Notes on Burkharts of Berks County and Pennsylvania
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My Burkharts

I am trying to trace my Berks Co Burkhart line.
I'm told by a fellow Burkhart that Eva Dehart, oldest woman in first picture, and young girl in second, above, looked the most like the Burkharts. They had rectangular, longish, Rhinish looking faces. They may have been dark skinned.
Here is what I know of my own Burkhart line: Philip Burkhart of Alsace m on 7/23/1804 Barbara Wagner of Alsace, at Trinity Lutheran or Schwarzwald Church. Barbara Wagner was b 3/14/1775, d 12/27/1855, of consumption,in Reading, and was daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Wagner. For the clues I have on the identity of Henry and Elizabeth Wagner, Go to Wagners clues page The 1800 census shows Philip Burkhart on his plantation in Alsace township, with a woman over 25 (he was also over 25), a girl under 10, and three servants. It is possible he was previously married. Samuel Burkhart purchased a "plantation" or large farm, from John Egie, in Alsace township, in 1794 or 1795. John Egie mentions the $ or pounds 3805 that he sold it for, to be divided among his children, in his will which was written on Sep 9, 1794, probated May 3, 1796. The Berks Co deeds index gives April 23, 1795, Samuel Burkhart was deeded land by John Eagle, Alsace Tp, 1795: Vol 14, p 356. He bought land in Alsace township on Mar 12 1796 from Philip Seidel, vol 15, p 91. He got more land from John Egle on Sep 7, 1796, "Asgmt", vol 15, p 296. This Samuel Burkhart appears in the deeds indexes in 1792, when on Nov 9 1792 he acquired land from John Ludwig in or of Bern and Cumru townships. vol 13, p 100. On FEb 23, 1795, he acquired land from George Hill in Cumru township, vol 14, p 234. On May 13, 1797, he acquired land in Cumru township from Michael Meyer. vol 15, p 523. On Feb 24, 1802, he acquired land from John Bishop, of or in Alsace township, vol 19, p 59. In the following transactions, other people acquired land from Samuel Burkhart. On Sep 7, 1796, Adam Leiss acquired land from Samuel Burkhart "Asgmt", vol 15, p 296, and he also acquierd land in Alsace township, vol 15, p 297. On July 30, 1798, Micael Meyer of or in Cumru township acquired land from Samuel Burkhart. Vol 16, p 221. The following month, Samuel deeded land to Philip in Alsace. On Apr 16, 1801, Samuel Bell acquired possibly two pieces of land from Samuel Burkhart, in Bern twp, vol 18, p 197. On Sep 25, 1801, Philip Spohn acquired land from Samuel Burkhart "By Shff", in Cumru township, vol 18, p 391. On Aug 10, 1799, William Witman Jr acquired land from Samuel Burkhart "by shff" Shff docket, vol 2, p 103. On Aug 17, 1801, Philip Spohn acquired land in Cumru township, from Samuel Burkhart, shff docket, vol 2, p 151. On Aug 31, 1798, Smauel Burkhart deeded to Philip Burkhart land in Alsace township, vol 16, p 228. On April 24, 1805, Philip Burkhart acquired a deed from "Samuel Burkhart Est By Shff", in Alsace township, Shff docket vol 2, p 227. Also on April 24, 1805, is the entry Philip Burkahrt Admr By Shff al to Philip Burkhart, Alsace twp, Shff docket, vol 2, p 227. On Feb 2, 1802, Philip Burkhart acquired land in Alsace township, from John Bishop, vol 19, p 59. He and Samuel both acquired this piece of land, and their names each bear "al" meaning and others in the index. On Jan 26, 1805, Philip Burkhart acquired land from Henry Baum in Alsace township vol 21, p 86 On Sep 24, 1810, Philip Burkhart acquired land from Abraham Keller, vol 24, p 297. On Jul 26, Philip Burkhart acquired land from Penrose Wily in or of Ruscomb manor township, vol 30, p 436. On July 26, 1820, Philip Burkhart acquired land from Sarah Wily, "Release", vol 31, p 379. On May 1, 1823, Philip Burkhart acquired the following pieces of land - or so it looks. It reads Grantor: Michael Madeira Exr Alsace Township 1822 vol 32 p 675 Grantor: John Barr ux Alsace township 1812 vol 32 p 671. Grantor: Frederick Yeager by Exr Alsace township, 1823, vol 32, p 673. Grantor: Michael Madeira Exr Alsace Township 1822 vol 32 p 675 Grantor: William Bell Alsace township 1822 vol 33 p 203. On August 18, 1804, Philip Burkhart acquired land from "Michael Madeira By Shff" in Alsace township, shff docket, vol 2, p 221. A number of transactions seem to have been carried out by or done in connection with Philip Burkhart's estate. In Grantor Miscellaneous Index: April 5 1824 Philip Burkard estate Matthias S Richards Admr Asgmt of Int &c vol A1 p 355. Oct 21 1824 Burkhard Philip Est to Benneville Keim Exr Rel of Exr B2 p 7. Three more such Rel of Exr's for Benneville Keim B2 p 7, B2 p 367, B2 p 527. through 1829. Aug 15, 1831 Burkhart Philip Est to John Bickel Admr al Rel of Legacy vol C3 p 535, a second such document on Aug 20; C3 p 539. Nov 9 1843 Burkhart Philip Est Daniel Feger Asgn al Release F6, p 625. Jul 15, 1844 Burkhart Philip Est John W Burkhart Release G 7 121. Two more of same; G 7 122, 123. In Grantor index: August 2 1832 Burkert Philip By Admr to Jacob W Snyder, Ruscombmanor township, 1831, vol 42, p 44. If not for the previous connection to Ruscombmanor township, I'd think this was a different Philip Burkhart. September 21 1850 from Burkhard Phillip Est to John Shild, Alsace township, 1839, vol 57, p 593. (two entries) On April 7, 1856, from Burkhart, Philip Est to Samuel Ohlinger, Alsace township, 1856, vol 64, p 336. On April 7, 1856, from Burkhart Philip Estate to Charles Wentzel, Alsace township, 1856, vol 64, p 338. April 8, 1856, Burkhart PHilip Est, to Charles VanReed, Alsace township, 1856, vol 64, p 347. On April 7, 1856, Philip Burkhart Est was the "grantee", "grantor" was Mathias S. Richards "release" dkt K vol 11 p 129. Probably some of these people were involved in the administration of the estate, and others may have been in-laws who collected part of the legacy, possibly some of the land was sold of the estate. In his will, Philip Burkhart includes a description of sorts of his holdings: "my forge, mill houses, and lands belonging to the same together with the stock and house-hold furnitures upon the much wood off the premises as may be necessary for the use of the forge - or in case ...shold not be sufficient to mantain her and the children comfortably she shall ... be at liberty to sell off as much wood from the lands as together with the ___ will enable her to maintain herself and the family". He willed $1000 to each of his daughters, and authorized in case the sale of his personal propertyand profits of his real estate, etc., should not be sufficient to pay his daughters their legacies, the sale of sufficient wood or land to supply the needed amount. Also, his wife was to be paid $400 per year until Lydia came of age, then $350 per year until Ann came of age, then $300 per year for life - unless she remarries. Balance to his son - when he comes of age. Some items in the detailed inventory of his estate included furniture to WELL stock a house, a silver watch, silver spoons and ___, alot of looking glasses, lots of bureaus and tables and chairs, multiple desks, $60 in cash, a walnut table (in addition to a dining table and a long table with benches) a lot of spinning wheels and a lot of yarn, one horse carriage, one windmill, a wagon, another wagon, wagon with coal body, a team of 5 horses, and possibly yet another wagon with it, one hourse, one colt, 4 cows, 3 hogs, 7 pigs. one bond due June 1 1820 principal $600 amt 3 years months $138 total $738, 1 Note principal $52.00, 10 shares in the Farmers Bank of Reading on which is paid $300.00, total $4542.57 value of inventory of his personal estate. He got $1579.87 "balance in favor of estate" after proceeds, moneys collected, paid out, and $6544.81 from I don't get where, and total balance $8124.68 I guess value of the estate. Samuel Baird and Ch. H. Witman were witnesses to the will. My knowledge of the children of PHilip and Barbara Burkhart is very vague. Barbara Burkhart's will mentions six children living at the time that she died. She specifically cites only John W. Burkhart, and repeatedly mentions her daughters. Barbara Burkhart's death certificate lists four children; Elizabeth, Maria, John W., and Lydia Ann. Philip Burkhart's will mentions specifically only Lydia AND Ann, and is unclear on whether another daughter was younger, it looks like Ann was the youngest. Doesn't mention how John ranked in that. PHilip Burkhart's estate records cite a payment of $1000 on April 14, 1826, to George L. something like Housen or Housenn for his wife's legacy. On Aug 3, 1827, a payment of $1000 was made to John Kean for his wife's legacy. Philip Burkhart willed $1000 to each of his daughters to be paid to the minor daughters when they reached age 21. Barbara Burkhart's will in addition to mentioning six children and naming John W. Burkhart, mentioned son in law John Keen or Reen or Resn or something like that, and a grand daughter, Mayanttor Feger, nearly as I could make out. In 1844, Daniel Feger made a petition for a guardian for his daughter Margaret. Jacob Goodinau, Goodenau, was appointed guardian for her. The petition read that "his daughter Margaret Feger is entitled to a legacy out of the estate of Philip Burkhart her grandfather, dec. and is a minor under 14 years of age, and has no guardian appointed to take care of her estate." Signed, looks like Daniel G. Feger. Mattias V. Richards was appointed by the court as guardian for John W. Burkhart. Little concern seems to have been paid to the girls, and the farm was left in trust for John. In 1826, John Burkhart, being over 14 at that time, petitioned the court to allow him to choose his own guardian in place of Mattias V. Richards, who wrote a note that he was unable to carry out the duties of guardian and relinquished the role, and John Kuhn was appointed guardian - this seems to have happened in 1828. There was a release in the deeds index, Nov 9, 1843, to Daniel Feger, Asgn, Release, F 6 625. There were two releases, August 15 and August 20, 1831, in the deeds index, to John Bickel, ADmr al, Rel of Legacy, C 3 535 and 539. There were three releases in the deeds index for John W Burkhart, from the Philip Burkhart estate, July 15, 1844, G 7 121, 122 1nd 123. Logically that would make John born in 1822, only he was over 14 in 1826. Elizabeth b abt 1808, Reading, Scwarzwald. (from Linda Demko, not able to confirm) listed on her mother's death certificate Maria b 6/30/1808 (ditto) listed on her mother's death certificate John W. d 8/31/1803 (must have been small child) Alsace, Spies Cemetery John W. died I think 1870, Reading, left a nine page will. Was atleast 14 in 1826. Lydia Ann b 5/22/1814 m on 11/9/1834 Gilbert Dehart, b abt 1809 d 1881 age 72 Both died in Reading and left wills. Ann mentioned in Philip Burkhart's will. Children of Lydia Ann (Burkhart) and Gilbert Dehart: Philip b 12/28/1843 Alsace d 1/22/1919 Muhlenberg, Alsace Cem m Matilda Bridegam Frederick/ch b 10/12/1839 d 6/16/1874/8 Muhlenberg, Alsace Cem Susan b 1840 d 1875 m Frank Stautler Barbara b 6/11/1837 d 1875 m Samuel Jones John Burkhart b 12/24 or 31/1836. My 2X great grandfather See file on Deharts See my genealogy Since John Dehart's mother was a Burkhart, he may possibly look something like that family. We are now uncertain that photo of him still at the beginning of the Dehart page was him; that is probably John Kohler the father of the husband of one of John Dehart's brothers. But here is a PHOTO of John Dehart: I am trying to trace who these people were. Burkhart stuff from Berks Co documents and Northern Alsace Reformed Church documents Burkhart stuff from Pennsylvania Archives and the Census 1790-1820. Troy Burkhart's Andreas (son of George) Burkhart genealogy Jerry Burkett's Andreas (son of George) (same one?) genealogy Stuff from Pennsylvania archives and census on Burkharts The Swiss Mennonite Burkharts of Lancaster and Berks Counties the Burkhart family of Herbrechtingen stuff from Catharine Berger's book on emigrants from Northern Alsace to Pennsylvania on the Burkhart family from tehre who settled in Berks and Philadelphia Counties in the 18th century. Ways to Spell the Name Burkhart I've seen this name spelled about 50 different ways. For many sources, you need to type exact spelling into a search box. No way to find your Burkharts if you don't spell it the way the person who wrote that particular record did! HEre is a list of the spellings I've seen. Probably not exhaustive.

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