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Wykles and Kin of Virginia and West Virginia

These pages contain transcriptions and abstracts of public records I have collected during my family research. Most of these records were created in the counties of southwestern Virginia/West Virginia, USA (Monroe, Raleigh, Fayette, Summers) with some earlier records from other Virginia counties (Augusta, Greenbrier, Frederick). Spellings of surnames and other words are presented as they appear on the original documents. If you have material you would like to see included on these pages or would like to share information on any of the people listed here, please contact me, Debora Kerr, at In case of any e-mail difficulties, I may also be reached at this alternate e-mail address.
Old Wykle Homeplace, 1964

Left: Old Wykle Homeplace.

Brick Walls

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Document Transcriptions and Reports

Calvin V. Atha, 1860 - 1931
George Cantley, abt. 1830 - 1898

Marriage Records
Pietkoski, Peter and Atha, Martha Ann, 1922, Raleigh County, WV
Wikell, Allen C and Ballard, Nancy, 1866, Monroe County, WV
Wikle, William A. and Ballard, Jane, 1861, Monroe County, VA

Birth Certificates
Pietkoski, Rosa Lee, born 1924
Wykel, Margaret, born 1912

Marriage Register Entries
Raleigh County, VA/WV, 1850 - 1895, Selected Records

Birth Records
Fayette County, WV Birth Records, 1921 - 1926, Selected Records
Fayette County, WV Birth Records 1927 - 1932, Selected Records

Military Records
Cantley, George, 7th WV Cavalry, Civil War
Cantley, George, Affidavit for William Daniel

Census Records
1810 Monroe Co., VA, Selected Records
1820 Monroe Co., VA, Selected Records
1830 Monroe Co., VA, Selected Records
1840 Monroe Co., VA, Selected Records
1850 Monroe Co., VA, Selected Records
1850 Raleigh Co., VA, Selected Records
1860 Monroe Co., VA, Selected Records
1860 Raleigh Co., VA, Selected Records
1870 Raleigh Co., WV, Selected Records
1880 Raleigh Co., WV, Selected Records
1890 Surviving Soldiers, Raleigh Co., WV, Selected Records

Wilmer Atha
Mabel B. Meade (nee Ward)
Mildred M. McNulty (nee Wykle)
Mabel V. Murdock (nee Wykle)
Winona Musial (nee Wykle)
Martha Pietkoski (nee Atha)
Francis Joseph Trombino
Eliza Etta Webb (nee Daniel)
Homer Wykle
William L. "Bill" Wykle

Court Records
Raleigh Co., WV Law Order Books, 1906 - 1912, Selected Records
Wigle, Revolutionary War Public Service Claims

Oral Histories
Memories of My Youth in WV by James F. Wykle
Memories of Family Members by James F. Wykle

Death Certificates
Atha, Calvin, died 1931, Fayette County, WV
Athey, Mary J. (nee Wiseman), died 1923, Raleigh County, WV
Cantley, Greene Ballard, died 1929, Fayette County, WV
Cantley, Margaret (nee Arnold), died 1928, Fayette County, WV
Pieckowski, Peter, died 1935, Wayne County, WV
Webb, Eliza Etta, died 1954, Raleigh County, WV
Wykle, James F., died 1933, Fayette County, WV
Wykle, Mary Jane (nee Arnold), died 1941, Fayette County, WV
Wykle, Winona (nee Cantley), died 1934, Fayette County,

Probate Records
Appraisement for L.G. Ward, Summers Co., WV 1916

Death Certificate Indexes, WV
1917 - 1924, Selected Records
1932 - 1938, Selected Records

School Records
Class of 1942, Oak Hill High School, Fayette Co., WV

Death Records
Fayette County, WV Death Records 1924 - 1931, Selected Records

Social Security Applications
Atha, Calvin Edgar, 1936
Atha, Wilmer, 1936
Cantley, Charles Wayman, 1938
Criss, Winona (Wykle) 1944
Murdock, Mable Vivian (Wykle), 1942
Phipps, Virgil, 1936
Pietkoski, Rosa Lee, 1941
Wykle, Charlotte Ettis, 1943
Wykle, Homer 1936

Weigoll, George, 1789 purchase, Augusta County, VA

Tax Records
1790/1800 Personal Property Taxlists, Augusta County, VA, Selected Records
1827 - 1843 Personal Property Taxlists, Logan County, VA, Selected Records
Monroe County, Personal Property Tax Lists, 1860 - 1863, Selected Records

Land Grants
Cantley, John, 1786, Greenbrier County, VA
Cantley, John, 1791, Greenbrier County, VA
Cantley, John, 1838, Monroe County, VA
Weigle, Philip, 1777, Frederick County, VA
Wickle, Philip, 1803, Monroe County, VA
Wigil, George, 1790, Augusta County, VA
Wigil, George, 1790, Augusta County, VA
Wigill, George, 1796, Augusta County, VA

Tombstone Photographs
French Wykle & Winnie (Cantley) Wykle
George Cantley & Drucilla (Clay) Cantley
Alexander Cantley

Land Tax Books
Monroe County, VA, 1801 - 1819, Selected Records

Cantley, Green B., died 1929, Fayette County, WV
Weigle, George, 1815, Augusta County, VA
Wykle, Mary J. (ARNOLD/Skaggs), died 1941 Fayette County, WV

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