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"A Pedigree Partly Indian, Partly Batavian"

John Palmer - 1686

10 June - 19 June 1686

"The affairs of Pemaquid had meanwhile fallen into confusion; but as Dongan was unable to go there, it was determined in council to send Judge Palmer thither with large powers. West was likewise deputed by Spragg to act for him as secretary at "Pemaquid, in the County of Cornwall." Dongan also licensed Spragg, Graham, and others to take up parcels of land in that country. On reaching Pemaquid, Palmer and West tore "all in pieces" the old grants and settlements of Andros. "They placed and displaced at pleasure, and were as arbitrary as the Great Turke." Extravagant grants of land were made, chiefly to Dongan's favorites."

p. 444

History of the State of New York
John Romeyn Brodhead,
Second Volume
First Edition
New York:
Harper & Brothers, Publishers,
Frannklin Square.


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