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"A Pedigree Partly Indian, Partly Batavian"

1714, April 22 Warrant of Survey

  By his Excellency Robert Hunter, Capt, Gentleman
& Governor in Chief of ye provinces of New York,
New Jersey & Territories thereon dependingin America
and vice Admiral of same in Council

Whereas Cornelis Van Texell, Jacob Van Texell, Jan Van Texell, William Van Texell, Catarina Lent, Barent De Wit and Pieter Storm all Children of Jan Cornelis Van Texell late Dec'd by their humble petition found in Council setting forth that their said father's mother was an Indian Native Sachem in this province Catoneras on the Island Nassaw then called Long Island and her relations being owners of Sundry large tracts of land on the said Island did Give unto the said Catoneras, their grandmother, in part of her father's inheritance a certain tract of land called Crab Meadow, scituate on the Island aforesaid in Suffolk County, running along the Sound four miles and six miles into the woods or thereabouts, That the said Petitionrs being all Christians, and members of the Protestant Church, and being willing to enjoy their inheritance by Patent under the Crown, as all other her Majesty's subjects of this Province do enjoy and hold their lands - In order thereunto they have prayed that the said Tract of land may be Surveyed and laid out for them. You are therefore hereby Required and directed to Survey & Lay out for the said Cornelis Van Texell and other said petitioners the aforesaid Tract of Land, and if occasion be to take for your assistance therein Some Justice of the Peace and Constable of the said County who ____ application by you make to them that purpose are hereby ordered and directed to be Aiding and Assisting you in the said Survey, And of what you shall have done therein to make reference unto and in Council in Writeing under your hand, And for your soe doing this shall be your warrant Given under my hand Seale _______ in New York this Twenty Second day of April in the Thirteenth year of her majestie's reigne Anno Dom 1714

To Augustine Graham the
Surveyor General of the
Province of New York or
his Deputy.


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