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January 2003

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The Vermont Secretary of State's office contains a wealth of papers
of interest to the genealogist. Here, historical records are housed in the
Public Record Division, of which Patricia Thomas is director.

Redstone Building
  26 Terrace Street
  Drawer 09
  Montpelier, VT 05609-1101

The administrative offices of the Vermont Secretary of State are
  located in this lovely old mansion on a hill near the State House
  in Montpelier. Our other divisions are split between Redstone
  and Heritage I, another office building in Montpelier.


26 Terrace Street Redstone Bldg


Corporations 81 River St


Licensing & Professional Regulation

Redstone Building
26 Terrace Street
Drawer 09
Montpelier, Vermont  05609-1101

The following is a summary of some of the papers you can find in this office:

Records of the Executive Branch 
Governor's Papers. Most of these are at the Vermont Historical Society, the University of Vermont and the New York State Library at Albany, though there are some in the secretary of State's office.

Executive Records. These are mostly proclaimations, appointments and executive orders authorized by the Governor of Vermont.

Election Records 
Campaign contributions
Primary and General Election material
U.S. Senators and Representatives
Voting Rights
State Elections
Registered Voters
Town Meeting miscellaneous
Legeslative Records 
Roll of the House
House Yeas and Nays
House and Senate Bills
Joint Resolutions and Acts
Original Acts and Resolutions
Laws of Vermont
Assembly Journals
Corporation Records 
Change of names, formation, taxation and other such corporation information
Records of the formation of school districts
Insurance companies
Incorporation of independent local churches
Railroad companies
Trademarks and tradenames
Registration of trading stamp companies
Foreign corporations
Power of attorney
State Property 
Mining and Quarrying rights
Transportation agency
Fish and game
Department of forests, parks and recreation
Deed records
Papers of the Surveyors-General 
As with the Governor's papers most of these are at the Vermont Historical Society, the University of Vermont and the New York State Library at Albany, although there is an inventory of most of these at the Secretary of State's office.
List of land taxes
Survey taxes
Land papers of New York pertaining to Vermont 1643-1803
Stored in or on the map case (lotting plans, about 50 maps, John W. Chandler Records and Atlas)
Stevens Papers 
These are volumes of 18th century Vermont documents transcribed by Henry Stevens of Barnet, VT
New York-Vermont land grants
Record of the Board of War
Ethan Allen
Evidence as to the Territorial rights of New York 1664-1774
Boundaries of New York
State House Records 
The Vermont State House, by Mary G. Nye, 1936
Roll of Hands
Journal of Agreement
State House Research files
Map Case 
Highway District maps
New Hampshire grant maps
Manuscript Vermont State Papers 
Manuscript Vermont State Papers includes correspondence, addresses, committee reports, petitions, etc. These can be accessed the card catalog at this office. The collection consists of 64 volumes, 22 document boxes, 11 cartons and a 2 volume index.
Charters and Special Districts 
Charter of Royalton, Vermont, 1770
Charter of Saltash (Plymouth), Vermont, 1772
Charters Granted by the State of Vermont 1779-1809
Sundry Charters Granted by the State of Vermont 1778-1811
Municipal Charters and Charter Amendments
Other Collections at the Secretary of State's Office 
Papers of the Vermont/New Hampshire boundary dispute
Papers of the Vermont Bicentennial Commission
State Papers Archives
Town Lists of Insane
Women's sufferage petitions
Federal acts of historic import
Grant lists
New York Land Grants (1688-1786)
Mary G. Nye's papers
Consent of the New York legislature for the Formation of the State of Vermont, 1790.

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