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"A Pedigree Partly Indian, Partly Batavian"

Will of Johanis Van Tassel* (son of Jacob, grandson of Jan Cornelius)
1771, December 23

Page 378.-In the name of God, Amen. This 23rd
day of December, 1771. I, JOHANIS VAN TESSEL, of
the Manor of Phillipsburgh, Westchester, yeoman,
being in perfect health. I leave to my "will beloved"
wife Trintie my black horse and chaer, and all my
household within the house while she is my widow,
and after her decease, the same to be divided amongst
my four children, and one share to be divided between
one of my granchildren, Cattrina Van Tessel, daugh-
ter of my son John, and one grandchild of my daugh-
ter, Anne Van Wormer, named Trinye Van Wormer,
and Anne Van Wormer my daughter. All my move-
able estate shall be divided in five parts, except the
household goods for the use of my wife, Trincak Van
Tessel, while my widow and then to be divided in the
same manner. One fifth to my son Jacob, one to my
dafter Anna, the widow of John Van Wormer, one fifth
to my daughter Rachel, wife of John Van Tessel, one
to my daughter Cattrinna, wife of Abraham Ecker,
son of Abrm, ando the other fifth to my daughter Anna
and my two granchildren, Trinye Van Wormer and
Cattrinna Van Tessel, daughter of my son John.
Upon further consideration as there is a real estate
"depending by me" a share of a tract of land at
Long Island called Crop maddow, in case there is after
my decease any part recovered of said land I give to
my eldest son's daughter Ally five shillings, said land
if recovered I give to my two sons, Jacob and Peter,
one half, and the other half to be equally divided
amongst my three said daughters and my two gran-
children, Ally and Cattrina Van Tessel, children of my
son John, they to draw as much as any of the "Gar-
rels," Anna, Cattrinna and Richal. I make my sons,
Peter and Jacob, executors.
Witnesses, Cornelis Van Tessel, Jacobus Devoe,
William Davids, of Phillipse Manor, yeoman. Proved,
Westchester County, January 13, 1785. Administra-
tion granted to Jacob Van Tessel, New York, Febru-
ary 1, 1785.

*Abstracts of wills on file in the Surrogate's Office, City of New York (Volume XIII. Sept. 3, 1784... p. 90-91)


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