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Viands Family

While doing research on the Viands family, I've noticed one thing interesting about "Viands" - it is a rare surname - so I've been able to piece together records from around the country. From this, I believe the majority of the Viands descend from Thomas and Nancy (Day) Viands out of Page Co., VA (with a few exceptions I have not been able to place yet).

I am looking for fellow Viands researchers to work with so we can share family files, look to see where the gaps are, and try to do some research to resolve them and get the most correct information out there. In addition to this I am looking for submissions of family pictures (of people, places, tombstones, etc.), documents (wills, marriage, death, birth records), newspaper citations (obits and stories), and other family stories or narratives to make the document richer. I am also interested including details of the female lines, which are sometimes harder to trace.

Included here is the data collected on the Viands family.  If your family is not included here, please let me know and we will see where they fit.  If you have corrections or additions you would like to send me, please e-mail me at Viands Researcher.


Here are some Viands descendant trees:

Descendants of John Viands (Father of Thomas Viands who married Nancy Day)

Descendants of William J Vines (Unplaced Viands family members)

Descendants of Raymond H. Viands, Sr. (Unplaced Viands family members)

Here are some Viands websites:

Viands Forum
Rockingham County, Virginia - VAGenWeb Project
Page County, Virginia - VAGenWeb Project

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