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"A Pedigree Partly Indian, Partly Batavian"

1685 Petition

Thomas Dongan
Province of Ne[w York]

" The humble petition of Cornelissen Showeth:
That your petitioner is a native of this Province, his father a Christian, his mother an Indian of Long Island. "That he hath married a Christian in this Province, and by her hath nine children now living. "And whereas the Indians, his kindred, are willing to divide, set out and allot that share of land, which according to their wisdom is his right, and inheritance at a certain place called Tersarge, being to the eastward of the town of Huntington, on the north side of Long Island, which for the better support of himself and his family he is intended to cultivate and improve. He therefore humbly prays that your Honorable will be pleased to order him a warrant for the same, upon which he may obtain a patent or grant and confirmation from your Honorable, under his Majesty, for the same.
"And your petitioner will ever pray etc."
Upon the right side of the paper is written:
[illegible]…did come to N. York
John Cornelissen
Left side of the paper is written:


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