformed w his wife

              (both strict Calvinistic sects) and then Methodist

           John R Wright b 1847 d 1928 bu Rose Hill Cem 

              m Ellen Milligan and Clara Lee Connett Preached

              53 yrs, BD from Drews Theological Seminary Annville

              PA, honorary DD New York Univ l903, a Circuit 

              Riding Methodist Preacher in Kansas, for l2 yrs

              presiding Elder of New Jersey Methodist Conference.

           Jacob TAylor Wright b 1849 d 1929 m Margaret

              Bryan and Juliet Wasson.  Ordained Methodist

              preacher, moved to Seattle, owned several propties

              died Seattle, bu Rose Hill Cem Ambler PA w his 


           Anna Eliza Wright b 1852 d 1875 m John Kulp b

              Meeting Sq M.E. Ch. lived North Wales, Gwynnedd


    ***    Mary Wright b 1854 Prospectville d l930 Newark

              NJ bu NJ m William Osborn at Mendham NJ m (2)

              Amos Chamberlain lived Netong NJ no children


              John Caleb

          BEnjamin Franklin Wright b 1857 d 1923 m 1881

              Miriam Larzalere of Buck Co lived on Wright 

              homestead until 1916 at Ambler


              John R, Walter, Martha Wright m Clarance Gaetrell,

              Nicholas, Miriam, Frank Russell and Edith.

          Howard A Wright b 1861 d 1933 San Francisco

              m Hannah, lived Phila and San Francisco

      Joseph Wright b 9/14/1818 d 9/17/1892 b Horsham d

          Spencervillle Ohio m 1855 Philadelphia SArah Callghan 

           b 3/29/1827 Ireland her father ardent Presbyterian

           in Ireland.  Cattle and stockman.

           Children:  Amanda m Charles Lewis, Anderson m Mildred

           Carroll, Alice m Jonathan Wharton, John m Dora Barber

      DAvid Wright b 3/8/1921 Prospepctville d 9/7/1900

           VanWert Co Ohio m l/24/1850 in PA Hannah Knipe b

           l/10/1829 d 10/16/1896 bu Wright Cem Spencerville 

           Ohio  in Cattle business.  Public spirited, worked on

           highway and community projects.  

           children:  Wilson Price m MaryMark and Racahel Burnet,

           Annie, Boynston m Josephine Crider, and Joseph

      Jane Wright b 2/14/1824 Prospectville d 5/5/1883

           Montgomeryville pA bu HIlltown REf Ch Bucks Co

           Family plot and monument.  m Henry Neville, b 12/20/

           1818, d 7/15/1873.  children:  Anna b 1856 d 1876,

           Mary b 1858 d 1877.

      William Wright b 6/15/1826 Prospectville b 4/5/1895

           Lansdale PA m 1854 /catgerube Gatcicj b 6.1.1831 d

           2/24/1921 children SHannah m Henry Funk, Hester,

           Mary, Martha

      Mary Wright b 1830 d 4/28/1911 m Oliver Kulp

           d l/28/1899 age 75 children Jane m ___ROberts,

           Emma m ___Fesmire, Lottie m ___Asure, Effie m ___Craft


Children of Phoebe Dehaven and Solomon Brogan 

Mary Magdalena Brogan b 1816 m ___ Sink

Samuel DeHaven Brogan b 9/30/1818 d 5/7/1899

    m abt 1841-3 Rebecca Jane String.

    Angelica Rodney (Annie) b 1843 d 1932

    Samuel S. b 4/19/1845 d 10/30/1848

    Rebecca Jane (Jennie)b 1848 d 1930

    Mary Louisa b 3/10/1854 d 3/14/1949 m abt 1876 William


        Edna R b 7/1878

        Eliza King Pigott b 4/29/1885 m George Calver King 

            b 12/18/1879 d 5/25/1949

    Ada L. b 1860

    Edna S. b 1865

    This comes from a descendant.  It looks as 

    though following children of William could have

    actually been Samuel's.  

****To Nancy

William Brogan b 11/4/1821 d 5/17/1894 

   daug Annie, Jennie, Edna lived Alloway NJ 1925

Solomon Brogan b 3/13/1825

Wesley Brogan b 9/11/1827

Edward T Brogan b 6/6/1829 d 12/9/1864 d Civil War?

Phebe Ann Brogan b 9/26/1832 d 1/28/1833

James Henry Asque Brogan b 1/151/1834 d 1/12/1863 

    m 7/24/1853 Rachel Shaw Dukes Garretson, Tuckahoe NJ 

       b 4/18/1832 d 7/31/1933 age 101+ Cecilton Md bu

       Brandywine Cem w James H.A. Brogan m twice after his

       death, no children.

    Melisa m J Updyke and J Neville

    Mary Rachel Worth b 1860 Wilmington DE m 2/24/1879 Robert

      Anderson b 1840 d 1907 

    James Henry Brogan Jr b 1863 d 1868

Emma b 8/18/1837   m ___Kirk

Descendants of Joseph Dehaven and Sarah Bostie 

Their children included Mary, Samuel, Jesse d 1864, Phoebe Ann, 

    Sarah, Margaret, and Jacob.  Three of these died in


Phoebe Anne DeHaven b 3/25/1828 d Scranton or Stranton, near

    Harrisburg, PA, where she lived w her daughter, at age 93,

    buried at Harrisburg.  She married George Fillmore Brown Sr

    b 8/31/1825 d 3/1871 buried Harrisburg.  Phoebe's parents

    were obtained by a Brown family member from her death



Children of George Fillmore Brown Sr and Phoebe Anne DeHaven:

(from several members of Brown family)

Alice Ann b 9/19/1851

Sarah B b 1851

Mary J b 9/1? l855

George Fillmore Brown Jr b_____

Margaret C b 4/14/1860

Samuel b 1861

Edna B Brown b 10/31/1864

Lear?  b 5/1/1867

George Fillmore Brown Jr b5/2/1858   in prob Somerson Rom or something

   Springs, MD, but one version has him b in Terryhaute IN,

   lived in MD at age 5 and saw the Civil War.  Went to Terry

    haute IN for a while, where some of his children were born,

   then to Grant County, W Va.  d 6/3/1933 lived early in 

   Harrisburg PA  (I have more versions of where these people

   lived when. Other places near Harrisburg may be Suttonbery or 

    Sunberry)  He married 

    Anna Lee or C Smith b 1861 d 1916 Both buried in cemetery

      behind Brown homestead, where Forrest Brown lives, in W VA.    

Their children:

Tom b Emoryville W VA

    m Stella Bosley b 6/15/1891 d 1942 (I have two people m this


    --->Melvin Brown, one of my sources

Charlie n ___Burgess or Keller?  --->Yvonne Wilson, a source.

    No sons, four daughters, lived in Keyser, Mineral Co, W Va.

Wallace C b 1888 d 1853

George Clarence b 8/19/1884 Terryhaute IN 

  a son named Clarence

William unm

Phoebe Ann m Clarence Westfall

Ruth m Claude Westfall

Alice m William Weasenforth "Aunt Beck"

   sons incl Penne, Clarence,(Lake), don't know about daughters

Myrrle (sp?) m "Bunk" possibly formal name Walter Weasenforth

   They lived at Scherr, Grant Co

   Children Lake, Mary, Charles, Gene, 2 others - who may be the

     babies that died at birth.

   ONe of these is connection to Thelma Weasenforth Lunaas.

George C Brown

    b 8/19/1884 Terryhaute Indiana  d 1955 m _______?

    He m Stella Bosley b 6/15/1891,d 1942?

His children:

Russell C (or Vernon) Brown b 1/18?1910 d 4/22/1973

    m Anna Lee Huylman, an Indian

    parents of Forrest Brown and Barbara Coakley

Ralph Edward Brown b 2/2/1911 d 4/17/199l

Claude Orlando b 6/1/1912 d 3/13/1913

Floyd Ernest Brown b 9/8/1916 d 3/5/1955

Violet Pauline b 6/17/1918 d 3/13/1992 m Maynard Tefanball

Goldie Lee b 2/19/1920 d 11/20/1982

Clarence Jr b 1921 d?

Dorothy Maxine b 3/26/1924 d 3/26/1987 m Dempsey Rice d W Va

Milford Samuel b 1926 still living

Margaret Jean b 1928 still living m "Junior" Tarbon, Glen Beney


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giving o public data bases like the Mormon Family History

Library's or Genweb their own genealogical information, subject

to the publication and sale of a book! Until that moment, I

thought that the book, as a COOPERATAIVE family project, was a

good idea.  I VERY strongly believe that a family's genealogical

information belongs to the entire family, and noone has a right

to tell people what they can and can't do with their own

genealogical information, prevent them from using their own

genealogical information, or interfere with communication of

such basic and critical information within a family.  The 

reality of modern family communication is that most families in this country are l3 or so generations old, some far older, and huge, and their members don't know who or where each other are, and have limited at best interest in direct communication if 

they did.  A family still needs to transmit its basic genealogical, genetic health and historical information,and 

under the circumstances that communication is necessarily

largely public.  It takes place via the Web and large data

bases, where people can access it.   Unfortunately, another fact

of modern intellectual life is retain the right to use one's

own "intellectual property" is copyright it.  This is a major

issue in professions that do substantial academic and

scientific research, most of which depend on the free exchange

and open availability of knowledge and of research findings. 

So the purpose of the copyright notice is to make it clear to all

that this information is freely available AND WILL REMAIN SO. 

The reasons why Dorothy Bertine and the Dehaven Club don't have

my permission to use it are that I don't want my information 

legally entangled with people who are acting like this, and I

can't justify to my relatives letting people like this have our

collective information.    


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