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"A Pedigree Partly Indian, Partly Batavian"

Palmer Imprisoned Without Bail

26 May 1689

"A vessel now reached Boston with news of the accession of William and Mary; yet the British sovereigns were not proclaimed in Massachusetts. Three days afterward Sir William Phipps arrived with the delayed dispatches from Whitehall directed to Andros. Finding that the governor, whom he had intended to Andros. Finding that the governor, whom he had intended to "secure," was already in custody, Phipps, instead of sending them to Nicholson, feloniously opened the letters addressed to Andros and to Secretary Randolph on pubic business, which, among other things, contained the official proclamations. The same afternoon William and Mary were proclaimed at Boston king and queen, "with greater ceremony than had been known." Emboldened by the advice of Phipps, the usurping authorities of Massachusetts determined that Andros, with Dudley, Randoph, Palmer, West, Graham, Farewell, and Sherlock, his most obnoxious subordinates, should be kept close prisoners without bail."

p. 555

History of the State of New York
John Romeyn Brodhead,
Second Volume
First Edition
New York:
Harper & Brothers, Publishers,
Frannklin Square.


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