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We thought that this man (charcoal painting) was John Dehart.

It appears now that he was probably John Kohler, father of the husband of one of John Dehart's daughters. Here is a photo that appears to be of John Kohler:

Odd thing is, some of John Dehart's sons and grandchildren sure bear an awfully strong resemblance to John Kohler!

The following are photos of John Dehart and (two) of his wife, Mary Weiss.

This is my Dehart genealogy page. For reference (as much mine as anybody's), I have information on the entire genealogy of both the Manhattan and the Brooklyn Dehart families. These are two families who settled in New Amsterdam in the middle of the 17th century, both from Holland. I am a member of a branch of the Brooklyn family which went to New Jersey and then to Pennsylvania, many of them moved on to North and South Carolina and Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio. Some of them travelled with the Boone's, who also lived in Berks Co, PA.

My own direct line, as nearly as anyone can tell (the placement of both Elias Simon and Cornelius is controversial), is Simon Aertsen from Holland, Elias Simon (moved to New Jersey), Cornelius (moved to Berks Co, Pennsylvania), John who married Elizabeth Weidner, John who married Elizabeth Horner, Gilbert, John B. Dehart (my great- great grandfather).

My information was as up to date as anyone's two years ago when the Dehart list organized at onelist. This list has been very active and has uncovered alot of material that makes much of what I have here inaccurate or obsolete - so anyone looking for Dehart genealogical information should subscribe to the Dehart list, which is located at The Dehart list's web site is under my sources.

My Dehart pages are organized as follows:

My Dehart sources

Montgomery's Berks County stuff, Background, and some stray Pennylvania Dehart lines (members of the Dehart list are likely to know where they fit or have some ideas)

Some information I have on the George W. Dehart line. A number of people on the Dehart list are of this line. This is a stray Berks County line - possibly not of Deharts.

Information I have on the Manhattan Dehart family

The Brooklyn Dehart family (general information)

Story by a dinner guest at teh Dehart farmstead in Brooklyn and a picture of the place

descendants of Elias Simon who married Catherine Lane, including descendants of his son Simon Sr.

descendants of Cornelius who settled in Berks Co and married Maria Catherine (except the descendants of his son John)

descendants of John Dehart who married Mary Horner

my great-great grandfather John B. Dehart and his family.

Greiner line (forthcoming)

Weidner line (forthcoming)

Horner line (forthcoming)

My Burkharts (and my efforts to pin them down)
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