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Lowe in Griffiths Evaluation, 1854; Ordnance Survey Maps, 1840's; Tithe Applotments, 1824 - 1836, Offaly and Kings Counties

Lowe and Clibborn Locations in 1854 in Griffiths Evaluation

Offaly/ Kings County

William Lowe.       Ballyboughlin, King's Co Kilbride parish.   House, garden.   #2c.

Abigail Lowe.   High Street, King's Co Kilbride parish  #25.   Town of Tullamore

John Lowe    Carrowkeel, King's Co, Clonmacnoise parish.   John and others renting from Catherine Lowe.  Couldn't find townland.

Catherine Lowe Carrowkeel.   King's Co Clonmacnoise parish.   w Philip McCormack Red Bog 9 and 179 acres.

Catherine Lowe Concraff on Bloomhill.  King's Co, clonmacnoise aprish.   #29, 18 acres from Charles Mcguiness.  SW of Athlone.

Catherine had a total of 72 + 12 + 179 acres = 3,4,5,6A, 6B.   Plus 63 acres.   Bloomhill was site where lived Thomas Lowe, died 1829, will in preogative court.   

Catherine Lowe, Anne McCormack, and Arthur Guiness rented out to others, 63 acres in Carrowkeel.

Thomas Lowe.  Bellair or Ballyard, King's Co, Lemanghan.  131 acres, #1.

Maryanne Lowe.  Bellair or Ballyard, Kings Co, Lemanaghan.  46 acres, #24.   

Anne Lowe, Castlearmstrong, King's Co Lemanaghan.   #4, 10 acres.

Anne Lowe  Cornafurrish or Corrabeg; Knig's Co, Lemanaghan parish.

Anne Lowe.  Cornafurrish or Corrabeg; Kings Co Lemanaghan very small amount o fland.

Leaving Bridget and Patrick Lowe alone.    More than likely of this family, but must be a products of a Catholic marriage, and as they were 19th century, a genealogical dead end.  They could be outright coincidence; there were Gaelic names that occasionally morphed into Lowe.

Robert Low 2 plots in Lurgan, Kilmanaghan parish, Kings Co.   This townland is adjacent to Ballyscarvan, with Ballynamuddagh next to it.   This was Robert Lowe of Cornaher; he was born and raised his children on his farm in Lurgan.    This is the farm with the stone house and stone outbuildings, and tenant's stone house in the yard, that Don Lowe visited.   Robert had 61 acres, and two house-sized plots nearby.   

County Westmeath

Samuel Lowe Annaghgortagh; Ballyloughloe parish.  22 acres.  8a.   A little northeast of Athlone.   He rented this land from Lord Castlemaine, as did Samuel Lowe of Ballynamudagh near Moate, leading one to wonder if they were perhaps the same person.    

Samuel Lowe, Westmeath, Kilcleagh parish, Ballynamudagh townland.   Three properties.   17a; 35 acres. 26a; 21 acres. 27; 4 acres.  Couldn't find 27 on map.  Total 60 acres.   

In adjacent Ballyscarvan townland, Rogert Lowe and Thomas "Hankison" rented adjacent properties from William Humphries; 5a and 6.   The name Hankinson figures in two Lowe marriages.   Thomas Hankison also rented 12 acres from the nearby townland of Baltrasna, from Anne Maher.  And, Thomas Hankison rented out three small plots to other people.   I didn't specifically research Hankison's, and they could have owned more land besides.

Thomas Lowe, Castlelost, Rochefort parish; #29.   East of Tyrrellspass.

Robert Lowe Kilkenny, West; Kilkenny West parish.  4 acres, house and land.

Robert Lowe Kilkenny, West, Toberclare townland.   house ohly.  #31.   These two places were near each other, northeast of Athlone some distance.

John Lowe, Ballycahilroe, Kilcleagh Pariish.  2 a, b; 62 acres.

John Lowe Boyanagh Malone, Kilcleagh parish; 21 acres , 5, 3b.   He rented out small quantities of land to an individual and to an Royal Irish Constabularly barracks.  The John Lowe land in Ballycahilroe and in Boyanagh Malone was nearly contiguous; these were the same person.   He had a total of 83 acres.  The land was located about midway between Athlone and Moate, a few miles almost due north of Hall, where Thomas Clibborn of the thousand + acres and the Dublin textile business lived. He appears to have had contact with both the Athlone and Moate Church of Ireland churches.   

It looks as if Lord Castlemaine owned Ballynamuddagh, but John Lowe was apparently the owner of one small plot there, containing a house and garden, and he rented it out to Elizabeth Hynes.   It was #20b.  Maybe same John Lowe, maybe not.   

Eliza Lowe, renting from Henry Adamson, in Moategranoge, part of Moate, on Athlone Road..   Small plot; probably a house.   #40 on map.

James Low, renting from James Maleady, Kilclean,   Small plot in Moategranoge, part of Moate, on Athlone Rd.  

Robert Lowe, renting from Thomas H. Mulock, on Clara Rd, in Killeenboylegan, small plot with garden.   #31.

Robert Lowe renting from William Leonard, at Kilkenny West, Kilkenny West townland; 4 acres.  This is on or close to land that Nathaniel Lowe of Lowville owned in the late 18th century.   

Robert Lowe renting of Lwrence Farrell, at Killkeny West, Toberclare parish, 4 acres.   Both places were east of lake, north of Athlone.   Some members of the Nash family are buried at Kilkenny West.   

A Thomas Lowe had land at Castlelost, Rochefort, 1 acre, #29.  This is northeast of Tyrrellspass.   It was rare for Lowe's to live that far away.

Thomas Lowe rented from John Dibbs at Mullingar, and he is also a Lowe outlier.   


Clibborn's.   Important to establishing what JP named Clibborn, first initial mistaken for F, sponsored Nathaniel Lowe for the RIC in 1831.  Griffiths information is from 1854.

Thomas Clibborn, renting from Cuthbert John Clibborn, Kilceath Parish, townland Cartronkeel.   Immediately north of Moate.  

Thomas and James Clibborn, renting from Newtown?   Small plot in Moate.   They rented it from Cuthbert John Clibborn.  This is more important than it sounds; this was Thomas Clibborn of Hall and his son James, and the plot was their Moate textile manufacturing operation and warehouse; the local aspect of the textile business that he ran in Dublin.  Woolstores and yard, with textile manufacturing equipment.   

Thomas Clibborn, 3 plots of land from Elizabeth Stopford, all at Hall townland (Hall estate), Kilcleagh parish.   He had 21, 2b, 3a, 3b.  I also have that he had 1a, 1, 2, 2b, 3, 4-8.   He rented out some land, and he rented large parcels of land from Elizabeth Stopford, and it wasn't the same land.   Cuthbert John Clibborn wasn't in on it, contrary to previous impressons that I had.   In Westmeath and Kings, Griffins did not list if the person who held land and rented it to others was himself a renter.   These are, however, the only landholders listed in reference to Hall.  Except for a tiny plot owned by Mark russell and rented out.   He held a total o f 1113 acres.   713 acres of that was rented from Elizabeth Stopford.   

He also had adjacent land in Clonaltra townland.  I think it was adjacent; maybe not.167 acres of land (bog); #1.

Thomas Clibborn rented 100 acres from Barclay Clibborn in Clonaltra, Kilceagh Parish, King County; comes up under Westmeath.   

Thomas Clibborn rented land from Cuthbert John Clibborn in Kilmanaghan parish, Legan townland, near Moate.

Thomas Clibborn rented 83 acres? from Ebbatha Robinson, in Kilmanaghan parish, Legan townland, near Moate.

Thomas S. Clibborn, who wasn't the same person, rented from Sir W. Darcy, the entire townland of Toorfelim, near Moate.   71 acres.   He rented out to people, a lot of land.  He owned a total of 279 acres in Toorfelim; the whole place.  He may have been dead at the time, since all property is lisetd as in Chancery. Maybe the one whose will was dated 1832.   

Cuthbert John Clibborn had, in Legan townland, 1,2,3,4,6,7a, 7b, 8, 9., which was 106 acres.   William C. Clibborn rented 7A and B, 24 acres from him.    

Cuthbert John rented out ot others plots in Moate.  One of them was the Methodist Chapel and yard, to the Wesleyan Methodist Society.   Cuthbert John Clibborn was a Quaker.   Is this the same Methodist church that Lowes had a house next to and that was probably also Baptist?    Thomas and James Clibborn's textile operation was next door.  

William Cooper Clibborn, who was not necessarily Wm C., rented 10, 3 and 8 acres I nKilleenboylegan, near Moate, from Thomas H. Mulock, MD

Cuthbert John Clibborn rented 40 acres from Rev. Sr. Darcy, in Kilnahinch townland, near Moate.   

Thomas Clibborn rented a small plot in Newtown.

Sarah Clibborn same.

Sarah Clibborn, Dublin Road, Board of Nat. Education (with schoolhouse, etc) -separately  from Cutbert John Clibborn. Also 5 acres I Toorfelim, and probably a plot on Main St., in Moate.

Jmames Clibborn and William C. Clibborn rented land in Toorfelim.   

Newtown had a Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (in Moate).   

In Kings Co, JohnCliburn rented the entire townlands of Kilbride and Lissanisky from George D. Daunt.   He also held alotof land in Kilbride.


Wills:   James Clibborn, wil dated 1833, Prerogative Court, which means he had substantial property.

Thomas S. (the elder of atleast two) will dated 1832, of Moate.  


Tithe Applotments for southern Westmeath County and the Westmeath - Kings/ Offaly County line, 1824 to 1836

These are the entire Tithe Applotments for the included parishes of southern Westmeath County and the Kings/ Offaly County line.   This is an Excel database saved as a tabbed web page.   Lowes are highlighted in color in each parish.    I also included, or will include, several parishes in northern Kings County where Lowes lived.   For Lemanaghan there is only a single sheet listing the major landowners of each townland, and I don't yet have Clonmacnoise as I ordered the wrong film.    There were also Lowes living at a later time in a wider area around Tullamore who I have not looked for, and as Samuel the son of George had owned alot of land in that area, they could be worth looking at.   

Southern Westmeath Tithe Applotments

Ancestry is having trouble displaying my files, particularly in Internet Explorer 6.   It is a different type of Excel to HTML page - a tabbed set of pages set up with some sort of java code.   If this page doesn't work, try the original Excel database.   If it doesn't open you ought still to be able to download it, and it will open in OpenOffice, free from, as well as Microsoft Office.  Or try Microsoft's free excel or word and excel viewer.   



Knockicoster townland, where some of George Lowe's land in Moycashel Barony was.   (rest of his land could have been anywhere in Kilbeggan area but not in Moate which was not in Moycashel Barony.  On the other hand, William's land was also in Moycashel Barony.)

Wider view of Kilbeggan area including much of the Moyacashel Barony.  Villages of Kilbeggan and Tyrrellspass are both obscured behind house symbols.

Lowe-Vignales estate near Tyrrellspass - includes Cromwellian WIlliam's estates of Newtownlow, Cornaher, and Killavalley.   He originally had far more land than that.   This land had passed to a line of descendants of Cromwellian George when William's male line that was eligible to inherit (which wasn't everybody) died out.  Honora Lowe was the last of that line, and she maried into the Vignoles family.   They built a new estate house at Cornhaher, that today is a hotel and surrounded by an organic farm.   The map shows the townland of Newtownlow but seems not to label Cornaher or Killavalley, but the Cornaher estate is easy to spot.   

Map of Cornaher Estate

Cornaher area   Location of modern townlands of Newtownlow, Cornaher, and Kilavalley.   Kilavalley was some distance from the other two; Vignoles estates that were Lowe may have possibly contained all that land, or maybe not.   Tyrrellspass is nearby to the northeast.  

Cornaher area Location of Newtownlow and modern Cornaher (not where Cornaher House is), relative to Kilbeggan.  William Lowe's land once encompassed much of Kilbeggan.   Tyrrellspass is nearby to the northeast.

Kilbeggan area

Kilbeggan and Newtown Low

Rahue   Rahue was a key center of Barry Lowe's priesthunting activities.   Several important Catholic places of historical interest are there, priests used to hide there, and Catholics would meet in the woods to worship.


Tyrellspass and Newtown Low

Map of Moate and townlands to northwest Moate and some townlands immediately around it, and Aghanargit.

Manor of Hall in relationship to Moate  Hall, a the huge manor of Thomas Clibborn, in relation to Moate and some Lowe families.

Farm of John Lowe of Ballycahilroe  Part of John Lowe's farm at Ballycahilroe.   The color filling in isn't very good.

Farm of John Lowe of Ballycahilroe  John Lowe's farm at Ballycahilroe.  

Townlands in Kilcleagh Parish Some of the villages and townlands around Moate to the west  Shows Ballynamudagh, Ballyscarvan, Lurgan, and Boston crossroads among other things.

Townlands in Kilcleagh Parish Some villages and townlands, and Lowe properties, around Moate to the west.

Robert Lowe of Cornaher's farm in Lurgan  Faded view.  Also shows the three Lowe townlands.   Newtown townland to the north is not the Lowe center in Newtown parish, but one of two places called Newtown in Kilcleagh Parish.  Lowe's lived in one of them.   This one actually looks like it's on the other side of the county line - in Kings/ Offaly County.

 Ballynammudagh, Ballyscarvan, and Lurgan

Ballynammudagh, Ballyscarvan and Lurgan

Ballynammudagh, Ballyscarvan and Lurgan


Samuel Lowe's property at Annaghortagh

Samuel Lowe's land at Annaghortagh

Area around Annaghortagh (which is northeast of Athlone)

Location of Robert Lowe's two pieces of land on Griffiths 1854 (Could be one Robert or two).  He had 4 acres, #28a, in Kilkenny West townland, Kilkenny West parish, and a house and garden in Toberclare townland, probably the village.  (Now the village of Tubberclare, spelled several ways.)   This land is roughly where Nathaniel Lowe's land where he put his signal tower was.   The signal tower is variously described as in the southernmost tip of Kilkenny West, meaning maybe the parish, as the southernmost tip of Kilkenny West townland is where the parish church and a castle are.   It is most consistently and reliably described as being in the southernmost tip of Kilkenny Lanesborough, by the line that divides the townland from Linsascreen to the south; off the road, probably about where the little stand of trees is.   There is supposed to be a little triangle mark with the altitude, but I don't see it.   On the modern Discovery series of ordnance survey maps its location may be represented by a small hill.   Currently in the middle of a field.   The rightmost picture is of the tower in Lowville, 15 to 20 miles away across some farmland, some bogs and a large lake, where Nathaniel Lowe stood with his telescope to see if his steward was signalling him with a flag to come for a visit.   I think he had yet another tower on the front lawn of his Lowville estate to stand in to watch the hunt when he got too old to ride.

The right side image is having trouble displaying, but if you right click on the place marker and choose sview image, you will be able to view the image.

Western portion of Kilkenny West townland  - Kilkenny West is split on the ordnance survey maps.   The smaller of Robert Lowe's plots of land may be here.

Eastern portion of Kilkenny West townland - Eastern part of Kilkenny West townland.   Shows the location of the parish church and the southernmost tip of Kilkenny Lanesborough with its little stand of trees on the southern line.

Fade-in view of position of Robert Lowe's four acres on ordnance survey map  See bottom right.

Modern map of three towns - Kilkenny West, Tubberclaire and Glassan.  Fade-in to old ordnance survey map.

Property map showing where the pinnacle should be See far elft.  Tip of Kilkenny Lanesborough.

Modern map of immediate area around pinnacle.   Pinnacle should be just north or northeast of the word Lisnascreen.

Wide map of Kilkenny area showing entire area south and east of lake where Thomas Lowe lived in mid 17th century and where other Lowes later lived nearby.

Discovery Series Ordnance Survey map of the area where the pinnacle is - should be in center of small hill north of the two pairs of dotted lines.



Geography of Clara Road, Dublin Road south

Silver Hill and surrounding townlands  Shows Silver LowMaps/Hill at east end of Kilbride parish.

Silver Hill and surroundng townlands

Silver Hill, Lissanisky, and Kilbride

Silver Hill, Lissanisky, and Kilbride

Silver Hill and nearby townlands

Thomas Lowe of Bellaire, Kings County

Thomas Lowe of Bellaire, Kings County

Bellaire area

Thomas Lowe's land in Bellaire

Bellaire in relation to Ballynamudagh and Thomas Clibborn's Hall estate

Bloomhill and Cloncraff, modern map

Bloom Hill and Cloncraff, 1840's ordnance survey map

Bloom Hill and Cloncraff, close up of Lowe land.

Bloomhill in relation to Athlone

Carrowkeel on modern map (Carrowkeel doesn't show)

Carrowkeel modern map closeup

Carrowkeel in relation to Athlone and Moate

Modern map transposed on 1840's Ordnance Survey Map

Up close of Lowe land at Carrowkeel

Lowe land at Carrowkeel

Rinnerroon - Oughterard   Shows Rinnerroon, a townland where William Allen held a substantial amount of land in Griffiths Evaluation in the mid 1850's.   Could conceivably be related to Richard Allen and to Catherine who married Nathaniel.   Their first son Henry Nathaniel, was baptized at Oughterard, nearby.   Shows distance between the two places.   Oughterard is behind a house graphic.   Tuam is across the lake due east; it appears in the box in the lower right.   

Rinnerroon - Closeup of the townland of Rinnerroon.   Griffiths shows that the entire 72 acre townland, which may originally have been an estate, was rented out to two people, and William Allen held two-thirds of the money value of the land.   The current village of Rinnerroon is in the next townland over, about where the number 4 is.   

Nathaniel Lowe's property in Derryinch  shows the property on which Nathaniel Lowe rented the house and shed, in 1862.   It was just over one mile due north of Enniskillen, but in Trory parish.   It wasn't on the lake; it was in the southwest corner of the townland.   

Nathaniel Lowe's property relative to Enniskillen   Property on which he rented his house in yellow.   Enniskillen is town at bottom of map.

Better map of Nathaniel Lowe's property relative to Enniskillen Property where his rented house was also in yellow.