My ancestors' documents
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My Ancestors' Documents

This page contains links to assorted wills, probate, tax records
and other documents of my ancestors.  They are copied in italics
on parchment background usually with the ancestor's (scanned)
original signature.

 London Britain tax lists 1765-1785. 

 London Britain US Census 1790, 1810, 1820 

 London Britain Tax Records 
   Last updated 8/4 w Whitten tax documents

 Jesse Dehaven's Will 

 Mary Dehaven's Probate Records 

 Jesse Dehaven's Tavern Petitions 

 A good description of Jesse Dehaven's farm and tavern 
and tavern petitions of two of his successors , with a picture of the building, which is now a house, lists of
signers which
included Ezra Thompson and John Smith. Davis Whitten. Everyone. 

 A letter from Yvan Keller, who currently
lives in the house that was John Smith's log cabin, on what was 
John Smith's property.  Includes pictures, and a map of the
property drawn from the deeds.   

 Jesse and Samuel Dehaven 1802 Deed 

 Ezra Thompson Sr's Probate Records 

 Ezra Thompson Jr's Probate REcords 

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